Destiny: Iron Banner Inbound – Battle Stations (June 5th)

Iron Banner Inbound

Lady Efrideet will return to her perch on Felwinter Peak tomorrow morning to kick off another week of Iron Banner. Your objective will be to collect the crests of your slain opponents. Conquer your enemies to show your Supremacy. 

Begins: Tuesday, June 6th, 10 AM Pacific

Ends: Tuesday, June 13th, 2 AM Pacific

The game is Supremacy!

Items: Scout Rifle, Fusion Rifle, Helmets, and Class Items.

The battle begins tomorrow. Grab your Bounties and assemble your Fireteam for a week of action packed competition. And as with all Iron Banners, there will be a ton of loot.

Scout Rifles – The Distant Star
Fusion Rifles – Saladin’s Vigil
Hunter Armor – Helmet and Class Item
Titan Armor – Helmet and Class Items
Warlock Armor – Helmet and Class Item

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