Destiny: Armsday & New Foundry Weapons – 03/30/2016

Gunsmith Armsday and Foundry Orders-Kyber3000

Armsday & Foundry Weapons Available

03/30/2016 – 04/05/2016

Gunsmith Armsday-Kyber3000.png


Armsday orders available to pick-up until Sunday, 04/03/2016 @ 2AM (PST)

ARI-41 (Auto Rifle)

Thesan FR4  (Fusion Rifle)

Herja-D (Pulse Rifle)

JLB-42 (Rocket Launcher)

JLB-47 (Rocket Launcher)

(click weapon above to view details on Destiny Tracker, get more details on these weapons and options available @ with video below)

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Foundry Weapons - Kyber3000.png

Foundry Weapons

Test weapons to order Foundry Weapons for the next Armsday

Order by Sunday, 04/03/2016 @ 2AM (PST)

Next Armsday on Wednesday, 04/06/2016 @ 2AM (PST)

Häkke Zarinaea-D (Auto Rifle)

SUROS ARI-41 (Auto Rifle)

SUROS DIS-43 (Scout Rifle)

Häkke Jingukogo-D (Shotgun)

JLB-47 (Rocket Launcher)

(click weapon above to view details on Destiny Tracker)

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Gunsmith Test Weapons.png

Field Test Weapons

Test the weapons below to purchase Foundry Orders by Wednesday, 04/06/2016 @ 2AM (PST)

Häkke Test-A (Hand Cannon)

PvE: Get double kills

SUROS TSP-10 (Pulse Rifle)

PvE: Use against Hive targets

SUROS TSR-10 (Rocket Launcher)

PvE: Use against High-Ranking enemies

Häkke Test-A (Shotgun)

PvP: Score crucible kills

Omolon Test RR1 (Sniper Rifle)

PvE: Use against Fallen Captains

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Coming Soon…

Next Post is: Destiny Weekend Newsletter

 Friday, 04/01/2016


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Kyber3000 🙂

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