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“Do you hear that? Love beckons. And when love beckons, who among us can say no?” —Lord Shaxx

Crimson Days returns on Tuesday, February 12. This year’s event will be similar to the one from last year, but we have changed a few things up and added a few new rewards.

Crimson Doubles is the 2v2 Crucible playlist at the center of the event. The combat scenario is 2v2 Clash with a round-based twist. Stay in close proximity to your partner and your abilities will recharge at a faster rate. Stray too far, and your enemies will be given a waypoint leading to your location. If you can’t find a partner, don’t worry, we’ll play matchmaker and find one for you. To sweeten the deal we will be turning on Valor bonuses throughout the event for both Crimson Doubles and all other Crucible modes.

You will start out by speaking with Lord Shaxx in the Tower, who will give you the Fire of the Crimson Days emblem. He will have five Crimson Bounties available for you. Crucible not your cup of tea? The Bounties will send you to both PVE and PVP activities. There will be four daily bounties and one weekly bounty which calls for you to  duo Nightfall with your partner.

The Rewards

Last year there was a series of rewards for completing specific activities. The rewards are returning, but the way you earn them has changed. Shaxx will be giving out Confectionery Hearts for completing Crimson Doubles matches and turning in Crimson Bounties. You will use those to purchase the rewards.

Some of you may have some or all of the rewards from last year, so we have added two new rewards for you to earn.

Similar to Horror Story in the last Festival of the Lost, a max power weapon will be available during Crimson Days. Shaxx will be offering a new bow, “The Vow”, in exchange for Confectionery Hearts.

The Vow comes fully masterworked and is the first bow available to all players of Destiny 2 and will be Power 650 for Forsaken players. Here it is in action.

[Click here or video for version with sound]

While you are playing Crimson Doubles you will be earning 7 Confectionery Hearts with every win and 5 for every loss. Each daily bounty will reward you with 15 Hearts, and the weekly Nightfall Duo bounty will give you 75! Here are the Confectionery Heart costs for each reward Shaxx is offering:

Tirastrella Legendary Ghost Shell – 25

Undeterred Exotic Sparrow – 50

The Vow Legendary Bow – 100

Wardcliff Coil Ornament – 125

Flaunting Dance Legendary Emote – 150

Warmhearted Gift Package – 15

If you are still looking to spend your extra hearts, Shaxx will also be offering a Warmhearted Gift Package that will give you a chance to receive Enhancement Cores, weapons, mods, gear, and resources.

That’s not all. Along with these reward there will be a set of Crimson Days Triumphs for you to complete. We don’t want to spoil all the treats and reveal the Triumphs just yet, but we will let you know the sweet reward for completing them all.

If you complete all of the Crimson Days Triumphs, you will earn the Sugary Ghost Shell.

For all support information, please see the Crimson Days Guide hosted on

Double Drops

Double drops are back. A Crimson Engram will drop with every Bright Engram a player earns. Crimson Engrams will also be available for Silver. The contents of the Engram have not changed, so if you didn’t get everything you wanted last year or are new to Destiny, this is your chance to grab some of these items.

The Tiny Bow Emote and the Shot through the Heart Ornament for The Vow will also be available for direct purchase in Eververse bundles.

Crimson Days will begin next Tuesday, February 12, and conclude on the weekly reset at 9 AM PST on Tuesday, February 19. Start looking for a partner to be your Crimson Bond and get ready for a fun week of hearts, sweets, and fun.

Showing some Love

When earning the legendary bow from Lord Shaxx, The Vow, players will receive a discount code to unlock The Vow Hoodie for purchase from Bungie Rewards.

In addition, every purchase comes with a Bungie Foundation pin and the Bungie Store will donate $7 for each pin distributed during Crimson Days directly to support the Bungie Foundation’s granting of technology wishes for Make-A-Wish in honor of you.

Make sure you’ve opted-in for email notifications on to receive your discount code. Players will have through February 19 at 9AM Pacific to redeem this Bungie Reward offer.

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Crimson Days is a limited-time Live Event in Destiny 2 which honors the unbreakable bonds Guardians forge on and off the battlefield. Crimson Days begins on February 12, 2019 and ends at the weekly reset on February 19, 2019. For information on Crimson Days, players may also visit our Crimson Days 2019 blog post.

Participation Requirements

While all players are invited to experience Crimson Days, some triumphs and rewards may not be available on characters who do not meet the following requirements:

  • Complete the Red War campaign
  • Achieve Level 20
PLEASE NOTE: Some Crimson Days triumphs or bounties may require players to have access to certain activities. For activity details, please visit Lord Shaxx in the Tower Courtyard, or see the Crimson Days triumphs listed below.

Crimson Days Crucible

During Crimson Days, Lord Shaxx prepares a special 2v2 playlist for Guardians to compete for valor and rewards. Listed below are features that players should be aware of when participating in this playlist.

  • Reunited
    • Reunited is a special buff that increases the recharge rate of Guardian abilities for teammates who are close together.
  • Falling Apart
    • Falling Apart is a debuff that grants enemy teammates waypoints to your location when you and your teammate drift too far apart in a Crucible match.
  • Vengeance
    • Vengeance is triggered when a player’s teammate is defeated combat. For a short time, the surviving player is granted significantly increased ability regeneration, and is receives a small portion of their health back.

Crimson Days Triumphs and Rewards

Please see below for information on rewards and triumphs for Crimson Days 2019.

  • Crimson Days Bounties
    • During Crimson Days, players who complete the “Welcome to Crimson Days” milestone will be able to accept Crimson Days bounties from Lord Shaxx in the Tower Courtyard.
    • Lord Shaxx offers 4 Daily Bounties, and 1 Weekly Bounty for Crimson Days.
    • Completing bounties offered by Lord Shaxx awards Confectionery Hearts, which players can use to purchase Crimson Days-themed rewards.
  • Confectionery Hearts
    • Confectionery Hearts may be earned by completing Crimson Days bounties. Each Daily Bounty will award 15 Hearts, and the Weekly Nightfall Duo bounty will award 75.
    • Confectionery Hearts may be earned by completing Crimson Days Crucible matches. Players will be awarded 7 Confectionery Hearts with every win and 5 for every loss.
    • Players may use Confectionery Hearts to unlock access to one-time purchase rewards from Lord Shaxx.
    • Players may use Confectionery Hearts to repeatedly purchase Lord Shaxx’s Warmhearted Gift, which randomly awards Enhancement Cores, mods, weapons, gear, and resources.
  • Crimson Days 2019 Triumphs
    • For information on Crimson Days triumphs, please check back here once Crimson Days launches on February 12, 2019.

Crimson Engrams

In addition to Crimson Days rewards from Lord Shaxx and Crimson Days triumphs, players will earn a Crimson Engram every time they fill their XP bar after achieving the max character level. This engram will be earned in addition to the Etched Engram, awarding players double bright engrams for the duration of Crimson Days. If players so choose, Crimson Engrams may also be purchased from Tess Everis in the Tower Courtyard.

For information on Crimson Engram drop rates once Crimson Days is live, players should visit our Destiny 2 Eververse Item Drop Chances support article. For information on available Eververse bundles, players should visit Tess Everis in the Tower Courtyard in-game.

Crimson Days Vital Information and Known Issues

For the latest information on known issues discovered after Crimson Days has gone live on February 12, 2019, please see below. For other known issues in Destiny 2, players should visit our vital information and known issues article.

Crimson Days is a limited-time Live Event in Destiny 2 which honors the unbreakable bonds Guardians forge on and off the battlefield. Crimson Days begins on February 12, 2019 and ends at the weekly reset on February 19, 2019.

Vital Information and Known Issues

  • Welcome to Crimson Days: Players will be unable to accept Lord Shaxx’s “Fire of the Crimson Days” emblem to complete the “Welcome to Crimson Days” milestone if they have this emblem in their inventory from Crimson Days 2018. Players can resolve this issue by stowing the emblem that is in their inventory, and accepting the new one from Lord Shaxx.
  • Claiming Triumphs: Unearned and unclaimed events triumphs for Crimson Days will be removed when the seasonal event ends. Players should claim all triumphs before Crimson Days ends on February 19, 2019.
  • Waiting for Ally to Revive: Players who rejoin a Crimson Days Crucible match after being kicked to Orbit with an error will not be able to respawn, and will see “Waiting for ally to revive” for the remaining duration of the round. This will resolve once the current round ends.
  • Item Collections: Items returning from Crimson Days 2018 can be found in “Season 2” of their respective collections, even if they are received during Crimson Days 2019. New items will be in the “Season 5” tab where applicable.
  • Lord Shaxx Dialogue: Lord Shaxx does not announce “Last Guardian Standing” when both teams are down to one player each during Sudden Death.

Source: Bungie Help Article (view original article)

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