This Week at Bungie – 11/03/2016 (Roll out the banners)

This week at bungie 11-03-16

This Week at Bungie – 11/3/2016 

This week at Bungie, we prepared for the return of Iron Banner.
Cozmo here again. Don’t worry, DeeJ is back in action, but I stole the TWAB reins from him again for an unprecedented two week period. We will see if he can regain control of this zone next week.
Saladin didn’t exit stage right after the last Iron Banner. He decided to stick around his new residence on Felwinter Peak. It’s nice having him around, but we have heard your inquires on when the Iron Banner would alight again. Since Saladin has turned his attention to more pressing threats, Efrideet will be the one sending you out to the great tournament to seek victory, glory, and some Legendary gear. You can find her on Felwinter when she returns on Tuesday to kick things off.

Keeping up with the Iron Lords

Begins: Tuesday, November 8th at 10AM.
Ends: Tuesday, November 15th at 1AM.
The game will be Control!
Ready your best weapons and armor. Iron Banner Control is back. There is some great gear available to those willing to go into battle and get it.



Next week, Efrideet will have Bounties waiting for you on the mountain. Grab some friends for a Fireteam and control those zones!

Challenge Accepted
This week you were challenged by Vosik. He has a few extra feats you can attempt during the fight. These are of course optional, but to the victors go the spoils.

There are two challenge modes for Wrath of the Machine. Next week, Aksis will be the one issuing the challenge. We are not in the business of spoilers, but did want to let you know he will be the one with a hidden agenda next week for you to figure out. Good luck.

Costumed Contestants

The Festival of the Lost Masquerade Ball is in full swing. The Creation page has been extra spooky during the festival. We have already had several creative entries become one of our daily winners.
Pumpkin Head
Forged in Fire
The Golden Pumpkin
The Prince Returns
Love at first sight

The authors of these submissions will be receiving the new Resurrectionist Emblem. The festival ends next week, but it’s not too late to join in on the fun.
To Participate:
  • Equip any Festival of the Lost mask
  • Pose your Guardian for a photo in Destiny
  • Upload your image to the Creations page
You still have some time, but get them in soon. We will be choosing winners every day until the end of the Festival on 11/8/16.

Lost and Found

Behind the scenes, there are brave men and women working to ensure you have smooth experience as a Guardian of the Light. Destiny Player Support are the heroes of the #Help forum. They live to serve.
This is their report.
SIVA Key Fragments and SIVA Cache Keys
Since the release of the Wrath of the Machine Raid, we have received reports from players that SIVA Keys or Fragments appear to be missing from Character Inventory. We take all reports of missing items seriously, to ensure inventory stability within Destiny. SIVA Fragments and SIVA Cache Keys may be used in the following ways:
  • 10 SIVA Fragments may be combined into 1 SIVA Cache Key
  • Stats and Upgrades on Wrath of the Machine Raid Armor may be changed using SIVA Fragments
  • Raid Caches require 1 SIVA Cache Key to open
  • SIVA Cache Keys may be converted to Key Fragments ONLY through Shiro-4 in the Iron Temple

If SIVA Keys or any other items have been used or discarded due to player error, Destiny Player Support cannot replace them.

Previous investigations performed by Destiny Player Support have not confirmed any reports of items erroneously being removed from inventory since the release of Destiny. While we have begun investigating this potential issue, we have not been able to reproduce it internally.

If you believe to have encountered this, we ask that you post a report to the #Help forum containing the following information:

  • Where did your items go missing from? A specific Character, or Vault?
  • At what time do you believe to have lost these items?
  • How many Fragments or Keys do you believe to be missing?
  • When was the last time that you used SIVA Key Fragments, or a SIVA Cache Key?
We will provide updates and additional information once it becomes available.

Cinema Rolls

It’s movie time. Take a seat.
Emblems are some of the most sought after rewards in Destiny. The MOTW Emblem is only granted to winners and honorable mentions, which makes it extremely unique. If you want your shot at taking home the prize, submit your own film to our festival. The Creations page is best platform to it seen by us. We’re always on the hunt.
Here is what we caught this week.
Movie of the Week: Magic Bullet Theory
Honorable Mention: Nothing but Net
Honorable Mention: Ember

We’re excited to get back into the Banner and earn some rep. Those rewards are looking mighty appealing right now. It’s been awhile since Iron Banner has gone back to its roots with Control. In case you have forgotten, go help your team capture Zone B.
Watch your back out there.
❤ Cozmo
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