Blog Update (August 2017)

Now that we are getting very close to Destiny 2 releasing the usual Destiny Weekly Reset, Weekend News, and Armsday posts made by this blog for Destiny 1 will no longer be made every week. The Destiny Weekly Reset Summary image will still be added to this blog every reset until around the end of this month. This website will also be going through some changes and most pages for Destiny 1 will be removed in preparation for Destiny 2.

If your playing Destiny 1 and are looking for help with the challenge mode raids, you should be able to search challenges guides in the search bar located on this website. However, any posts/pages for Destiny 1 most likely will not be managed/updated since the focus will be on Destiny 2. Once Destiny 2 launches I will keep making posts/content for the game such as the weekly reset posts in addition to streaming.

Important Notices:

Next week (08/11/17) is the FINAL week of Trials of Osiris for Destiny 1 so this activity will not be updated after this date, unless it returns in Destiny 2.

There will be about a week or so this month there may be no posts, since I need to send in my laptop to get repaired because I accidentally spilled coffee on it, clumsy me 🙂

Streaming Plans: There has been a set back to my plans to stream right now due to the audio issues I had the last couple of times I streamed. I am currently doing everything within my means to make sure it is resolved before Destiny 2 launches and I believe it may be resolved already (I think it was an alpha Xbox preview issue that has been fixed recently). I do not have a set schedule but will be streaming at least 3 days or more each week. The best way to know when I go live is to follow on Twitch and Twitter.

I really appreciate and value all of you that have supported and followed this blog as well as other social sites, none of this would matter without you all! Thank you!

<3 Kyber3000

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