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October 29 – November 19

After taking a year off, Eva Levante has returned as the herald of the Festival of the Lost. This holiday is a time for Guardians to don irreverent masks and celebrate the memories of those that are lost. As a growing threat looms ever-present, return to the Tower, grab some candy, and remind yourself what you’re fighting for.


Starting on October 29th, speak with Eva to begin your journey and acquire a Masquerader Helmet to participate. Earn Chocolate Strange Coins from bounties and activities to purchase Festival of the Lost mask ornaments for your new helmet. All Destiny 2 players can partake in the festivities, including New Light players who need to be 770 Power to begin. View more details below or visit to read their blog post. | Festival of the Lost Help Guide by Bungie:

Here’s a look at Festival of the Lost Quest Steps:

Keeping Our Spirits Up

  • Amanda Holliday has a… holiday message for you. Enjoy the decorations in the Tower, then find her in the Hangar to learn about the Festival of the Lost.

Festival of the Lost… Sector

  • With your Festival of the Lost mask on, eliminate everything you see in the Sanctum of Bones.

And Miles to Go Before I Sleep

  • Amanda Holliday might know more about what you found in Aphix Conduit. Return to the Hangar and speak with her.

The Haunted Forest

  • Put on your Festival of the Lost mask, enter the Haunted Forest, and defeat the Nightmare within.

Out of the Woods

  • Return to Amanda Holliday in the Tower Hangar.

Source: Destiny Tracker


Braytech Werewolf Auto Rifle

Candy returns as a reward to be spent towards Mystery Grab Bags and the Braytech Werewolf Legendary Auto Rifle. After acquiring the fully Masterworked 950 Power weapon, create your own monster with random rolls.

More info about this weapon will be added here on October 29, 2019.


Haunted Forest Activity

While the festival is underway, Guardians are needed to return once more to the Haunted Forest and defeat the fiends, ghouls, and terrors that lie within. You’ll have 15 minutes to make it as far as you can go, but beware of what awaits you at the end.


Eververse Limited Time Event Items

If you’d like to further customize your Guardian’s costume. From spooky scary skeleton armor ornaments to Jack-O’-Lantern masks, we’re sure you’ll find something to terrorize your enemies.

To those witches and Warlocks out there who are looking for some good clean fun, your favorite spooky Sparrow has returned.

The Festival of the Lost is a time to honor those who have passed on. Make sure to let your Crucible enemies remember it forever with their own personal tombstone.

Join your fellow Guardians in the Tower and beyond to celebrate the Festival of the Lost beginning on October 29 and concluding on November 19.

If you’ve still got a sweet tooth for delectable details, head to our official Festival of the Lost Guide.

Source: Bungie Website (view original article)



All info below is directly from

Festival of the Lost is a limited-time live event in Destiny 2 where Guardians laugh in the face of death and wear masks as they fight back against the darkness. Festival of the Lost begins on October 29, 2019 and ends at the weekly reset on November 19, 2019.

Participation Requirements

While all players are invited to participate in Festival of the Lost, new players* must first meet the following requirements:

  • Escape the Cosmodrome to unlock the Tower.
  • Achieve 770 Power.

Once new players have met the above requirements, they will receive a quest which directs them to speak with Eva Levante in the Tower Courtyard. After this quest has been completed, players will be granted access to explore the Haunted Forest and can earn Festival of the Lost rewards.

*Character created before the launch of New Light do not have to achieve 770 Power to receive the Festival of the Lost quest.


Players who are new to Destiny 2 should also review the Destiny 2: New Player Guide.

The Haunted Forest

“A darkened instance of the Infinite Forest on Mercury. Descend into its depths with a fireteam, and see how far you can get before it disintegrates.”

In order to launch into the Haunted Forest after it has been unlocked, players must select the Haunted Forest node in the Tower destination map. Before launching, players must choose between two versions of the Haunted Forest:

Haunted Forest – Minimum Recommended Power 750

  • This standard version of the Haunted Forest features matchmaking, and will pair players until a Fireteam of three has been assembled.
  • PlayStation Plus/Xbox Live Gold is required in order for console players to access this version of the Haunted Forest.

Firewalled Haunted Forest – Minimum Recommended Power 750

  • In this version of the Haunted Forest, matchmaking is disabled. Players may enter the Haunted Forest solo, or with a pre-made Fireteam, but no additional team members will be matchmade into this activity.

Additionally, players may launch directly into the matchmade Haunted Forest from the Tower Courtyard by interacting with the Haunted Forest mission totem next to Eva Levante.

Once players have entered the Haunted Forest, they will have 15 minutes to clear branches, defeat Terrors, and collect both Candy and Chocolate Strange Coins. Players may then turn them in to Eva Levante in the Tower Courtyard for Festival of the Lost rewards.

Rewards from Eva Levante

“No longer an outfitter for heroes of the Tower, Eva now devotes her time to making sure Guardians enjoy seasonal events.”

Once players unlock access to the Haunted Forest, they can purchase bounties, masks, and other Festival of the Lost rewards from Eva Levante. Masks and rewards may be purchased using Candy and Chocolate Strange Coins, which can be earned by defeating enemies and completing activities during Festival of the Lost while a mask is equipped.


Strange Coin


Festival of the Lost Candy and Chocolate Strange Coins do not dismantle individually. In the event that players choose to dismantle these items, their entire stacks will be deleted.

Festival Bounties

During Festival of the Lost, Eva Levante offers Festival Bounties which can reward players with XP, Glimmer, and Chocolate Strange Coins.

Bounty (2)

Bounty (4)




During Festival of the Lost, Eva Levante offers 5 masks that players may purchase for Chocolate Strange Coins. Furthermore, masks earned during Festival of the Lost 2018 can also be equipped by players who earned them. All masks must be equipped as ornaments on the Masquerader’s Helmet, which is offered by Eva Levante for 100 Glimmer.

Hidden Swarm



Opulent Calus




During Festival of the Lost, Eva Levante offers players special rewards to show off the spirit of the season. The Masquerader’s Helmet, which is required to equip masks and Festival of the Lost mods, only contributes to players’ Power while Festival of the Lost is active.

Werewolf (Masterworked)

(Random Roll)

Helmet (Arc)
Helmet (Solar)
Helmet (Void)
Epic Mystery
Grab Bag
Grab Bag

For purchase costs, please check with Eva Levante in the Tower Courtyard.

Festival of the Lost Mods

Once players have purchased the Masquerader’s Helmet from Eva Levante, they can equip masks as ornaments and apply Festival of the Lost armor mods. Festival of the Lost armor mods can only be applied to the Masquerader’s Helmet, and they are only active while in the Haunted Forest.

Higher Purpose
  • Significant damage resistance while airborne.
  • Significantly increased damage to all enemies.
  • Increases the drop chance of Heavy ammo on kill.

Vampiric Touch
  • Significantly increased damage to challenging enemies.
  • Precision kills trigger health regeneration.
  • Increases the drop chance of Heavy Ammo on kill.

Energetic Assassin
  • Precision kills grant grenade and melee energy.
  • Significantly increased damage to Terrors.
  • Increases the drop chance of Heavy Ammo on kill.

Tooltips for Festival of the Lost mods indicate that their perks must be unlocked by defeating Terrors in the Haunted Forest. This is not true. Perk upgrades for Festival of the Lost mods will activate as soon as their mod is equipped, while players are in the Haunted Forest activity.

Festival of the Lost Triumphs

In addition to rewards and masks offered by Eva Levante, players may also complete exclusive Festival of the Lost triumphs. These triumphs can be found in the Triumphs page, under Seasonal > Events. These Triumphs are as follows:

Days of the Dead

Complete Festival of the Lost 2019 Triumphs.

Still Not Scared

Defeat Terrors in the Haunted Forest.

A Frightening Power

Acquire the exclusive Festival of the Lost 2019 weapon.

Master of Disguise

Acquire all Festival of the Lost 2019 masks.

Strange Times

Collect Chocolate Strange Coins during Festival of the Lost 2019.

Sweet Tooth

Collect candy during Festival of the Lost 2019.


Complete Festival of the Lost 2019 bounties.

Sweet Surprise

Purchase Festival of the Lost 2019 Grab Bags from Eva Levante.

A Brilliant Smile

Brush your teeth (or your mastication module).



Players have until Festival of the Lost concludes to complete these triumphs. Once Festival of the Lost ends they will no longer be eligible for progress, and incomplete triumphs will be hidden.


Festival of the Lost triumphs that have been unlocked, but have not been claimed, will become inaccessible after Festival of the Lost ends on November 19. In order to players to ensure that they receive credit for these triumphs, they must claim them as soon as they are completed.

Festival of the Lost Vital Information and Known Issues

For the latest vital information and known issues in Destiny 2, please see Bungie’s pinned thread in the #Help forum.

Source: Bungie Help Forum (view original article)

*All images and info are from Bungie/DestinyTheGame

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