New Matchmaking Settings (This is a test) 07/06/2016

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New Matchmaking Settings – 07/06/2016

Attention all Guardians,
We’re always saying that our work on the Crucible is never finished.
In our ongoing effort to improve performance in the competitive arena, we have prepared some new Matchmaking settings. Before we implement these new settings across all Crucible playlists, we’ll be conducting a test in Control. The test run will begin this afternoon, on Wednesday, July 6th.
Senior Designer Derek Carroll has the details on our goals and how they may impact your combat experience:
Derek: When the new settings are applied, players at the extreme ends of the skill curve (you probably know who you are) should see shorter Matchmaking times. Connection quality is still the primary search criteria. The changes we’re implementing will make playlists more responsive to the overall composition of the player population. As Matchmaking times shorten, you may encounter players across a wider range of skill.
We will sound the alarm when the test begins. Watch us on Twitter or our #Destiny forum for the signal. The duration of this test depends on the results. As always, let us know what you encounter in the Crucible. We’re listening.
When the time comes, “Control the Zones!”

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