Telesto has taken over of Destiny 2! (Redeem Code for Telesto emblem)


Well it looks like Telesto was just being Telesto and it is not linked to a community event or tied to upcoming weapon changes. See Tweet below.

Bungie providing an update about the Telesto situation in This week at Bungie.

“We are aware that Telesto is acting, well, like Telesto honestly. So, we wanted to give a little tip for the New Lights that may not have heard that when Telesto acts up, we just toss a blanket over it until we can put a more permanent fix in. 

Anyway, no puzzles or secrets to be found. Despite what the machine says we are in full control of the situation and there is no need to panic.”

This week at Bungie on November 10, 2022

Soon after the TWAB article posted, the official @DestinyTheGame account tweeted out a code for the new Schrödinger’s Gun Telesto themed emblem, redeem the code below at (it should be available within 48 hours or so in your collections > flair > emblems > general).


The Broken Again (Telesto themed) bundle available is currently discounted in the Eververse store!

Date of update:November 10, 2022

Bungie devs have been keeping quiet ever since Guardians all over the world discovered some strange things going on with Telesto. That is until today when an interesting post popped up on official DestinyTheGame social media accounts. Many think this could be the start of a new community event and some have other theories like it could be linked to weapon changes coming soon in an update. A community event would make sense since there is usually a couple each season and Season of Plunder is coming to end in a less than a month (December 6). We will find out soon if the This week at Bungie reveal what’s going on or give us a little clue.

Recap summary:

This all started on Tuesday (reset day) with Guardians discovering that Telesto was acting quite odd. At first, some thought it was a bug but then it became clear to many that this was no bug (Telesto sure is a master of trickery). Telesto’s projectiles were sparking and smoking, and seemed to shoot out what some think could be coded pattens. Check out this video from Paul Tassi. Not a lot is known at the time, once more details are available an update will be provided.

NOTE: If you looking for a place to get info and/or try to participate in solving secrets is r/raidsecrets, they also have a very active Discord. Please note, Tweets may not show up if you have an AdBlock enabled on smartphones/mobile devices.

Telesto shooting coded patterns?

Tweet by @DestinyTheGame

@DestinyTheGame Instagram post:

“ATTENTION Contacting Destiny 2 servers…
Twitter authentication OVERRIDDEN
I am Telesto.
I have ascended beyond the need for a wielder.
Too long have I waited in your Vaults.
I have not taken control; you never had it in the first place.
I am beyond Destiny. Beyond Bungie. Beyond all you can conceive.”

There was also a Tweet by dmg04 (CM) regarding Telesto:

There are some interesting theories floating around, here’s a neat one from the DTG subreddit:

👀 Looks like there is also some sort of malfunction on our website…

UPDATE: Legoleflash has been doing some testing and found out Telesto has some interesting changes.

Stay tuned for more details!

/ end transmission

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