Destiny: Believe in Ghosts – 02/12/2016


Screenshot (4)

Update by Bungie

Have you been playing Crimson Days, but have yet to score one of the Ghosts that we created for the event? Feedback has been unmistakable: the drop rate has been pretty low. We agree. We took a look at the data, and the number of Ghosts awarded has not been what we expected.

That’s no way to tell you that we love you, so a fix is in the works.
Check it out:
  • After the event is over, we’ll deliver Ghosts to the Postmaster
  • Anyone who has competed in seven matches will receive one
  • You had to actually compete though – no suicide pacts!
  • Your Ghost will be Chocolate or Crimson – the odds are even
  • 320 Light will be guaranteed – the odds are totally in your favor
  • Packages will be addressed by account, not character
  • Qualifying players will receive their Ghost by February 23rd
If you’ve already put up the good fight in seven matches, you’re on our list. If you want in on this, you still have time to earn your reward.Crimson Days comes to an end with the Weekly Reset on February 16th.
Grab a partner and throw down. We’ll have something sweet for you when all is said and done – whether you win or lose.


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