Name: Kimberly

Console: Xbox One

Gamertag: Kyber3000

Contact: Twitter DM or fill out private contact form below.

Business Inquires Only: kyber3000@outlook.com


A bit about me:

Content Creating/Blogging: Making and covering gaming related content is something I just started doing one day, it became something I had fun doing on the side. Over time, it has become part of my everyday life as well as a passion of mine. I started by making newsletters covering Destiny activities and updates for a Destiny clan and then I started posting Destiny activity/reset info here on my blog Kyber’s Corner. As of today, I mostly post item shop inventory for Fortnite Battle Royale and activity (reset) info for Destiny 2. I don’t know where I will go with all of this or if it will turn into something bigger but I do know I enjoy what I am doing in the gaming world and your support keeps it alive!

Gaming: For the most part I gravitate towards and mostly enjoy first person shooters however, I also have fun playing many other games. Destiny was the first online multiplayer game I really got into, part of that was because it was the first online multiplayer game I played (before Destiny if I played with someone else it was split screen and not online). Meeting new people from all over the world and playing games with others is such a fun experience. I am pretty sure many would agree that the Destiny has an amazing and inspiring community. After playing Destiny, I have been trying to open myself up to new experiences such as streaming and creating this gaming blog. I would love to do even more such as make a gaming website and maybe even make my own gaming related YouTube videos. To not get ahead of myself like I can do, I plan to focus on this blog and hope to make a gaming website very soon!

You can find my most recent posts and gaming related content via TwitterInstagram, and of course right here on Kyber’s Corner (Twitter is the best place to follow me for the most up-to-date posts and content). I don’t currently have a set schedule for streaming so the best way to know when I go live is to follow on Twitch and turn on notifications to know when I go live, I also post on Twitter when I go live. I really appreciate all of you that have shown me support, your encouragement and feedback motivates me to keep making gaming content and push myself to do even more! It’s amazing knowing others appreciate and enjoy the content I make. So thank you for that ❤

Q: How did you come up with your Gamertag?

A: When it came to getting an Xbox gamertag, I had a really hard time deciding so with some help I eventually came up with Kyber. The name Kyber is a character in one my boyfriends favorite books and is the name of the of the crystals in Star Wars used to construct light sabers, which I thought was pretty cool.

Xbox Club (NEW):

The CØ3 Xbox Club isn’t a club for any one specific game, it is more so a community for gamers on Xbox One. To check out the Xbox One Club click here, currently this club is open to anyone on Xbox One. Request to join and you will be approved shortly after.

Current Games:

Destiny 2, Fortnite BR, The Division 2, Anthem, Apex Legends, and various other games.

Future Games:

Borderlands 3 and more!

Follow & Connect:

Twitter | Twitch | Instagram

Kyber’s Corner – Gaming Blog

Private Contact Form:

Twitch Channel

Follow me on Twitch and turn on notifications if you would like to be notified anytime the channel goes live. I also post updates, gaming news, and more on my Twitter account.

Last update to page: 03/29/2019


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