Destiny 2: Hotfix 2.0.2 – The One After-Saken


by the Destiny Dev Team



  • Fixed an issue where Antaeus Wards were sometimes generating orbs when used by Sentinels
  • Fixed an issue where Shards of Galanor were not giving energy back when knives hit from a long distance
  • Fixed an issue where players were able to create 10 Deadfall Void Anchors using Orpheus Rigs and Moebius Quiver


  • Fixed an issue where the Cloak of Remembrance would not interact properly with other objects

Exotic Weapons

  • Lord of Wolves
      • Fixed an issue where Lord of Wolves could lose ammo
  • Ace of Spades
      • Fixed an issue where visual effects from the Memento Mori perk would persist when swapping weapons


  • Fixed an issue where the Explosive Payload perk was dealing less damage than intended


  • Titan
      • Fixed an issue where Thundercrash was missing some visual effects
      • Fixed an issue where walking into the Dawnblade Well of Radiance while blocking with the Sentinel Shield would drain Super energy
      • Fixed an issue where Sentinel Super kills would not progress the Code of the Commander subclass path
      • Reduced amount of health, melee energy, and grenade energy returned when using the Sentinel Commander subclass path
  • Warlock
      • Fixed an issue where Phoenix Dive would grant alternate amounts of health due at different frame rates on PC
  • Hunter
      • Fixed an issue where Exploding Knives would deal less damage due at different frame rates on PC

Items and Economy

Character Boost

  • Fixed an issue where boosted characters were not unlocking the Curse of Osiris or Warmind campaign triumphs


  • Fixed an issue where bounties were not being sorted properly in the Pursuits section of character inventory
  • Fixed an issue where Lost Sector bounties were not progressing properly when in a fireteam
  • Fixed an issue where the “Fist of Judgement” bounty had an incorrect objective
  • The wanted bounty for Irxis Partisan now shows the correct mug shot


  • Fixed an issue where the “Relic Rumble” Triumph was not progressing properly
  • Fixed an issue where “The Best Defense” Triumph was unlocking prior to completing the proper objective
  • Removed a duplicate checkbox in the Mercury “Lost Sectors” Triumph
  • Fixed an issue where Baron Triumphs would not unlock for players who joined an activity in progress
  • Fixed an issue where the “Adventurous” triumph for Io was not granting proper Triumph score


Escalation Protocol

  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused players to revert to wave 1 after failing a wave and restarting it
  • Players may now restart at wave 6 after completing wave 7
      • Option available for 60 seconds after wave 7 completion



  • Fixed an issue with Toggle ADS where players would not auto-cancel out of ADS when expected

IGR Bounties

  • Fixed an issue where players in IGRs in the Korea region could no longer earn IGR bounties

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Rapid Response to Known Issues – 09/10/2018

From the Destiny 2 Development Team:

Over the weekend, as we monitored your progress in Destiny 2: Forsaken (and grinded ourselves), some new issues came to light that require immediate attention. In some instances, fixes to the game will require code changes, but there are some immediate server-side actions we can take to safeguard the player experience. Our bar for rapid responses like these is to address issues that impact the economy that makes Destiny 2 a game that is engaging over a longer timeline. As we take action, we will not be issuing any bans or restrictions to players who may have benefitted from the following…

Status Updates:

Raid Chests: Players have found their way into Raid spaces and claimed gear from bonus chests. Those chests are being suppressed until we can properly isolate them to Raid activities. None of the rewards they have granted will be rescinded.

Prime Engrams: An exploit was discovered this weekend where players could earn Prime Engrams at a rapid pace using the Prime Attunement buff. At this time, Prime Engrams are designed to grant small power gains over time. Acquiring large amounts of Prime Engrams in a short timeframe reduces the frequency in which you earn Prime Engrams as you continue to play the game. Some players who have used this exploit heavily may find that Prime Engrams will not appear for the next two to three weeks.

As such, this will provide a very small short-term gain for those using this exploit, but have negative long-term effects for a player’s power progression. We are investigating a fix for this exploit. In the meantime, we highly recommend that players do not use this exploit.

Players who are earning Prime Engrams while playing through the game naturally will not be impacted by this issue in any form.

Weekly Challenge Reset: Weekly Gambit, Crucible, and Heroic Story Challenges were impacted over the weekend by an unforeseen Milestone reset. Players who completed Challenges after the faulty reset on Saturday were not given powerful rewards, and will not receive a proper challenge reset on Tuesday for these activities. We are investigating the cause of this issue, and will deploy a fix at our first opportunity. Additional information may be found in our #Help Known Issues thread.

Gambit Suspension Issues: We are currently investigating an issue where players are being suspended in error from Gambit due to disconnections. Until resolved, players may encounter 15 minute suspensions when disconnecting from Gambit matches. We are currently investigating server side changes to matchmaking for this activity to mitigate the issue. Additional information will be provided when available.

Masterwork Core Economy: We have just made a server-side fix to correct an issue that was compromising the economy for Masterwork Cores. Until a permanent solution can be deployed, once players reach Legend rank in Gambit Infamy, they will only be able to acquire the Trust Handcannon once.

Thanks for your attention on this. As always, @BungieHelp is the best source of updates on our progress. For a summary of all the issues we are tracking, also keep your eyes on the Known Issues thread on our #Help forum.

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