Destiny: Sterling Reputation – 04/01/2016

Β Sterling ReputationΒ 

After you download and install the April Update, a great source of increased power will be the reward packages you earn when you rank up on a specific reputation path. Today, we’re serving up a preview of what you’ll find in those bundles of mayhem and joy. Senior Designer Victoria Dollbaum has the details you crave for what will happen when you earn your next promotion.

Victoria: In the April update, we wanted to improve the player experience in terms of how you earn reputation and how you’re rewarded on rank up. Your time is valuable, so we’ve increased the amount of reputation you’ll gain by completing the activities you enjoy. We’ve heard that some collectors out there weren’t able to obtain the items they were looking for, so we’ve adjusted those too. We’re also hearing your concerns about the reputation booster. Rest assured that the Sterling Treasure is not the only place for players to find these Boosters.

Increased Reputation Gains:
  • Heroic Strikes
    • 120 Vanguard reputation
    • 60 reputation with your aligned Faction
  • Crucible
    • 90 Crucible reputation
    • Additional bonus for winning
    • 45 reputation with your aligned Faction
  • Patrols
    • Kill and Collect Patrols
      • 40 Vanguard reputation
      • 20 reputation with your aligned Faction
    • Scan, Scout, VIP, and Taken patrols
      • 50 Vanguard reputation
      • 25 reputation with your aligned Faction
  • Prison of Elders
    • Level 41
      • 150 House of Judgment reputation
    • Challenge of the Elders
      • 100 House of Judgment reputation

When you receive a new package, these are the previews of potential rewards (some guaranteed, some possible) that you’ll see upon inspection.

Crucible Quartermaster

Vanguard Quartermaster

Master Rahool or Master Ives
Variks the Loyal
All Faction Leaders

Some reputation packages did not see any changes in the April Update (no updated contents or preview). Β They are:

  • Queen’s Wrath
  • Crota’s Bane

You gotta play to progress, but it will easier than ever to earn those promotions.

See you in the Reef, later this month!

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