Destiny: Armsday + Foundry Orders & Test Weapons – 07/20/2016

Armsday - Kyber3000

Armsday Orders

Pick up orders by: Sunday, July 24th @ 2AM (PDT)
You may hold onto orders until you get the rolls you prefer.
Omolon Tuonela SR4 (Scout Rifle)
Omolon Kumakatok HC4 (Hand Cannon)
Suros PDX-41 (Pulse Rifle)
Suros PDX-45 (Pulse Rifle)
Omolon Eirene RR4 (Sniper Rifle)
Tuonela SR4's IconKumakatok HC4's IconSUROS PDX-41's IconSUROS PDX-45's IconEirene RR4's Icon

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For Armsday suggestions view post here by Planet Destiny and/or watch video below

Foundry Weapons - Kyber3000

Foundry Orders

Test weapons to order Foundry Weapons for the next Armsday
Order by: Sunday, July 24th @ 2AM (PDT)
Next Armsday on: Wednesday, July 27th @ 2AM (PDT)
Available to Order – $2,500 Glimmer 
Häkke Arminius-D (Auto Rifle)
Häkke Gaheris-D (Hand Cannon)
Häkke Judith-D (Hand Cannon)
Omolon Uffern HC4 (Hand Cannon)
Omolon Uzume RR4 (Sniper Rifle)
Arminius-D's IconGaheris-D's IconJudith-D's IconUffern HC4's IconUzume RR4's Icon

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Gunsmith Test Weapons

Test Weapons

Test Weapons to purchase Foundry Weapons & Earn Reputation
Test Weapons by: Wednesday, July 27th @ 2AM (PDT)
Store test weapons in your inventory before date above to have more time to test them.
Häkke Test-A (Hand Cannon)
PvE: Make double-kills with this weapon to gather data for Häkke’s armament scientists.
Häkke Test-A (Pulse Rifle)
 PvE: Make precision shots with this weapon to gather data for Häkke’s armament scientists.
SUROS TSR-10 (Rocket Launcher)
PvP: Use in the Crucible to gather data for the Suros research department.
Häkke Test-A (Shotgun)
PvE: Use against Hive targets to gather data for Häkke’s armament scientists.
Häkke Test-A (Sniper Rifle)
PvE: Use against Cabal Centurions to gather data for Häkke’s armament scientists.

Häkke Test-A's IconHäkke Test-A's IconSUROS TSR-10's IconHäkke Test-A's IconHäkke Test-A's Icon

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Trials of Osiris - Kyber3000 - 3.png

Trials of Osiris

Starts: Friday, July 22nd @ 10AM (PDT)
Ends: Tuesday, July 26th @ 2AM (PDT)

Weekly Trials Map & Rewards will be posted: Every Friday via Kyber’s Corner

It seems like we just saw Lord Saladin – after his return to the Tower after an unforeseen delay. With smoother sailing restored to the Crucible, he’s sticking to his schedule. An Iron Lord, after all, is defined by honor and discipline.
Begins: Tuesday, July 19th @ 10AM (PDT)
Ends: Tuesday, July 26th @ 2AM (PDT)
The game is Control!
Do you pack the gear you’ll need for an appropriate arrival in the halls atop Felwinter Peak? Here’s your chance to earn the armor you lack, or elevate the items in your inventory.
Titan Armor
Warlock Armor
Hunter Armor
PlayStation Armor
Sniper Rifles
Pulse Rifles
Summon your favorite Fireteam or build one with people you have yet to meet. Control those zones. Legendary rewards will find their way into your Vaults. News and Updates with logo Kyber3000 #2

Cosmodrome Winter Tour 07-19-16

Cosmodrome Winter Tour 

Step into the cold.

Read article at: Kyber’s Corner or

This Week at Bungie 07-14-16

This Week at Bungie – 07/14/2016

Looking upstream.

View article at: Kyber’s Corner or

Destiny Rise of Iron Stream Brown Kyber3000

Cosmodrome Winter Tour Stream
Wednesday, July 20th, 2016
Missed Stream or Want to watch it again?
This will not be an incursion into the Plaguelands. That’s for later. Before your adventures into new territories begin, you’re invited to join us for an exploration of how the world you know has changed with the passage of time.

Happy Bungie Day 07-07-16


It’s a party in your honor.

View this article at: Kyber’s Corner or

Moments of Triumphs Year Two

Begins on July 7th, 2016 and Ends on: September 20th, 2016 @ 10AM PDT
Players have until September 20th, 2016 to complete their Year Two Moments of Triumph Record Book, players who have completed their Record Book have until 11:59 PM PDT on October 4th, 2016 to place their T-shirt order at the Bungie Store. For more information on this offer, please see the Year Two Moments of Triumph Donation T-Shirt support page. (Source:
Record Books are available to be picked up at the Postmaster. If discarded you may pick it up again at Eververse (at no cost). You may also hold one Record Book on each character.

The Year Two Moments of Triumph are:
A Blade Reborn: Complete any of the Exotic sword quests from Shaxx
Eris Morn’s Revenge: Collect all 50 Calcified Fragments
The Sword Logic: Defeat Oryx in the King’s Fall Raid on Hard difficulty
Return to the Reef: Complete the April quests “At The Gates” and “Return to the Prison”
The Play’s The Thing: Complete the Taken King main quest line, culminating in “Regicide.”
Challenge of the Elders: Complete an Elder’s Sigil scorecard in the Prison of the Elders.
This is Amazing: Complete the Crucible quest line culminating in “The Mountaintop.”
The Third Element: Equip a fully leveled Year Two subclass on any character.
Rank 2: Caelestis Shader
Rank 3: Shield of the Traveler Emblem
Rank 4: Dawncaller Shader
Rank 5: Hear the Call Emblem

View more detailed Moments of Triumphs information at or click the Record Book image above.

Screenshot (1044)

Rise of Iron Expansion – Information

Current posts and news for the upcoming expansion, Rise of Iron.

Screenshot (1034).png

Rise of Iron Reveal 

06.09.2016 – Become an Iron Lord

Releases September 20th, 2016 for Xbox One & PlayStation 4

Official Destiny: Rise of Iron Website
Rise of Iron Reveal Stream – 06/09/2016
Watch here on Bungie’s Twitch Channel or click video below
Releases September 20th, 2016 for Xbox One & PlayStation 4

Coming Soon - Kyber3000

Destiny Weekly Reset

Nightfall, King’s Fall Challenge Mode, Court of Oryx Tier 3, Prison of Elders Levels 41 & 42, and more

Destiny Armsday + Foundry Orders & Test Weapons

Armsday Weapons, Foundry Orders & Test Weapons Available

Destiny Weekend Newsletter

Xur’s Inventory & Location, Trials of Osiris Map, News, & more

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