Destiny 2: Notice About Infographics and Posts for May/June 2019

Destiny 2 Posts and Infographics for May/June 2019

I wanted to send out an update of what my plans are throughout the rest of this month just in case some haven’t heard or seen my update regarding this. The Weekly Reset and Xûr’s Inventory infographics will be on a temporary hold and not posted until around the middle of June. I just need to cut back on a few things temporarily and plan to resume posting usual content again soon. Destiny 2 posts and activity pages (and content for other games) will be updated on this website when possible and I will still be active on social sites occasionally. During this time, I will also be working on finishing the new reset infographic for Season of Opulence and plan to dive in to play a bit myself. 🙂 At the time I plan for everything to be back to normal around the middle of June, if anything changes I will make an update here. Regardless, I plan to resume to normal postings sometime in June. I really appreciate all of you being understanding and supportive during this time.

If you are want to get weekly reset info or anything else during the time infographics/posts are not made, the Destiny Reddit page should have you covered.

<3 Kyber3000 (Kimberly)

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