This Week at Bungie – 06/02/2016

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This Week At Bungie – 06/02/2016

This week at Bungie we’re preparing to reveal your next adventure.
You’re invited to learn all about the next threat that you’ll confront as Guardians.
Destiny on Twitch Image
Destiny Reveal Stream
Thursday, June 9th, 10 AM Pacific
Save the date. Follow our channel. This will be your first glimpse at what awaits you later on this year, followed by a deeper dive with the development team.

Carnage Report
The past Iron Banner was one day shorter than usual. Before the games could begin, we had some work to do. Yet still, there were plenty of battles fought and loot won.
Behold the statistics from a week of carnage…
Total hours locked in battle: 6,556,390
Total number of Legendary drops: 7,022,300
Total Legendary Marks earned: 17,048,600
Total kill count: 458,847,899
The Iron Lords say “Good Game” to all that played. See you next time.

Helping Hands

In the right hands, can be the cure to what ails you. Like a Guardian equipped with quick revive perks Destiny Player Support has the healing touch.
DPS: Our investigations concerning the in-game roster issues are ongoing. Working with our partners, the frequency of this issue has been reduced. We are aware that this may still occur when first logging in to Destiny, or reconnecting after experiencing error codes. If your Roster is not displaying the Friends or Game columns, please follow the troubleshooting steps listed within this Help Article.
Additionally, we’ve been receiving reports in the #Help forum of players losing access to the following in-game items:
• Frontier Ghost Shell
• Velkyrie-O5X Ship
To resolve this issue, players must restore their Destiny content licenses from their console dashboards. For steps on how to do this, please visit our Accessing Licenses on all Platforms Help Article.

Points on the Board

The Prison of Elders can be an absolute riot when you have the right cellmates. Your Community Manager will now reward three Fireteams for good behavior.
Cozmo: Three more Fireteams have answered the challenge. These teams boasted the highest scores last week when the grenades were flying freely. Let’s take a look at who emerged victorious.
High Score – 92,185
Second Place – 72,075
Third Place – 67,140
This week you will need to watch your back out there – your sensors have been disabled. Equip a Special Weapon and stack that Intellect, because bonus points will be awarded for using Supers. Good luck Guardians.

It’s Raining Creations
Your ticket stubs have been torn. Have a seat. Before the bulb sparks alight, a word from your projectionist…
Cozmo: Videos continue to rain down from the sky. The creativity of our community is constantly on display at the Creations page. It’s now time for us to select the winners to receive not only honor, but this astonishing Emblem as well. Who will it be?
Movie of the Week: From Hell
Honorable Mention: Hail Mary
Honorable Mention: You doubt the sneakiness

Slow news week? Maybe, but next week won’t be. We have something to look forward to just over the horizon.
We hope you’ll join us for the reveal.
Deej, out.
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