Fortnite Battle Royale: Cosmetic Items Coming Soon!

Here are some cosmetic items coming soon to the Fortnite Battle Royale Item Shop (revealed from datamined v4.4 patch files)

Fate Outfit (Legendary)

Omen Outfit (Legendary)

Sky Stalker Outfit (Legendary)


Wingman Starter Pack (Epic)

The Visitor Outfit (Legendary) and Blue Striker Outfit (Epic)

World Cup Skins: Aerial Threat, Midfield Maestro, Stalwart Sweeper and Super Striker (Rare)


World Cup Skins: Clinical Crosser, Dynamic Dribbler, Finesse Finisher and Poised Playmaker (Rare)


Pterodactyl (Epic) and Split Wing (Epic)

Goalbound (Uncommon)

Oracle Axe (Epic) and Fated Frame (Rare)


Propeller Axe (Rare) and Vuvuzela (Rare)

Elite Cleat (Uncommon)

Battle Shroud (Legendary) and Last Gasp (Legendary)


Offworld Rig (Legendary) and Ominous Orb (Legendary)

Blue Shift (Epic) and Bogey Bag (Epic)

Emotes (Rarities as coloured)




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