Fortnite: New Cosmetic Items Coming to Battle Royale

New items have been added to Storm Shield One from the game files with Patch v3.5.0. These items are coming soon however I do not know exactly when, check the item shop inventory page to stay up-to-date with what items are available.

If you are viewing this on mobile, swipe images (or tap arrow shown on the right) to view each one or view here.

Tricera Ops (Legendary) and Leviathan (Legendary)

Tomatohead (Epic) and Cipher (Rare)

Hatchling (Legendary) and Fish Tank (Legendary)

Planetary Probe (Epic) and Googly (Rare)

Fossil Flyer (Uncommon) and Mainframe (Uncommon)

Bitemark (Epic) and Axeroni (Rare)

Cutting Edge (Rare) and Special Delivery (Epic)

Click! (Uncommon), Rock Out (Epic) and Smooth Ride (Rare)


Storm Shield One


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