Destiny 2: How to Get Necrochasm and its Exotic Catalyst

Nechochasm Exotic Auto Rifle is available by completing all steps for the Bottomless Pit quest, available to pick up from the raid vendor after completing the raid.

Quest: Bottomless Pit

This quest does not require any currencies to purchase it.


  • Husk of the Pit
  • Eidolon Ally (Fully Masterworked)
  • Necrochasm

Necrochasm Exotic Auto Rifle


  • Cursebringer (Intrinsic Trait): Precision final blows with this weapon trigger a Cursed Thrall explosion. Final blows with Cursed Thrall explosions refill the magazine.
  • Desperation (Exotic Perk): Reloading after a precision final blow or a final blow with a Cursed Thrall explosion increased your rate of fire and improves stability and aim assist.

Catalyst Perk

Outlaw: Precision kill greatly decrease reload time.


Is your Light bright enough to stand in full gaze of the Hive’s abyss?

Arise for Crota, Son of Oryx, the Hope-Eater! He who has seized the Sky lair above Ceres, which peers into other planes, now vassal to the might of the Worldbreaker! Within these keyholes our brood communes with unheard voices. They who whisper that the curse of our Thralls is a blessing granted by the Deep. Now, in honor of the God-Knight, we fashion these gluttonous whispers into death. His Hellmouth becomes home to the profane: the corpse of the Sky, reborn in the abyss.
— Enkaar, the Anointed

How to get Necrochasm

  • To get Necrochasm, defeat Crota (final encounter) and pick up the Bottomless Pit quest from the raid vendor, “Sword of Crota”.


  1. Defeat 100 Hive with Husk of the Pit, Husk of the Pit final blows in the “Crota’s End” raid grant additional progress.
  2. Acquire 20 Essence of the Oversoul from encounters in Crota’s End raid and Triumphs.
  3. Claim Necrochasm

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Essence of the Oversoul

Essence of the Oversoul is a material item required to upgrade Eidolon Ally (the legendary variant of Necrochasm) to Necrochasm.

The following sources drop this item:

  • Crota’s End raid Triumphs (11 total)
  • Completing Crota’s End raid encounters.

NOTE: Essence of the Oversoul can be farmed as much as you’d like.





Crota's End

Trophies from the "Crota's End" raid.


Perfected Truth

Complete all encounters in the “Crota’s End” raid without dying and without leaving the activity.

Essence of the Oversoul 

Shed Catapace shader

Spoils of Conquest

Loot all hidden chest in the "Crota's End" raid.

Warped Rachis shader


Complete all encoutner in "Crota's End" with a full fireteam of clanmates.


Retributive Charge

Complete all four encounters in the "Crota's End" raid with a full fireteam of Arc subclasses.


Enlightened Emanation

Complete all encounters in the "Crota's End" raid with a full fireteam of Solar subclasses.


Hidden Depths

Complete all encounters in the "Crota's End" raid with a full fireteam of Void subclasses.


In Unison

Complete all encounters in "Crota's End" with a full fireteam of the same class.

Essence of the Oversoul 

Conservation of Energy

Complete the "Conservation of Energy" challenge mode.

Essence of the Oversoul


Complete the Abyss encoutner in the Stills without letting any player reach 10 stacks of Weight of Darkness.

Essence of the Oversoul

Precarious Balance

Complete the "Precarious Balance" challenge mode.

Essence of the Oversoul

Threatening Reach

Defeat all Swordbearers in the Oversoul Throne Bridge encounter from the opposite side of the chasm.

Essence of the Oversoul

Equal Vessels

Complete the "Equal Vessels" challenge mode.

Essence of the Oversoul

Communal Rites

During each round of the Ir Yut encounter, at least one player must expunge Ir Yut.

Essence of the Oversoul 

All for One

Complete the "All for One" challenge mode.

Essence of the Oversoul

Singular Sensation

Complete the Crota, Son of Oryx encounter with only one player Enlightened at at time.

Essence of the Oversoul

Broken Throne

Complete the Master tier of "Crota's End" on all 4 encounters.

War's Lament

Essence of the Oversoul +2

Conquest By Virtue

Complete all encounter challenges in the Master tier of "Crota's End" on all 4 encounters.

Crota's Exile

Necrochasm Exotic Catalyst Steps

To acquire the Exotic Catalyst for the Necrochasm, complete both timed trials in Crota’s End raid, and ensure that one player has the Necrochasm equipped while standing on a plate. Players without the Necrochasm won’t receive the Catalyst.

Timed Trial #1

Time limit: 1 minute, 30 seconds

  • Find and activate the glowing plate located after the Bridge encounter. Once activate it will say “Crota’s Minions appear”.
    • Plate location: When looking at the stairs that go to the next encounter, go to the far upper right, you should see a glowy plate.
    • Make sure at least one fireteam member has the Necrochasm equipped when activating the plate, or it will not work.
  • Take out all Swordbearers and many enemies (swords can be dropped and picked back up). If you beat all the enemies in time, you’ll see a message saying “Crota’s minions are defeated.”

Time Trial #2

Time limit: 1 minute, 30 seconds

  • Find and activate the second glowing plate, located after completing the Ir Yut, Deathsinger encounter.
    • This plate is located in the room on the bottom right, below where Hive Boomer Knights spawn.
  • Repeat the process of defeating all enemies within the time allowed.
    • Heads up: This Timed Trial is much tougher. There are three Swordbearers (left, right, middle) and a significant amount of powerful Wizards and Gatekeepers.
  • Once you see the message saying “Crota’s minions are defeated” the Catalyst for Necrochasm will drop.

How to Unlock the Exotic Catalyst

  • Collect 20 Essence of the Oversoul (this is earned by completing encounters in Crota’s End raid).

If you’re in search of a guide, here’s one by Skarrow9:

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