Destiny Weekly Reset – 03/29/2016

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Destiny Weekly Reset 

From: 03/29/2016 – 04/05/2016

Reset is every Tuesday @ 2AM (PACIFIC)

Some of the images shown on this post link to websites for more details, click images to view

Destiny Reset & News 03-29-16 1of2

Destiny Weekly Reset & News – 03/29/16

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Oryx Challenge Mode by Kyber3000 - no line

King’s Fall Challenge Mode – Oryx

Oryx Challenge Mode Strategy

Defeat Oryx by detonating all 16 blights in one go. (Click link below for full strategy by Planet Destiny)


1- Guaranteed Primary Weapon or Helmet (310 for Normal Mode & 320 for Hard Mode)

1- Artifact (310 for Normal Mode & 320 for Hard Mode)

1- New Fragment (For 1st Completion)

1- New of Light and Hunger Emblem (For 1st Completion & Hard Mode Challenge)

1- New Agonarch Karve Ship (For 1st Completion & Hard Mode Challenge)

1- New Shader (The Beltane Shader is available to collect from Eris or the Shader Kiosk, once you have collected all 50 Fragments on 1 single character)

Orxy Challenge Rewards - Ship and Emblem - Kyber3000

*Hard Mode also rewards you with normal mode loot in addition to any hard mode drops if you haven’t completed normal before hard.

Oryx Challenge Guide – By Planet Destiny

The Undying Mind Kyber3000-1.png

Nightfall – The Undying Mind


Epic- Heavily shielded and highly aggressive enemies appear in great numbers.

Arc Burn- Arc Damage from any source is greatly increased.

Small Arms- Primary Weapon damage is favored.

Juggler- No ammo drops for your quipped weapon. 

Exposure– Guardian shields are increased but do not replenish.

Court of Oryx - Thalnok - Kyber3000-1.png

Court of Oryx – Tier 3 – Thalnok, Fanatic of Crota

Strategy Summary

Recommended Light Level for this activity is 300. This battle begins by Thalnok spawning in the upper middle platform, along with 2 Hive Wizards. Soon after Thalnok spawns, a Swordbearer (Hive Knight) will appear in the lower middle area, with Taken enemies. Thalnok is immune to damage while the shield is up so you will need to bring Thalnok’s shield before doing damage. First focus on killing the Hive Wizards near Thalnok, as they can repair Thalnok’s shield (Solar damage is effective for these wizards). Then kill the Swordbearer. While there’s teammates bringing Thalnok’s shield down, grab the Sword and slam Thalnok (By pressing R2 or Right Trigger). Keep doing this cycle until Thalnok has been defeated. Once you have successfully defeated Thalnok, a chest will appear on the upper platform. For your 1st successful Thalnok completion you will also be rewarded a Calcified Fragment. (See video below for more details.)

Thalnok Video Guide by Arekkz

Iron Banner - Kyber3000

Iron Banner – Control

Starts: Tuesday, 03/29/2016 @ 10AM (PST)

Ends: Tuesday, 04/05/2016 @ 2AM (PST)

Items Available

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(view more details about Iron Banner Items Available by clicking on top Iron Banner image or click here)

Material Donation Kyber3000

Material Donations

Below is a list of materials you may donate this week, to earn more reputation with the faction you have pledged to, as well as with Eris Morn.

Eris Morn – Wormspore

Dead Orbit – Helium Filaments

New Monarchy – Helium Filaments

Future War Cult – Spinmetal

(click faction to view details)

Trials of Osiris - Kyber3000 - 3.png

Trials of Osiris

Starts: Friday, 04/01/2016 @ 10AM (PST)

Ends: Tuesday, 04/05/2016 @ 2AM (PST)

Weekly Trials Map will be posted with the Weekend Newsletter

Every Friday

Gunsmith Armsday and Foundry Orders-Kyber3000.png

Armsday & Foundry Weapons

Armsday Orders Arrive Tomorrow, 03/30/2016 @ 2AM (PST)

New Foundry Weapons Available To Order Tomorrow, 03/30/2016 @ 2AM (PST)

Place New Foundry Order’s By Sunday, 04/03/2016 @ 2AM (PST)

(Armsday Orders & Foundry Weapons Available will be posted Tomorrow, 03/30/16)

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News & Updates

Current news and updates for Destiny The Game

April Update - New Things To Earn by Kyber3000

April Update Preview Stream – New Things To Earn

Bungie via Twitch 

Stream Starts:

Wednesday, 03/30/2016 @ 11AM (PST)

(click image above to visit Bungie’s Twitch Channel)

April Update Preview – New Things To Do via Twitch

Click above to watch and/or share video

This Week At Bungie - 03/24/16

This Week At Bungie – 03/17/2016

Click image above to view post by Bungie

images (7)

Coming Soon

Destiny Weekend Newsletter (Xur’s Inventory & Location + Trials of Osiris Map & Rewards Update, + News)


Destiny Armsday Orders & Test Weapons


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Latest Video’s

Coming soon…

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