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THIS WEEK AT BUNGIE – 06/06/2019

by dmg04

This week at Bungie, we revealed the next chapter of Destiny 2.

Today’s been fun. The week started with a Chalice and led to a reveal. Earlier today, we hosted a stream to unveil the next chapter for Destiny 2. If you’ve somehow found yourself reading this article without seeing the news, let’s get you caught up.

Everything you need to know can be found here. Shadowkeep is on the horizon, with Eris calling upon Guardians to return to the moon and challenge Nightmares from their past. New Light will introduce Guardians to the world of Destiny. Stadia and Steam will provide new ways for players to join our community, and Cross Save will unite them on the same journey together.

We’ll be diving deeper into all of these projects throughout the summer. Our next stop will be E3, though we won’t have the usual booth and fanfare this year. Instead, we’ll be visiting with people to talk more about what we have planned. Keep your eyes peeled next week, and you might see us in the media that originates at the show.

We’re excited for what’s to come. Until then, we have an entire Season of content to play. A Season… of Opulence!

Chalice to Calus

Season of Opulence kicked this week off with a six-hour race to get ready for a new raid. Teams from around the globe took on the challenge, methodically completing activities for powerful rewards to take on Gahlran and the Crown of Sorrow. With Contest mode active, enemies presented a challenge as players picked apart each encounter and its mechanics.

Employees from all disciplines flooded in to a small theater room to watch the action unfold throughout the race. As we approached four and a half hours, the crown was taken. Clan Be Bold is officially the bread winner of the Crown of Sorrow raid.

We’re passing the mic to fireteam member CarolinaGamer99 for a few words on their World’s First win:

CG: World’s First, a title that means more than most people can imagine to me. I’ve played Destinysince launch and I’ve had the privilege of meeting and making friends for life. Some of these friends are my clanmates, the guys that I’ve been through a lot with. We’ve all been in top 10 raid race finishes before, but we finally did it with Crown of Sorrow. I’d like to say thank you to my amazing teammates who put up with the sound of me munching on various snacks for the entirety of raid day, to the amazing teams at Bungie for creating an incredible experience for everyone who plays, and to the awesome community for cheering us on and believing in us.


Speaking on behalf of the people who developed Crown of Sorrow, here’s a few words from Design Lead Brian Frank:

Brian: Another world first viewing party is behind us.

Having the theater crammed full of devs eagerly watching together as fireteams make their journey into the unknown to take on the challenge of the Raid is always a blast.

The eruptions of cheering when an encounter is cleared or a boss is brought down are priceless and sincerely a highlight of the work for myself and the team.

With each raid, we are humbled by this community and your ability to overcome challenges. Whether you’re a hardcore raider, a Crucible legend, or you’re just here to enjoy the show, we can’t thank you enough for playing.

Destination: GuardianCon

This July, we’ll launch a team to GuardianCon. Our mission objective will be to celebrate this amazing community. We’ve had a representative from Bungie in attendance every year this gathering has been a thing—except for that first spontaneous flash mob in an unsuspecting pub. We’ve watched this event evolve alongside the community that created it, and we wouldn’t miss it for anything.

We’ll be live on stage with the showrunners. We’ll be on the convention floor with a Bungie Booth bristling with attractions. If we’ll see you there, here’s a preview of what you can expect.

GuardianCon Exclusive Loot

Destiny 2 will be playable on 72 stations. We’ll be hosting a series of private Crucible matches in Season of Opulence. If you have yet to fully grasp the new meta, you’ll be invited to equip new weapons and suit up in a full set of Menagerie or raid gear as a Hunter, Titan, or Warlock.

To raise the stakes, we’ve conceived something special for GuardianCon that we’re calling Risk/Reward Matches. Win or lose, anyone who plays a Reward Match will receive a Drifter coin that can be earned only at the show. Lines permitting, you’ll be able to play as often as you like and collect as many coins as you can carry. Keep them or pay them forward. If you’d like to take a chance at winning a more prestigious reward, you can spend your coin to commit to a Risk Match against another fireteam. If you win that match, you’ll win a Guardian Pin that’s also exclusive to the show. We’re inviting you to leave with either a dog tag or a medal.

World First Award Ceremony

Ever since Aetheon made the first grand entrance in the Vault of Glass, many fireteams have been entered into legend as the first Guardians to complete a Destiny raid. At GuardianCon, they’ll take the stage with us to be celebrated as a champions.

Hefting all of these belts will not be light work, so we found a fan of the game to help us with the heavy lifting.

The Big Show will join us in our booth to meet players. You could have a chance to shake the hand that has broken a controller or two.

Please Note (and don’t panic) if you’ve earned World’s First Status, but can’t be at the show, your names will be spoken and we’ll send your belt to you by other means.

An Audience With Eris Morn

Ever since we plundered the dark below the Moon, the voice of Eris Morn has been a great friend of the Destiny community. She’s contributed her talent to every major release of Destiny content, and we’re about hear more from her this fall.

At GuardianCon, she’ll be an honorary member of the Bungie Away Team.

Morla will be on hand to meet players, sign memorabilia, and silence the screams of any Hive outbreaks that may occur (even though that’s her voice, too).

Gunsmith Inspection

The Destiny community includes many amazing prop makers, but Eric Newgard has been our official outfitter for some time. His works adorn several corners of our studio. We’ve commissioned him to create replicas of iconic weapons to commemorate special occasions. He has even moved among Guardians dressed in the robes of a Warlock. At GuardianCon, he’ll have his own corner of our booth to fabricate a Destiny weapon you’ve never seen.

Gather around his workbench to witness his creative process and assemble for photo ops with an arsenal of Destiny props fit for the heroes of our community.

Bungie Ride Along—Live!

If you’ve watched all of our streams, you’ve been on a Ride Along with our developers. We think of them as behind-the-scenes features delivered in a live-fire exercise. At GuardianCon, we’ll do it live!

Two of the creators of the Whisper of the Worm and Zero Hour missions will take to a stage to share some commentary while designated players move through experiences that have captured the imagination of the Guardians when they least expected it.

Players Meet Developers

We’ll have many people who work at Bungie on hand to meet the people who bring their work to life. They’ll be overseeing the Risk/Reward Matches. You’ll meet them at signing tables. They’ll move among you throughout the celebration, hoping to have a chance to hear your stories.

Players Meet Each Other

Those same signing tables in our booth will also be home to leaders of this community who need space to meet the people who have enjoyed their content over the years. We’re approaching our fifth anniversary as a community, so there are a lot of relationships to strengthen for the future. That’s our goal for GuardianCon. This will be a celebration of the people who make Destiny so much more than a game.

We hope we’ll see you there.


Opulence is upon us, but there are a few dents in the Chalice to hammer out. Destiny Player Support is on hand to walk us through the issues found since launch.

This is their report.

Destiny 2 Season of Opulence Known Issues

Following the launch of Season of Opulence, our local Player Support Team has begun tracking the following emergent issues:

  • Crown of Sorrow Joining in Progress: Players who join in progress during the Crown of Sorrow raid’s first encounter will spawn in dead outside of the encounter space. To mitigate this issue, all fireteam members must join up in Orbit prior to launching the Crown of Sorrows raid activity.
  • Pools in the Crown of Sorrow Raid: Players who step outside of a Witch’s Blessing pool right as it is captured can block certain encounters from starting. It’s recommended to stay inside the pool until it’s 100% captured.
  • Menagerie Gauntlet Respawns: We are investigating an issue where players who die during the Gauntlet encounter in the Menagerie may be blocked from respawning until the encounter is completed.
  • Allegiance Quest: We are investigating an issue where players cannot progress past Spider’s Black Market in the Allegiance quest.
  • Ikora or Drifter Beacons: We are investigating an issue where Ikora or Drifter may be beaconing players in the Tower Director map, depending on who players chose during the Allegiance quest.
  • Machine Gun Reserves Perk: We are investigating an issue where the Machine Gun Reserves perk is no longer available on some armor.
  • Sturm “Accomplice” Perk: We are investigating an issue where Sturm‘s “Accomplice” perk is not reloading Energy weapons other than Drang and Drang (Baroque).
  • PC Chat /Invite and /Join Commands: We’re investigating an issue where these commands no longer work if the player isn’t on a player’s friends list.
  • PC Silver Purchases: We’re investigating an issue where PC players cannot purchase Silver through Destiny 2. PC players may still purchase Silver through the app or website, and they must relaunch Destiny 2 for the Silver to show up.
  • Eververse Exotic Ghosts and Projections: We are aware of an issue where Ghost projections can’t be previewed on Season 7 Eververse Exotic Ghosts.
  • Revelry Proud Reveler Perk: We’re aware that the Proud Reveler perk shows up on the character screen when players wear Revelry armor.

For the latest known issues as soon as they are discovered, players should visit our Destiny 2: Season of Opulence Known Issues thread. For archived known issues, players should visit our Destiny 2 Known Issues support article.

Pursuit of Clarity

Last week at Bungie, we mentioned that players’ Pursuits inventories would be moving to the Director menu. This screen can be found by opening the Director, and tabbing left past “Maps” to the far left “Pursuits” menu.

We also added some filters to give you a “quests only” and “bounties only” view, so you can separate limited-time pursuits from long-term pursuits. These filters can be found at the right side of the screen, at the top and bottom of the Pursuits list.

A Menagerie of Movies

There’s a new raid, you say? That means there’s hundreds of hours of videos hitting the internet, with players meeting the new boss. Here we go.

Movie of the Week: Multiple what?

Honorable Mention: Winner Winner

Honorable Mention: What a nice hat you have

Winners, expect your fancy new emblems in a few days.

This week has been a rollercoaster of emotions. The future is bright for Destiny 2, and we can’t wait to get into the nitty gritty details of everything the team is working on. Until then, I need to get home and Power up to take on the Crown of Sorrow to earn my very own Bungie Reward raid jacket. We’ve got an entire Season of content to get through, GuardianCon on the way, and the Solstice of Heroes coming later this Summer. Maybe we’ll bump into each other between now and then.

Oh, before we go—we’ve got a few images for you. We’ve updated the header image for the “Am I to cast a Shadow?” lore piece. We wanted to keep the raid boss under wraps until a world first had been claimed. If you missed the lore previews for Season of Opulence, you can find them here and here.

Additionally, we’ve got a 4k Shadowkeep wallpaper and some headers formatted for Twitter use, if you’d like!

4k Wallpaper (Click here for download)

Shadowkeep Twitter Header

New Light Twitter Header



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