Hello Admins and Mods,

Beboop is in the process of changing to a new system, primarily for the auto posting feature. Because of changes being made, the bot will need will need to be re-invited by an admin or mod so it has access to the webhooks permission (which is used for the new systems auto-posts method).

If you need help please contact Kyber#3000 on Discord or use this private contact form.


Why do I need to reinvite the bot?

The bot is in the process of changing to a system where it will post content from Kyber’s Discord announcement channels instead of directly from the bot to your server (this is to help limit issues and help cut back on how much time needs to be spent managing the bot).

In order to continue working the bot needs to be re-invited to allow the manage webhooks permission. This is so it is able to follow announcement channels from Kyber’s server when the autopost command is enabled for Reset, Xur, and/or Lost Sector.

You should not have to re-enable autopost after reinviting the bot.

UPDATE: The bot will continue to work at this time however we recommend that all servers re-invite the bot at their earliest convenience.

What is the new system?

The bot will follow servers to announcement channels in Kyber’s server when the /autopost command is enabled by an admin or mod (/autopost is currently available for Reset, Xur, and/or the daily Lost Sector).

This new system will include the same type of content that has been posted in your servers (such as an infographic and it will include some text as well). If you would like to see a visual of what is posted in announcements channels, check out the weekly-reset channel in Kyber’s server. Based on your feedback, what is posted in these channels may change (e.g.: possibly removing text and only posting the infographic and a link to a post where more details can be viewed).

Enabling /autopost in your servers will still be the same. Such as, typing or selecting the /autopost reset enable command will automatically post the weekly reset infographic every Tuesday.

Can I still follow announcement channels in the Kyber Community Discord?

Yes, if you are a member in Kyber’s Discord server, you may follow any of the announcement channels to get automatic updates in your server (in short whatever is published in an announcement channel will post in your server).

The biggest difference between using the bot’s autopost command instead of following channels directly from Kyber’s server is that you do not have to be a member to use the autopost command and get content posted in announcement channels directly in your server. However, I hope and welcome you all to join my server!

There are some announcement channels that the bot does not have an autopost command for such as the Trials channel.

How to disable or remove the autopost/announcements?

To stop getting updates do the following:

  1. Type / or bring up bot commands in the channel you want to remove it from.
  2. Select or type /autopost (reset, xur, or lost_sector)
  3. Select or type disable.
  4. Press enter and you are good to go.

If you removed the bot from your server before disabling autopost commands, re-invite the bot, and make sure to disable autopost for anything you enabled it for.

If you have any issues please contact Kyber on Discord.

This is being done to try to make things more reliable and to spend less time managing it. I really appreciate your patience and understanding during this change. Your thoughts and experience matters, if you have any feedback about the change please send me a DM on Discord.

Thank you for choosing to use Beboop!


For more details or to view commands, check out the Bot help page.