Hello Admins and Mods,

Beboop is changing to a new system very soon for the auto posting feature. Because of changes being made, the bot will need to be reinvited by an admin or mod by the end of the year (December 31, 2022).

The bot’s autoposts will stop working if it is not reinvited by this date!


Why do I need to reinvite the bot?

The bot needs access to the manage webhooks permission for the new system to work properly (please see the next FAQ for details about this).

In short, the bot needs access to the manage webhooks permission so the bot is able to follow your server to announcement channels in Kyber’s server, depending on what you have enabled the /autopost for (such as reset, Lost Sector, or Xur).

Everything else will continue to function the same.

What is the new system?

The new system will follow servers to announcement channels in Kyber’s server when the /autopost command is enabled by an admin or mod (/autopost enable or disable is currently available for Reset, Xur, and/or the daily Lost Sector).

You should not have to re-enable autopost after reinviting the bot.

This new system will include the same type of content that has been posted in your servers (an infographic and some info/details). If you would like to see a visual of what is posted in announcements channels, check out the weekly-reset channel. There is a chance what is posted in announcement channels could change depending on your feedback.

Enabling /autopost in your servers will still be the same. Example: Type or select /autopost reset enable for example, which will automatically post the weekly reset infographic and info every week.

The main change is that the bot will start automatically post content that is published in announcement channels if your server has enabled an autopost command. This new system will make it so less time has to be spent managing the bot and less issues will occur. We hope you all will be happy with the new season. We will monitor your feedback once the changes go live.

Thank you for continuing to use and support Beboop!

For more details or to view commands, check out the Bot help page.