Destiny 2: Forsaken Guides

Destiny 2: Forsaken Guides

Released: Tuesday, Sept 4 (to buy visit

Guides will periodically be added to this page, check back soon for more.

Destiny 2: How to Level & Gear Up to 500+ Power in Forsaken by Datto

Destiny 2: How to Unlock the Dreaming City! | Awoken Talisman Exotic Quest | Forsaken by KackisHD

Destiny 2 – Fastest Guide To Unlock / Upgrade All New Supers Subclass Tree Perks! (FORSAKEN DLC) by DPJ

Destiny 2: A Comprehensive Guide to The Dreaming City (Blind Well, Ascendant Challenge, Secrets) by Datto

View Strike Unique Loot

Destiny 2 | NEW STRIKE SPECIFIC LOOT! How to Get Baron Weapons, All Random Rolls & Secret (Forsaken) by xHOUNDISHx

Destiny 2 Forsaken: How to Get Exotic Ace of Spades (Cayde Cache Locations) by Datto

Destiny 2: Ascendant Chest Locations (Curse Weak) – The Dreaming City by Datto

Destiny 2: Forsaken | Ascendant Challenge Guide by Planet Destiny (Week 1 – Lost Sector location)

Destiny 2 Forsaken | Ascendant Challenge Week 2 Guide – Forfeit Shrine by Arekkz

How to Complete an Ascendant Challenge (Week 3) / Powerful Engram Reward [Destiny 2]

Destiny 2 Forsaken | How to Complete Oracle Engine Offering & Corsair Down Quests by Arekkz

Destiny 2: LAST WISH RAID FOR DUMMIES! Complete Raid Guide & Walkthrough!

Gambit Guide by nicregis

Click here to learn more about how to activate Heroic Public Events

Heroic Public Events Guide shown below by @nicregis (imgur link)

Tangled Shore and Dreaming City Heroic Public Events (Forsaken)

Destiny 2 Forsaken | How to Activate All Heroic Public Events – Tangled Shore by Arekkz

Destiny 2 Forsaken | How to Activate Rift Generator Public Event on The Dreaming City by Arekkz

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