Cosmodrome Winter Tour (Step into the cold)

Cosmodrome Winter Tour

Exactly two months before the launch of Rise of Iron, we’re conducting a scouting mission. We’ll suit up in new gear to inspect the Cosmodrome in style. Reports from the frontier indicate that the destination has changed. Winter has blanketed our original footsteps in Old Russia. A new enemy has clawed at the landscape.
You’re invited to come along for the ride.
Cosmodrome Winter Tour
Wednesday, July 20th, 10AM Pacific
Missed Stream? or want to watch it again? CLICK HERE
By order of the Vanguard, the Plaguelands are still a forbidden zone. We’ll stop just short of breaching its border. Yet, there are still mysteries to explore in the surrounding territory – familiar places that have become strange and more dangerous with the passage of time.
During our voyage, you just might spot something shiny that you’ll want to add to your inventory. Our Fireteam will include two leaders of the development team that is creating this new adventure. Bungie veterans Shiek Wang and Steve Cotton will be our guides, and they’ll tell us all about how they’re changing the world you’ve fought to protect.
We’ll also call the next shot. We’re vaulting from one interesting moment to the next from now until launch. Don’t miss this one.
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