Destiny 2 Season 22 Economy and Ritual Rewards Update

In Season 22, masterwork material caps and post-match rewards for ritual activities (such as Strikes, Crucible, Gambit) will receive an update.

Players will have a higher chance of receiving ritual engrams after completing activities within ritual playlists. New ritual weapons can be focused on their respective vendors immediately upon being added to the game, removing the need to wait for the next Season.

Season 22 Weapon Rewards

Here’s a look a weapons arriving to ritual activities.

  • Crucible
    • (NEW) Unending Tempest – Stasis Submachine Gun
  • Strikes
    • (NEW) Luna Regolith III – Solar Sniper Rifle
  • Gambit
    • (NEW) Qua Xaphan V – Void Machine Gun
  • Nightfall
    • (REFRESH) Warden’s Law – Kinetic Hand Cannon
    • (NEW) Pre Astyanax IV – Solar Precision Bow
  • Iron Banner
    • (ELEMENT CHANGE) The Guiding Sight – Strand Scout Rifle
    • Point of the Stag – Arc Bow
  • Trials of Osiris
    • (RETURNING) Igneous Hammer – Solar Hand Cannon
    • (NEW) Cataphract GL3 – Strand Heavy Grenade Launcher

Warden’s Law Hand Cannon will be getting a refresh with a two-round burst at 600 RPM, higher critical hit damage, and a quicker time-to-kill. This design aimed to strike a balance between the weapon’s increased difficulty of use (requiring two shots in a burst) and its improved time-to-kill compared to similar weapons like the Igneous Hammer. Players have the opportunity to customize the weapon further with various perks and stats. Check out the latest TWID for more details.

Masterwork Material Caps

Changes in Season 22 will increase the caps for Ascendant Shards and Alloys threefold, and for Enhancement Prisms twofold. This adjustment aims to prevent players from losing these materials at the Postmaster. Please note, players will no longer receive these items at the Postmaster if their inventory is full, but existing items there will remain until claimed. Bungie mentioned that less than 1% of players will be affected by these changes, benefiting the majority of the player base.

Summary of changes:

  • Ascendant Shards and Alloys caps increased to 30 from 10.
  • Enhancement Prisms cap raised to 100 from 50.

Upgrade Modules and Enhancement Cores remain unaffected, no changes apply to them.

Important Note: Effective in Season 22 — With the increased caps, these materials will no longer go to the Postmaster anymore. If players have full stacks of these materials, they won’t receive more until below the cap, similar to Glimmer. Anything currently at the Postmaster all remain there until claimed.

Bungie mentioned that these changes are a preparation for more substantial economy adjustments that will be revealed in the near future. Their main goal is to maintain a healthy state for Destiny 2’s economy and prevent any possibility of currency inflation.

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