Destiny 2: Helpful Websites

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Destiny 2 on Steam | Xbox | PS | Stadia

Official Beyond Light Website | Official Bungie Website

Seasons Website | Current Season – Season of the Splicer

New Player Guide by Bungie

Bungie Companion App (Whether you’re on an Apple or Android mobile device, the Destiny 2 Companion App can help you track your characters, clans, fireteams, and gear)

Destiny Tracker (View stats, guides, item info, and more) (View stats, item info, and more!)

Download Destiny Item Manager (DIM) (Manages your guardians inventory)

Destiny Trials Report (View your opponents stats and loadouts in Trials)

Raid Report (Find out how many raids a player has completed)

r/DestinyTheGame (Destiny Reddit)

r/Destiny2 (Destiny 2 Reddit)

r/RaidSecrets (Raid Secrets Reddit)

Braytech (Weekly info, maps, triumphs, and much much more)

Where is Xur? (Xur’s Inventory and Location)

TodayinDestiny (Activity/Reset Info)

D2 Checklist (Weekly Checklist)

Power Calculator by /u/Tennovan

Destiny 2 Recipes (List of helpful tools for Destiny 2) (Destiny 2 guides, resources, and more)

Destiny 2 Wiki’s:

Destiny 2 Wiki via (Get the latest guides, item info, and more!)

Ishtar Commander App:

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