Destiny 2: Festival of the Lost 2023 is Live! (Oct 17 – Nov 7)

Availability: October 17 until November 7

Access: Free for all players

Festival of the Lost Guide

Complete activities wearing the Masquerader’s helmet with a Festival Mask to earn Spectral Pages.

Transform them into Manifested Pages by defeating Headless Ones in the Haunted Sectors playlist.

Unlock lore book pages by returning Manifested pages to the Book of the Forgotten, and complete Event Challenges for additional rewards.

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Haunted Sectors

Start activity from the Tower map.

Celebrate the Festival of the Lost by exploring Haunted Sectors with Glint. Collect Candy, earn loot, and decipher pages from the mysterious Book of the Forgotten!

Haunted Sectors features two difficulties, normal and legend, both have matchmaking.

DifficultyRecommended PowerMatchmaking
Normal1600☑️ Yes
Legend1830☑️ Yes

Eerie Engrams & Focusing

A new engram has been introduced for Festival of the Lost called Eerie Engram. These engrams have two uses: players can open them individually for loot or save them to use as currencies for Hocus Focusing (engram focusing).

How to Earn Eerie Engrams?

Haunted Sectors completions have a chance to drop Eerie Engrams. Legend Haunted Sectors have a higher chance to drop these engrams.

Hocus Focusing

Players can acquire Exotic armor and Legendary Weapons through Eerie Engram focusing with Eva Levante.


  • Weapons Eerie Engram
    • Festival weapons for a higher candy cost.
  • Exotic Arms Eerie Engram
  • Exotic Legs Eerie Engram
  • Exotic Helmet Eerie Engram
  • Exotic Chest Eerie Engram

Hocus Focusing Costs

Exotic Armor Eerie Engram

Twilight Triumph & Lost Memento


Lost Memento: A rare curio obtained from Festival of the Lost. When inserted into a Shaped weapon at the Relic on Mars, this Memento will grant the weapon additional vanity options. You may store only one of these Mementos at a time.

Triumph Steps

◼️ Complete Fallen Saber mission with Clovis Bray mask.

◼️ Get 100 kills on Neomuna with Nimbus mask.

◼️ Perform 25 finishers with Tormentor mask in Legend Haunted Sector.


  • Festival Memento are also available via random drops from Eerie Engrams.
  • You can only hold one Memento at a time, and it may only be applied to a single crafted weapon.
  • Once you have chosen a crafted weapon to apply the Memento to, you will be able to equip the Twilight Keepsake shader (D2 Superblack shader).

🤔 Can you farm Lost Memento?

Yes, Festival Mementos can drop from Eerie Engrams now in addition to the Triumph.

Issue Resolved:

Triumph Guides

Event Card

Event Cards are free for all players and can be accessed with Eva Levante in the Tower or the Quest tab while the event is live. The Event Card can also be upgraded using Silver for additional rewards.

Event Card Upgrade Includes:

Item NameTypeSource
Vampiric Pose Exotic EmoteInstant Unlock
Sugary StapleExotic SparrowInstant Unlock
Roseate GleamLegendary ShaderInstant Unlock
Confection ShellExotic GhostEvent Ticket
Imprecise SnackLegendary EmoteEvent Ticket
Sugar RushLegendary Transmat EffectEvent Ticket
Cobwebbed ProjectionLegendary Ghost ProjectionEvent Ticket

ℹ️ Event Tickets are earned by completing various Event Challenges (see below).

Event Challenges

CryptozoologistUse Manifest Pages to restore a chapter in the “Tales of the Forgotten – Vol. 3”.
Bookworm IUse (11) Manifested Pages to restore chapters in the “Tales of the Forgotten – Vol. 3”– 15,000 Glimmer
– Bungie Reward Code
– Event Ticket
Bookworm IIUse (22) Manifested Pages to restore chapters in the “Tales of the Forgotten – Vol. 3” – Magical Transformation
– Enhancement Core +2
– Event Ticket
Bookworm IIIUse (33) Manifested Pages to restore chapters in the “Tales of the Forgotten – Vol. 3” – Nyxoteron
– Enhancement Prism +2
– Event Ticket
Heads will RollDefeat (100) Headless Ones in Haunted Sectors.– Tormentor Mask
– Legendary Shards + 25
– Event Ricket
Horrific HauntsComplete a higher difficulty Haunted Sector.
Candy CornerEarn Candy from activities.– Pouka Mask
– Enhancement Prism
– Event Ticket
Mystery MeetPurchase Epic Mystery Grab Bags– Candy +1300
– Legendary Shards +25
– Event Ticket
Pumpkin Peltin’Defeat targets with Grenade Launchers.– Acosmic
– Upgrade Module
– Event Ticket
SniperstitionDefeat targets with Sniper Rifle.– Mechabre
– Upgrade Module
– Event Ticket
Automatic TransmissionDefeat targets with Auto Rifles.– Horror Story
– Upgrade Module
– Event Ticket
Third Shot’s a CharmDefeat targets with Pulse Rifles.– Jurassic Green
– Enhancement Core
– Event Ticket
Occult RitualComplete ritual activities, including strikes, Crucible matches, and Gambit matches.– Calus Mask
– Enhancement Core
– Event Ticket
Hocus FocusingFocus an Eerie Engram. These engrams drop from Haunted Sectors, and can be focused in the Tower Courtyard with Eva Levante.
Masked BanditComplete Crucible or Gambit matces while wearing a Festival mask.– Legendary Shards +25
– Glimmer +25000
– Event Ticket
Happy Haunting GroundComplete Haunted Sectors. Higher difficulty Haunted Sectors grant additional progress.– Mara Sov mask
– Enhancement Core
– Event Ticket
Ghost WriterComplete 16 Event Challenges during the Festival of the Lost. Progress resets at the end of the event.– Ascendant Shard
– Ascendant Alloy






Void Grenade Launcher


Arc Sniper Rifle

Jurassic Green

Solar Pulse Rifle

Horror Story

Stasis Auto Rifle


New Bungie Reward

How to Unlock: Complete the Bookworm I Event Challenge by unlocking 1/3 of the Book of the Forgotten’s lore pages.

Deadline: November 7, 2023 on 9:59 AM PDT

Check out Triumphs on (this info will be added here today).

Eververse Offerings

The new armor sets (as well as past ones) are available now at the Eververse store for 1,500 Silver or 6,000 Bright Dust. View more on our Eververse page.

Here’s a look at some items available at Eververse during Festival of the Lost.


Ghost Shells

Not including ghost from the Event Card.


Not including sparrow from the Event Card.

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