Destiny 2: Clan Field Guide

Clans are live! The Guided Games Beta is live! Guardians are forming up into their own special teams and fighting to make a name for themselves so they can lure new recruits into their respective lairs.

As you work together to define your own culture of teamwork and friendship, we’d like to share some of what we’ve learned leading our own teams of gamers. First up, let’s talk about identity.

How to write the ideal Clan profile.

So you’ve already picked the perfect Clan name and Clan tag. But what about the rest of your Clan identity? Seekers in Guided Games select a Clan to go with based on what you’ve shared about yourself, so your Clan profile should be designed to attract the ideal players you want to recruit for the activity.

Let’s start with Clan Motto. It’s your tagline and your rallying cry. Make it something memorable and leave potential recruits wanting to learn more. Some good examples from the wilds:

“Lone wolves banding together for the greater good

“Pride in battle”

“All about that glimmer”

“Wow! That went WAY better than expected….”

“There is still so much left to burn….”

While the Motto is a chance to express what players should expect from you, the Mission Statement is where you spell out what you expect from them. It should answer some critical questions. What behavior is acceptable within the Clan? What expectations do you have for communication and participation? What activities do you focus on and what are the best times to play with your Clan? Here is a sample:

“We’re a group of laid-back gamers, here to have fun and make some friends while shooting baddies in the face. Message our leaders for an invite and let’s go get that sweet loot!”

“We’re usually online in the evening West Coast time and like to hang out in chat while playing.”

“We do all the weekly activities: Nightfall, Raid and Trials so Tuesday and Friday nights are busy!”

“Play to win, but have fun.”

“Be excellent to each other.”

With a detailed mission statement, you’ll appeal to the kind of people you hope to meet. Communicate the important stuff and have fun with it.

Got it? Good luck. Wave those banners high!

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