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Subscribers get a 10% discount on in-game purchases and will receive an Anthem ‘In All Directions” javelin decal.

There’s nothing quite like heading into battle in a javelin that shows off your unique style. It’s easy to spend hours in the Forge making small tweaks and adjustments to get the look you want just right. While you’ve already got access to a huge selection of personalization options, we wanted to let you know about other ways to secure vanity items.

By subscribing to Origin Access or EA Access you’ll receive a special vanity item reward, and you’ll be able to use your 10% subscriber discount to purchase in-game currency called Shards*. Let’s start with the subscriber reward and how to claim it.

So what is this special vanity item reward? As a subscriber, an Anthem™ “In All Directions” javelin decal is all yours and it can be used on any of your javelins. Starting March 15, head to the Store to collect your reward. That’s all there is to it. Want more details on exactly how this reward works? See below.

When can I claim my decal?
Your reward will be available starting March 15.

What do I have to do?
Just be an active Origin Access or EA Access subscriber and play Anthem from March 15 – 31, 2019.

How do I claim my decal?
1. Complete the tutorials.
2. Talk to Prospero at his stall in Fort Tarsis.
3. Complete his mission.
4. Talk to him again.
5. Open the Store.
6. Claim your items in the Rewards tab.
7. Head to the Forge and equip the decal in the Appearance tab.

Do I need to own the game in order to receive the decal?
No, if you’re an Origin Access Basic or EA Access subscriber and playing the 10-hour Play First Trial from March 15 – 31 you’ll still receive your reward. And if you decide to purchase the full game all your progress (including this reward) will carry over.

Can I give my decal to a friend?
Afraid not, this reward will be awarded directly to you and can’t be shared or exchanged.

What happens to my decal if I decide to cancel my EA Access/Origin Access subscription?
Not a thing, it’s yours to keep.

As an EA Access or Origin Access subscriber, you also receive an automatic 10% discount on your purchases (on Xbox One digital purchases with EA Access or digital purchases with Origin Access Basic or Premier). This applies to full game purchases, DLC, Ultimate Team content, and in-game currency. In Anthem, there are two kinds of in-game currency: Coin and Shards. The former can be earned through gameplay, the latter can be bought with real-world money.

Shards can be used to buy new personalization items for your javelins. Real-world currency can only purchase vanity items in Anthem, nothing that will change your javelin’s power. As a subscriber, you’ll save 10% on every purchase of Shards – giving you more ways to tweak your javelins’ styles for less.

Once you’ve got your javelin looking exactly the way you want, don’t forget to share your creation on our fan art page.

Anthem is available now in both Standard Edition and the Legion of Dawn Edition for Xbox One, PlayStation® 4, and PC. Play the full game with Origin Access Premier or try it first for 10 hours with EA Access or Origin Access Basic.

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