For the rest of this month until early June this page may not be updated. If this page isn’t updated you can see what items are in the shop at: fortnitetracker or

🖤 Creator Code: Kyber3000


The Item shop updates in-game at 5 PM PT, 7 PM CT, and 8 PM ET. Featured Items change several times each week. This post will be updated daily however if it isn’t updated yet check out fortnitetracker or


John Wick Set:

  • John Wick outfit w/style and back bling 2000 VB
  • Simple Sledge pickaxe 500 VB
  • Firewalker outfit 1200 VB
  • Outburst pickaxe 800 VB
  • Assassin wrap 300 VB
  • Be Seeing You emote 200 VB
  • Bulletproof emote 200 VB

New Featured Items:

  • Versa outfit 1500 VB
  • Ether outfit 1500 VB
  • Web Wrecker pickaxe 800 VB
  • Tech Turbine glider 800 VB

Other Featured Items:

  • Raven outfit 2000 VB
  • Ravage outfit 2000 VB
  • Feathered Flyer glider 800 VB
  • Iron Beak pickaxe 800 VB


  • New: Old School emote 500 VB
  • Smooth Moves emote 800 VB
  • Abstrakt outfit 1500 VB
  • Bullseye outfit 800 VB
  • Batsickle pickaxe 800 VB
  • Hot & Cold wrap 300 VB

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If you want to help support me, you may enter the creator code listed above in the Fortnite Item Shop.

How to enter code:
1. Select/Click Support-a-Creator in the bottom right of the Item Shop (works in PvE as well).
2. Enter Kyber3000 and select accept.
3. You should see Creator Supported Kyber3000 in the Item Shop once successfully entered.

Remember Creator Codes currently expire every 14 days, if you want to keep supporting you will need to re-enter the code in the Item Shop.

You may also use the tag KYBER3000 at checkout when buying games on the Epic Games Store.

Thank you for your support, it is appreciated! 💙

Note: When supporters use a creators code in the Fortnite Item Shop it gives a small credit for item purchased to the creator your supporting and creators also will receive a percentage (usually around 5% of what the game cost) for games bought in the Epic Games Store when using a creators tag at checkout. Kyber3000 will be using a portion of funds received (when/if any earnings are made) from the Epic Games Creators Program for giveaways and/or to donate to a charity.


Official Fortnite Website:

Official @FortniteGame Twitter:

*Note: This website and Kyber3000 are not affiliated with Fortnite/Epic Games.


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