Anthem Game: Get Special Stronghold Rewards with Elysian Caches


Extra rewards are waiting for you at the end of each Anthem Stronghold, if you have the right key.

Strongholds are some of the toughest challenges in Anthem’s already vicious world, and anyone who can take them on deserves a hefty reward. Now, even more spoils are waiting for you in Elysian Caches, chests that spawn after you’ve overcome a Stronghold.

Elysian Caches each contain one of 162 possible vanity or crafting items, and four caches will appear at the end of each Stronghold. Everyone in your squad will be able to get the rewards from all the chests – if, of course, you have the right keys. You can get Elysian Keys by completing daily challenges, and either save up enough to open every cache yourself or have everyone on your team contribute a key of their own. Once a chest is open, you’ll all be able to get one of these surprise rewards at random:

  • Decal: High Guard
  • Decal: Twin Fangs
  • Decal: Skull Sign
  • Decal: End Times
  • Decal: Rattle and Bite
  • Decal: Inside Out
  • Decal: Down With Decay
  • Decal: Arch and Cross
  • Decal: Spear and Shield
  • Decal: Power Source
  • Decal: Overcast
  • Decal: Gear Thing
  • Decal: Face the Threat
  • Decal: Spin Grabbit
  • Decal: Grabbit Now
  • Decal: All Ears
  • Decal: War Bird
  • Decal: Emperor’s Blade
  • Decal: First One In
  • Decal: Riverbank
  • Decal: Venerable Signet
  • Decal: Laughing Skull
  • Decal: In Your Guts
  • Decal: Ribcage Chorus
  • Decal: Wasting Away
  • Decal: Bone Collector
  • Decal: Snapshot
  • Decal: Aim High
  • Decal: Hunting Party
  • Decal: Old Guard
  • Decal: Wild Song
  • Decal: Underdeep
  • Decal: Marching Orders
  • Decal: Dark Flight
  • Decal: Wyvern Sighting
  • Decal: Crawler Marked
  • Decal: Skorpion Echo
  • Decal: Warning Markings
  • Decal: Tracker
  • Decal: Sharp Teeth
  • Decal: Badge of Conflict
  • Decal: Crosspath
  • Decal: Final Hand
  • Decal: Hazardous Waste
  • Decal: Core Belief
  • Decal: Coat of Armor
  • Decal: Best Left Alone
  • Decal: Borderline
  • Decal: Three-Armed Reach
  • Decal: Enemy Sighted
  • Graphic: Old Ways
  • Fabric: Silk Geometric Thorns
  • Fabric: Cotton Hammer Stroke
  • Fabric: Vinyl Sun Tiled 2
  • Fabric: Nylon Triangle Flakes
  • Fabric: Dots
  • Fabric: Vinyl
  • Fabric: Jersey
  • Leather: Diamond
  • Leather: Dusty
  • Victory: Shy Thanks
  • Victory: Super Chest Roar
  • Arrival: Breakdance
  • Arrival: Flex 2
  • Arrival: Fearsome Enter
  • Emote: Hip Hop
  • Emote: Throat Threaten
  • Wrap: Death Rattle
  • Decal: Sonic Boom
  • Decal: Splashdown
  • Decal: Mind’s Eye
  • Decal: Fast Flight
  • Decal: Dagger Gaze
  • Crafting Material bundles, including Masterwork Embers, Chimeric Compounds, Chimeric Alloys, Weapon Parts, Ranger Parts, Storm Part, Interceptor Parts and Colossus Parts

Complete every daily challenge to collect the maximum amount of Elysian Keys, and a reward will always be waiting for you at the end of a tough Stronghold. You’ll have to move fast, though, because Anthem’s world is always changing, and the Elysian Chests won’t be around forever.

Anthem is available now in both Standard Edition and the Legion of Dawn Edition for Xbox One, PlayStation® 4, and PC. Play the full game with Origin Access Premier or try it first for 10 hours with EA Access or Origin Access Basic.*

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