Anthem Game: Take on Some of the Toughest Threats in Legendary Missions


Overcome Legendary Missions for the chance to reap awesome rewards.

With the release of patch 1.0.4 comes the introduction of Legendary Missions. These new challenges will allow you to retrace your steps through the story, revisiting some crucial early missions with some dramatic changes to the enemies you’ll face.

Below details what you’ll need to know about these Legendary Missions.

You’ll Be Able to Play One Legendary Mission Per Day

Six Legendary Missions will be available to play, each for one day a piece. You can access that day’s Legendary Mission from your Expedition Screen, either from the Launch Bay or Fort Tarsis. You’ll get to play that day’s Legendary Mission as many times as you want (until the new one rotates in). These six story missions will be available for Legendary Missions:

  • Lost Arcanist
  • Incursion
  • Finding Old Friends
  • Tomb of General Tarsis
  • Fortress of Dawn
  • Freelancer Down

These Missions Will Be Brutal

We recommend that you be at maximum level and have at least a few Masterworks or Legendaries before taking on a Legendary Mission at higher difficulty settings, or expect to die repeatedly. You’ll need to coordinate with your teammates to focus your fire and take down enemies quickly. And just in case you weren’t feeling challenged by these missions, we’ve changed up the enemies you’ll face – so be ready for anything.

You’ll Get Better Gear

The gear drops you’ll find will be improved to match the increased challenges you’ll overcome. These will also be affected by the Difficulty Level you choose to play your Legendary Mission on, but don’t get overconfident. Legendary Missions on Grandmaster 3 will be a meat-grinder.

In the future, we’ll be looking to add more missions to the pool of available Legendary Missions (though the six above represent a large chunk of the story missions). So get out there and show your enemies the strength of the Freelancers, again.

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