Destiny 2: How to Activate Heroic Public Events

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Destiny 2: How to Trigger the Heroic Warsat Public Event on Mars

Mars Public Event (Requires Warmind Expansion)

First things first, trigger this event as usual. When the enemies start spawning in, you should see a bunch of Shriekers floating around the Warsat. Two Wizards will then appear, so make sure you’re focusing your fire on these first. Taking care of these two Wizards will see one of the Shriekers opening up, so destroy it. Once a Shrieker is down, another two Wizards will spawn, and clearing them will open up another Shrieker. You’ve got to do this until all of the Wizards and Shriekers are no more.

After that, a giant boss Ogre should appear right by the Warsat. At this point, you should trigger the Heroic Warsat Public Event in Destiny 2: Warmind, so now all you’ve got to do is take care of the great big, hulking fella. The Ogre can take a ton of damage, so try and save your Supers for this part of the Heroic Warsat Public Event. Also, just as a heads up, you can move away from the Warsat itself once the Ogre has spawned, as you no longer need to worry about bumping that percentage up.

That’s all you need to know to start the Heroic Warsat Public Event in Destiny 2: Warmind. For more on the game, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki.


How to Activate The Heroic Vex Crossroads Event

Mercury Public Event (Requires Curse of Osiris)

How to Trigger the Heroic Vex Crossroads Public Event? by

When the event first starts you want to kill some Vex on either side of the central dome until the Gatekeepers spawn. Once you kill those use the orbs they drop and slam dunk them in the circular platforms to start the second phase of the event. You will have to use the portals to get thrown onto the first island. Another gatekeeper is there and another use of orbs on the central platform. What you are supposed to do next is NOT teleport back to the central dome. Look over the edge of the island and you should see a Crystal in the air. Shoot it and that will form a platform.

How to Trigger the Heroic Vex Crossroads Public Event

Jump onto it and keep shooting crystals that appear. You have to be quick about it and crystals can’t be one shot. I recommend you have two people doing this. You just need to keep shooting crystals and jumping onto platforms until you reach the top of the tower. You’ll see a metal plate at the center there and you need to stand on it. After a few seconds this should start the heroic version of the event. Now continue doing the event as you should, with tougher boss and bigger rewards.


Click a event shown below to watch how to activate that heroic public event via Datto’s video shown above (click here to watch Datto’s video).

Fallen Glimmer Event- You must destroy all 3 glimmer nodes. If you’re shooting a node and it’s showing damage numbers, that’s probably it.

Fallen Ether Event- You must destroy all small Servitors that assist the big one.

Spider Tank Event- You must disable all 3 forcefields by using 6 arc charges, 2 per forcefield.

Witches Ritual Event- You must destroy the 2 shielded crystals by standing on the Hex Circles.

Vex Construction Event- You must activate all 3 Vex plates by standing in them until 100%.

Cabal Extraction- You must destroy the Cabal Thresher ship that patrols the area.

Taken Event- You need to step in and out of the blight zones to get a buff to shoot the big blight. Once you do enough damage the heroic will activate.) Other Cabal Event (You need to shoot all of the side vents on the drill or whatever it is until they steam, then shoot more vents that pop up.

Cabal Injection Rig- After killing each Psion, vents will expose themselves on the outer surface of the rig. Shoot and destroy it. 3 sets of vents and Heroic difficulty will trigger after the 3rd set is destroyed. All that remains is to kill an elite with increased damage resistance. (Credit: /u/ShadowRock9)

Destiny 2 – How To Activate Every Heroic Public Event by GameSpot

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