Destiny 2: Iron Banner Fortress is Live!

Iron Banner is live now until the weekly reset with an all new game mode called Fortress. Visit Lord Saladin in the Tower to check out loot available this Season.

NOTE: It looks like Lord Saladin and Eva had some scheduling issue and some may notice Eva Levante is still the Tower. If this occurs for you, you should be able to access Lord Saladin inventory if this occurs for you. Loading back in or logging out and back in hasn’t fixed it for me quite yet.

Access: Free-to-Play

Availability: Live Now until the Weekly Reset (Iron Banner is available two times each Season)

Matchmaking: Enabled (6v6)

Game Mode: Fortress

  • To win, score more points that your opponent by capturing and defending the zones. The Hunt activates twice per match. Zones: Gain 2 points for each zone your team controls at each time interval.
  • Zone Advantage: The state when your team controls 2 zones. Your team gains 4 points at each time interval.
  • Power Play: The state when your team controls all 3 zones. Your team gains 6 points at each time interval.
  • The Hunt: Occurs twice per match. Caiatl sends a high-value zone via Drop Pod. This zone is quick to capture and awards a large number of points over a shorter period of time.

Loot Added

Two weapons have been added to the Iron Banner loot pool, plus fan favorite Iron Companion armor from Destiny 1 has returned.

Gunnora’s Axe

Energy Shotgun (Arc)

Dark Decider

Energy Auto Rifle (Arc)

View all loot available and get more details on our Iron Banner page.

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