Borderlands 3: Shift Codes and Golden Keys

Note: Because some SHiFT Codes for Golden Keys expire in a short amount of time, I recommend joining my Discord server and keeping an eye on the #bls-shift-codes channel as they are automatically posted there and are manually occasionally entered by myself. I will try to add any codes below though, more so the ones that don’t expire. If you have any codes that are valid and you don’t see here, feel free to leave a comment on this page.

Collect your Golden Key(s) or item from the in-game mail system under the Social menu or redeem in-game or at Please note some codes have an expiration date/time and will be listed if an expiration date was noted. Codes will be added here whenever found. 

To unlock unique content, in-game rewards, and more sign up for the FREE VIP Insider Program:

BL3 Early Adopters Pack Reminder:

You have to login within 14 days of the BL3 Release and do a quick survey to get the rewards listed below:

  • Children of the Vault weapon
  • Echo Device skin
  • 5 Golden Keys

Note: All you need to do to get the Borderlands 3 Early Adopter Pack without pre-ordering the game is log into the Borderlands 3 VIP website after having played the game within the first 14 days of the game’s release. All you need to do is fill in the survey the VIP website gives you and tell it that you pre-ordered the game. It seems that the VIP website doesn’t actually check this. There you have it. Simply tell them that you pre-ordered Borderlands 3 and you’ll get the Early Adopted Pack, no questions asked. Remember, though, that you only have until September 27 to claim the bonus. You should know where your items should appear, too. Your five Gold Keys should appear in your standard Gold Key Mail. Your bonus weapon and Echo Skin should appear as separate messages in the mail, too.



Helpful info via

Shift Codes in Borderlands 3 give you access to free bonus rewards like Golden Keys or even special loot specifically.

  • Shift Codes are given out by developer Gearbox, and sometimes are time limited and other times are more freely and readily available.
  • The primary reward for redeeming a shift code is a Golden Key, which will in turn let you open a special gold chest to get unique loot.
  • You redeem Shift Codes from the in-game menu – there’s a big old Shift Codes option.
  • Once you’ve redeemed the codes, look out for the giant gold chest icon on the mini-map in your hub – there’s a gold chest there that can only be opened with the corresponding gold keys.
  • You can also redeem Shift Codes through the Borderlands 3 VIP website or through the Gearbox Shift Portal too – just log in, then your rewards will be with you on your next in-game sign in.

VIP Codes in Borderlands 3 earn you special points that can then be spent on loot items to use in game.

  • VIP Codes are earned through activities online, with Gearbox issuing them to people who do certain things like sign up for their newsletter and the like. However, you only need to know a code to redeem it – and we’re going to have a list below.
  • VIP Codes are redeemed specifically via the Borderlands 3 VIP website – you have to log in, then hit the ‘Insiders’ section and then finally ‘Redeem Code’. You can also browse the purchasable wares with your VIP points in this section.

CODES (Make sure to enter the dash symbol. Codes are for 1 Golden Key unless noted and should not be expired unless also noted)

Redeem at:  or and then collect your Golden Key(s) from the in-game mail in “Social” menu.


  • This code is for the Halloween themed heads. Active until Nov 04 at 11:59pm PT via @borderlands


  • x3 Golden Keys. Expires Monday, Nov 04 @ 10 AM via @duvalmagic






  • 3 Keys







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