Destiny 2: The Dawning – Celebrate your Light! (Dec 19 – Jan 9)

The Dawning // Limited Time Special Event

Event Ends: Tuesday, Jan 9 @ 9AM PST / 12PM EST / 5PM GMT > LAST WEEK!

To begin The Dawning Event visit Tess at Eververse to receive your first Dawning Engram. Then stop by and visit Ikora, she will give you the Weekly Milestone and reward you with a Light of the Dawning Emblem. After this make sure to interact with the gift schematics next to Ikora to receive Today’s Gift Daily Milestone. Read below for more info.

How to Earn Dawning Loot:

Strike out to Celebrate Milestone:

  • Complete 5 matches in the Mayhem Crucible playlist and 5 Strikes (You may complete any of the following Heroic, Normal, or Nightfall Strikes).
  • Once you have completed this milestone you will receive a Boon of the Dawning and a Dawning Engram. The Boon of the Dawning gives all players a gift at the end of a strike or crucible activity.
  • Get this milestone by visiting Ikora at the Tower. You can complete this milestone on all characters once per week. However, only the first character that completes this milestone for the week will receive the Dawning Engram, not all characters.

Today’s Gift Milestone:

  • Interact with the Dawning Gift schematic next to Ikora to pick up the schematic.
  • To complete this, open the schematic located in your ghost shell inventory slot (make sure you have space or it will go to the postmaster) and see what resources you will need gather to finish it.
  • Once you get all the required resources, return to the NPC and turn in the schematic. You will be rewarded with a Dawning unique item.
  • You can get Today’s Gift Milestone on all characters, once per day. If you have completed all of the Today’s Gift Milestone Schematics (even if you have some uncompleted in your ghost slot) you may just get the Dawning specific reward right away on each character when you try to pick up a new schematic instead of getting a new schematic.

All Gift Schematic’s Available:

Amanda –  Defeat enemies on Nessus to collect tiny synthetic plant fibers. Collect Dusklight from the EDZ to pulverize into thread.

Asher – Defeat enemies on Titan to harvest Golden Age microfibers. Collect Phaseglass Spires on Io for temperature-regulating stitching.

Banshee – Defeat Vex Hobgoblins to collect their metal for melting down. Collect Datalattice from Nessus for Exo-related modifications.

Cayde – Defeat Hive Wizards for pieces of their brittle capes. Collect Dusklight from the EDZ to craft a perfect replica.

Devrim – Defeat Vex Fanatics for their milky radiolarian fluid. Collect Alkane from Titan to shake on top.

Failsafe – Collect Dusklight Crystals from the EDZ. Defeat Vex Minotaurs to collect their ultra-hard metal.

Hawthorne – Defeat enemies on Nessus to collect organosynthetic construction residue. Collect Alkane Spores from Titan to catalyze it into a new form.

Ikora –  Defeat Hive Thrall to harvest their leathery hides. Collect Datalattice from Nessus to imbue the receptacle with Golden Age information.

Lord Shaxx – Collect Phaseglass from Io to melt down. Defeat Servitors to harvest their unrefined Ether.

Rahool – Collect engrams for raw materials. Defeat Taken enemies to capture their shadowy essence. Note: Only legendary and exotic engrams count towards this schematic, blue’s and lower will not count. You may buy the legendary engrams from Rahool’s Inventory to count for the engram collecting step.

Sloane – Defeat Hive Acolytes to collect their water-resistant skin. Collect Datalattice from Nessus to create pseudo-organic algorithms.

Zavala – Defeat Red Legion enemies to synthesize their armor. Collect Phaseglass from Io to enable dynamic resizing of bonded solids.

Note that it appears you can skip a lot of the farming by moving items in and out of your vault, which the game will apparently count. Source for this note and read full article at: mervhaw at the Destiny subreddit and For resources/materials it seems you will need a total of 10 that resources required for the schematic your completing.

To watch a video about how to complete each Schematic above visit DPJ on YouTube.

Rewards Available from Today’s Gift Milestone:

Sparrows, Legendary Sword, Armor, Ships, Ghost Shells, Class Items, and More. Just a few of the items available are shown below.

Zephyr – Legendary Sword (I got this item when I completed the Asher schematic, however it may be random what Dawning items drop from these)

Rupture – Legendary Sparrow

Subito MK. 9 – Legendary Sparrow

Warm Winter Cloak – Legendary Hunter Cloak

Festive Winter Bond – Legendary Warlock Bond

View a Complete Dawning Guide on

View The Dawning Event Guide by Bungie

Destiny 2 The Dawning Guide! How to Get 330 Loot, Quests, Amazing New Armor, Gifts, And More! by Mesa Sean

Destiny 2 – ALL NEW DAWNING EXOTIC & LEGENDARY LOOT! (The Dawning Event Rewards) by DPJ

Eververse Weekly Inventory // Includes The Dawning Event Inventory


Winterhart Legendary Gauntlets (800 BD)

Hunter | Warlock | Titan


Viperdiamond – Legendary Sparrow (600 BD)


A History of Starlight – Exotic Ship (2000 BD)

Ghost Shell:

Infinite Hand Shell – Legendary Ghost Shell (400 BD)


Giving – Exotic Emote (3250 BD)


Ice Ball Effects – Legendary Transmat Effect (650 BD)

Winter Shaders Pack – Legendary Package (150 BD)

Stars of the Nights Bundle – Package – A limited-time bundle for Guardians who watch for the rising sun. Contains the exclusive Star of Dark Nights Sparrow, Dawning engrams, Bright Dust, and a stack of Dawning-themed shaders.

View items that can drop from Dawning Engrams by


Here are some of the other items available from Eververse Dawning Event. They are not for sale this week but could drop in a Dawning Engram.

The Dawning Guide by Bungie

The Dawning is a limited-time Live Event in Destiny 2 which celebrates the winter season and the spirit of giving. The Dawning starts on December 19, 2017 and ends at the weekly reset on January 9, 2018. For information on activities that are available in The Dawning, please see: The Dawning.

Participation Requirements

While all players are invited to experience The Dawning, some Activities and Milestones may not be available on characters who do not meet the following requirements:

  • Complete the Red War campaign
  • Achieve Level 20

Earning Dawning Rewards

Listed below are Milestones for The Dawning that players may complete for Dawning-themed rewards.

Welcome to the Dawning

  • Upon first logging in with each character for The Dawning, players will be greeted with the “Welcome to the Dawning” introductory Milestone. This Milestone may only be completed once per character for the entirety of The Dawning Live Event, and requires Tower access in order to be completed.

Spreading Holiday Cheer

  • Upon completing the “Welcome to the Dawning” Milestone on each character, players will be directed to complete the “Spreading Holiday Cheer” Milestone. This Milestone may be completed once per week, per character, for rewards.

Today’s Gift

  • Every day during The Dawning, players may complete the “Today’s Gift” Milestone. This Milestone has players gather resources to make gifts for NPCs across the Solar System. This Milestone may be completed once per day, per character, and requires Tower access in order to be completed.

Vital Information

Listed below are known issues and vital information for The Dawning.

  • Accessing Dawning-themed activities: Players still in the Tower, Farm, or open world activities when The Dawning goes live will need to return to Orbit and relaunch to see The Dawning versions of these spaces. This may require multiple tries. Updated playlist activities will be available immediately after The Dawning is live.
  • Dawning’s Gift Schematic: Rahool: The Gift Schematic for Master Rahool lists only that players must collect engrams as part of its completion requirements. Only Legendary Engrams and Exotic Engrams will progress this requirement. Rare Engrams or lower do not progress this step.

Source: (view original article)


by Destiny Dev Team

“The Traveler is awake. For Humanity, a new Golden Age has begun. This year’s Dawning is unlike any other—it’s not just the renewal that a new year brings, but the dawn of something greater. Now more than ever, we must gather together in the Tower, at the Farm, and all across the system to give thanks. Our Light has returned—and it illuminates everything around us.”

—Ikora Rey, Warlock Vanguard

Happy Dawning to All

It may be cold outside, but there’s a warmth in the air. As the year comes to an end, the Tower and Farm are decorated with festive cheer. It’s a time to celebrate your Light.

Snowball Fights

Guardians aren’t just arming themselves with weapons. There are snowball piles everywhere you look. In the Tower and at the Farm, you can tag your friends for bragging rights. In Strikes, you can blast an enemy with a snowball to stun them and deal big damage. Stay frosty out there.

Mayhem in the Cold

Keep your blood warm and your heart pumping in the Crucible. Mayhem is back, so your abilities recharge faster. Point values are cranked up enough to melt the ice. It’s anarchy—and it’s awesome.

Milestones of Winter

Engage in Crucible Mayhem or become legend in Strikes and you’ll be rewarded. Every week, complete a milestone for a Dawning engram. Get in the giving mood with new consumables that give rewards to everyone you’re playing with. If there’s a specific Dawning item that you have your heart set on, Tess will refresh her inventory each week, enabling you to use your Bright Dust reserves for your holiday shopping. On one week or another during the three-week event, you’ll find every Dawning-themed exotic (ship, ghost, sparrow, emote) and every Dawning-themed legendary armor piece on her shelves.

Gifting and Receiving

Pick up a Dawning Gift Schematic from the Bazaar. Venture to other worlds and craft a unique gift for the vendors and agents you find in the Tower and beyond. Then, give the lucky recipient their gift and receive a gift in return. You can participate in the season of giving every day of the event.

The Dawning begins on Tuesday, December 19.

The Dawning ends on Tuesday, January 9.

Let’s usher in a new year, and a new Golden Age together.

Source: (view original article)

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