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by Cozmo

This week at Bungie, we launched Season of the Drifter.

The Drifter has moved down to the annex. His new operation is online and ready for players. Gambit was just the beginning. Gambit Prime is the new hotness.

Winning a match of Gambit Prime is just the start of your new journey to max Power. For Annual Pass owners, the Reckoning is the featured PvE activity for this season. To reach your full potential as a Gambit Prime teammate, follow the loop between the two challenges. Take your Gambit Prime rewards and four-person fireteam into the Reckoning to earn new armor that will unlock powerful new perks, making you even more deadly when you return to Gambit Prime. Here is a taste of what the Reckoning has to offer.

Top Tier

Tier 1 of the Reckoning was your first step. From here, the challenges and the rewards escalate! Tier 2 goes live tomorrow and ups the difficulty, adding additional objectives, areas, and a new boss to the battle. Next Friday, we’ll up the ante one more time.

Tier 3 is considered endgame content, requiring Power level 680 to enter and meant to offer a worthy challenge to all you powerful Guardians as you gear up to max Power this season. The activity is set to 690 so bring your best gear. We recommend forming up a fireteam for coordination, but matchmaking is still available to you.

Next week, we also have the Thorn quest kicking off on March 12. A mysterious spot in the EDZ holds a clue. Seek it out to start your journey in search of the Hand Cannon shrouded in darkness. At the same time you set off in search of Thorn, the Allegiance quest will become available. This offers you a choice: Stand with the Vanguard or cast your lot with the Drifter. The choice is made per character, so if you have multiple characters, they can each choose their own path.

On March 12, Gambit Prime will also be featuring a new map, Deep Six. Invitations of the Nine and Reckoning Tier 3 will be available on March 15. Keep your eyes on these dates. The Drifter has new tricks up his sleeve.

Come Get Us

We’ve firing up our streaming studio again! Our last transmission featured a Raid Along with several representatives from the team that built Scourge of the Past. If you missed it, we saved it here for you.

We have three more streams lined up for you. We will be doing three Gambit Prime Bungie Bounties over the next three weeks featuring all three platforms, starting with Xbox.

March 13, 10 AM Pacific: Xbox Bungie Bounty

March 20, 10 AM Pacific: PS4 Bungie Bounty

April 3, 10 AM Pacific: PC Bungie Bounty

The rules are the same. Seek us out during the two hours the bounty is live, and defeat us in Gambit Prime. Do that, and everyone on your team will receive the Sign of Mutual Combat emblem.

We’ll be streaming all the bounties live at, so stop in to say hi or stream snipe us. Good luck!

Guardians’ Guardians

The Player Support team is always working diligently behind the scenes. They are making sure you have the info you need to have the best Destiny 2 experience.

This is their report.

Season of the Drifter Support

This week, Season of the Drifter kicked off in Destiny 2. For those who want to be in the know, listed below are support resources that players can use to discover vital information about this new season.

Players looking for info not provided in the links above should search our support archive on

Known Issue Callout: Weekly Bounty Resets

In Update 2.2.0, a change was erroneously made which impacted the availability of several sources for powerful rewards in Destiny 2. Specifically, weekly bounties from vendors have not yet reset for some players who completed them last week.

Among these sources, the vendors most notably impacted are Ada-1 and Petra Venj, who each offer routine powerful rewards through their weekly bounties. It’s also worth noting that players who are unable to complete these bounties for Ada-1 cannot receive Ballistics Logs to forge her weapon frames.

Currently, we are working to resolve this issue in an upcoming hotfix. In the meantime, players should expect these sources to reset every Sunday, starting at the daily reset on March 10. As always, we’ll be sure to sound off with more information when it is available.

Destiny 2 Season of the Drifter Known Issues

Whether you’re a bona fide Dredgen or you’re still climbing your way up the ranks in Gambit, we’ve got the details you need on the latest known issues in Destiny 2.

  • Korean and Polish Crashes: After the launch of Update 2.2.0, some players using the Korean and Polish language options encountered crashes when interacting with the Drifter. Players encountering this issue should log out and log back in to trigger an update that will resolve this issue.
  • Gambit Maps: To mitigate an issue where Blockers were not spawning, Kell’s Grave and Cathedral of Scars have been disabled in the Gambit playlist. These maps will be re-enabled when this issue is resolved.
  • Drifter’s Weapon Pursuits: We’re investigating an issue where the pursuits for Malfeasance and Breakneck are not progressing as expected in Gambit and Gambit Prime.
  • “Acting Bad, Looking Good” Quest: We are investigating an issue where the “Acting Bad, Looking Good” Quest is not completing when players wear a full Ancient Apocalypse armor set and win a Gambit match.
  • “Dark Age Arsenal” Triumph: We are investigating an issue where the “Dark Age Arsenal” Triumph is not unlocking when players win a classic Gambit match with a Gambit weapon equipped in every slot.
  • Clan XP and Rewards: We are investigating an issue that is preventing Gambit Prime and the Reckoning from granting Clan XP upon activity completion.
  • “The Best Offense” Triumph: We are investigating an issue where the Triumph “The Best Offense,” which awards Oxygen SR3, isn’t counting the correct number of Orbs of Light generated in strike activities.
  • Offering to the Oracle: We are investigating player reports describing the Offering to the Oracleno longer being in their inventories after Update 2.2.0.
  • Powerful Reward Levels: We are investigating reports describing that powerful rewards are dropping at lower than expected levels.
  • Stronghold Titan Exotic: We’re investigating an issue where the “Clenched Fist” perk is not activating on the Stronghold Exotic Titan gauntlets when players use Black Talon.
  • Crown of Tempests: We are investigating an issue where Arc Warlock melee ability kills may not trigger Conduction Tines on Crown of Tempests.
  • The Vow Infusion: We are investigating an issue where the Vow cannot be infused above 650 Power.
  • PC Performance: We are investigating an issue impacting Destiny 2’s performance on PC after the latest Windows 10 Update.
  • Primevals Disappearing: We are investigating an issue where Primevals are despawning in Gambit Prime, resulting in ties or incomplete matches.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: We are investigating an issue where the Hunter Gunslinger perk Practice Makes Perfect may not be activating as expected on consoles.
  • Radiant Matrix Duplication: We’re investigating an issue where players may sometimes receive two copies of the Radiant Matrix, resulting in one always occupying a slot in the player’s inventory or postmaster.
  • “Invading with Style” Bounty: Players should be aware that the Drifter’s “Invading with Style” daily bounty must be completed by getting double kills in the Crucible, not Gambit. This is the intended behavior for this bounty.
  • Loaded Question Ornament: We are investigating an issue where the Powerful Statementornament tooltip for Loaded Question says, “Requires: Annual Pass,” when it should be accessible for all players.
  • Gender Callouts in Gambit: We are investigating an issue where dialogue from the Drifter does not recognize the Guardian’s gender.
  • Gambit Medals: We are investigating an issue where classic Gambit medals earned in Gambit Prime are not appearing in the UI. Please note that these medals are still being awarded appropriately.
  • “Well Well Well” Medal: We are investigating an issue where the “Well Well Well” Medal in Gambit activities does not have a name when it appears on screen.
  • Gambit Invader Kills: We are investigating an issue where Gambit activities may mistakenly report that players’ motes are lost when they defeat an enemy invader.
  • Season 5 Clan Banner: We are investigating an issue where the Season 5 clan banner has no title or description in its tooltip.
  • Ghost Holograms: We are investigating an issue where Legendary Ghost Holograms which display subclass-based colors always appear red when applied to the Kill-Tracker Ghost.
  • Heroic Story Mission Stats: We are investigating an issue where the post-game screen is not displaying all relevant information after completing daily Heroic story missions.
  • “Clan Up” Triumph: We are investigating an issue where the “Clan Up” Triumph is unlocking for players outside of Gambit Private matches.

For the running list of all Destiny 2 known issues, players are encouraged to visit our Destiny 2 Known Issues support page.

As always, players who encounter issues should report to the #Help forum. There, DPS, volunteer moderators, and other players can help answer questions.

When reporting a gameplay issue, providing screenshots, captured video, or repro steps will help Destiny Player Support investigate your report.


How many Movies of the Week have there been? It’s got to be like over 20 by now. Someone should go count them. Anyway here are this week’s winners.

Movie of the Week: Guitar Medley

Honorable Mention: Last Rites

The season is just getting started. There’s more content lined up over the next few days and weeks to keep the game fresh. Thanks for all of your feedback that made this season possible. Please keep it coming, and we will continue to improve the game in future updates and seasons.

I’m going to be out of the office next week. I’ll keep an eye on things from home, but Dylan will be your main contact for all things community. Look for us both out in Gambit Prime and the Reckoning this week.

<3 Cozmo

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