Bungie: Direct Relief for Houston – Guardians to the rescue! (Aug 30)


by DeeJ

If you’ve been following current events, or even have friends or family caught in the storm, chances are high that Houston is on your mind right now. The rising floodwaters brought on by Hurricane Harvey continue to impact the people of Texas, and the storm isn’t over. People need our help.

To invoke the power of our community, we’re offering a commemorative pin through the Bungie Store. Your purchase of this item will include an emblem for use in Destiny 2. All profits from your purchase will go straight to Direct Relief in support of the Hurricane Harvey response efforts.

To purchase these items, and donate to this crucial cause, please visit the Bungie Store. Supplies will be limited, and orders will be delayed as we race to get this offer up in the wake of the storm.

Of course, there are many other ways to get involved. Even if a pin or emblem isn’t your thing, we urge you to help those impacted by Hurricane Harvey in your own way. Get involved. Donate to a charity of your choice. Help spread the word and support those who are helping in whatever ways they can.

Thank you so much for reading these words, and for bringing Light to those who need it now more than ever. Your contributions matter. This community has, can, and will make a difference.

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