Destiny: It’s Arms Day (July 12)


Pick up by: Sunday, July 16th @ 2AM Pacific

SUROS ARI-41 (Auto Rifle)

Häkke Gaheris-D (Hand Cannon)

SUROS PDX-41 (Pulse Rifle)

SUROS PDX-45 (Pulse Rifle)

SUROS JLB-47 (Rocket Launcher)

SUROS ARI-41's Icon Gaheris-D's Icon SUROS PDX-41's Icon SUROS PDX-45's Icon SUROS JLB-47's Icon


Order by: Sunday, July 16th @ 2AM Pacific

Next Armsday on: Wednesday, July 19th @ 2AM Pacific

Cost $2,500 Glimmer Each

Omolon Uffern HC4 (Hand Cannon)

Häkke Arminius-D (Auto Rifle)

Omolon Uzume RR4 (Sniper Rifle)

Häkke Aoife Rua-D (Sniper Rifle)

Omolon Eirene RR4 (Sniper Rifle)

(Depending on your rank with the Gunsmith, foundry weapons ordered will have 3 roll choices to choose from on Armsday, occurs every Wednesday)

  Uffern HC4's Icon Arminius-D's Icon Uzume RR4's Icon Aoife Rua-D's Icon Eirene RR4's Icon

VIEW TEST WEAPONS > HERE < via Destiny Tracker


Video will be added later today.

Armsday Reddit post ago by wileykyoto


Destiny Tracker

Destiny Gunsmith

Destiny Reddit (posted weekly, look for Armsday under weekly threads)

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