This Week at Bungie – 06/09/2016

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This Week at Bungie – 06/09/2016

This week at Bungie we revealed a new call to arms from the Iron Lords.
Our sneak attack was executed perfectly. The element of surprise was our ally. No one saw Destiny: Rise of Iron coming. No one, we tell you!
In truth, there may have been a rumor or three swirling around this one. Serving a ravenous community that will not sit still in waiting for a scheduled announcement is a luxurious challenge. Your honor us with your appetite for new details about our work.
Amidst all the unscheduled chatter, we still managed to hit our mark, find our light, and make some official promises about what awaits.
You’re invited to follow in the footsteps of the Iron Lords. Join Lord Saladin on a new campaign to eliminate an ancient threat that destroyed his legendary order of heroes. Embrace new forms of power and reclaim some old favorites…
On our live stream, we chatted with the leaders of the Rise of Iron development team. If you missed it, kick back and feast your eyes on this deep dive into things you may have glimpsed prior.
Note from Kyber3000: I had some issues attaching the original stream by Bungie directly on this post so I have listed the link above to watch this broadcast on Bungie’s Twitch Channel. I will be adding the original stream video on this post ASAP. (Video below is from MynameisByf via YouTube.
This is the beginning of a conversation. Our next stop is E3. If you’re watching any number of live streams that originate from Los Angeles next week, you might just see us answering new questions about this quest into unexplored territory in the world of Destiny.
One more thing… Can we hook you up with some wallpapers?



Dress up your world with some graphics suitable for an Iron Lord.

Your Legacy
Destiny: Rise of Iron will be available exclusively on current generation consoles – PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. From here on out, we’ll be referring to the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 as legacy consoles. If you’re using a legacy console to play Destiny, you’ll need to upgrade your hardware to experience the next adventure.

Our goal is always to bring every player from this awesome community along for the ride as we continue the story of Destiny. At the same time, we will also continue to support players who elect not to upgrade their console hardware. This Fall, you’ll still be able to play Destiny on legacy generation consoles, but that journey will occur on a separate path. Up to this point, player progression between current and legacy consoles in the same family has been shared by each account. This summer, that experience will fork into two parallel experiences that will no longer share progression.

As legacy generation Guardians adapt to current platforms after August, there will be functionality in place to enable them to port their characters to the new console – in the same family.
In the coming weeks, we’ll provide a full suite of #Help articles that will explain how these changes will impact each platform that Guardians use to play Destiny, as well as the impending deadlines for this conversion. Please stay tuned. More information will follow soon.
We’ll hope you’ll be accompanying us on the next leg of the journey.

Iron Clad Service

New stories about old heroes are not the only ways we update Destiny. For the things we do to keep the game stable and playable, there is Destiny Player Support.
DPS: In the coming weeks, Destiny will be receiving Update 2.3.0. The exact date and time of this update will be announced through a future news article. For a full list of resolved issues, patch notes will become available here alongside the release of this update. In preparation for this update, please view the following:

  • Some consoles will attempt to verify all previously downloaded content before downloading Update 2.3.0. If any issues are found, or the verification process is interrupted, all previous content will be deleted and downloaded once more.
  • Vendor inspection on and the Destiny Companion Application will be temporarily unavailable throughout Tuesday. Stay tuned to #Help and @BungieHelp for availability.

If you experience any issues downloading Update 2.3.0, or playing after accepting the update, please let us know in the #Help forum.

Chart Toppers

While you may find yourself dreaming of a trek to the summit of Felwinter Peak, there are still inmates in the Prison of Elders to fight. Just like the Iron Lords, your community managers have some rituals all their own.
Cozmo: We are counting down the Top Three Fireteams who topped the charts last week. Their Supers were ready for the primetime, and payed out bonus points with every kill. Let’s meet ‘em.
High Score – 91,835
  • Jbonezz918
  • cheggy420
  • Superfect fight

Second Place – 89,175
  • Earnestc1978
  • Bigvengence

Third Place – 82,540
  • Plemrat

The Prison is rioting again this week. It’s your job to restore order. You need to take careful aim with every shot, as Precision Kills will be how you get those coveted bonus points. Make sure you switch up your weapons and keep your boots on the ground. Ground and Juggler are the other two modifiers who need to worry about. Good luck in there.

Lords of Creations

He rules our art galleries with an Iron Fist. He honors your creativity.
Cozmo: Welcome to another edition of Move of the Week. This is where you send us your badass Destiny videos set to your favorite tunes. We scroll through the Creations page looking for the best videos share out for the world to see. If your video does make its way here, you will be handsomely rewarded with this handsome Emblem. Start collecting clips or planning your epic machinima production, and send us what your creative mind comes up with.

Movie of the Week: Let it gooooo..

Honorable Mention: Check under the bed.

Honorable Mention: Golgy in sixty seconds.

Time to pack our bags for Los Angeles.
Our away team is eager to mix and mingle with gamers and developers, and maybe even let slip more information about Lord Saladin. The next stop on the journey to September 20th will be a fun one, but it will be one of many. There will be many chances to learn more about Rise of Iron all summer long.
Let the chatter continue.
Deej, out.
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