Destiny 2 Weekend Summary – Xûr, News, and More! (11/30/2018)

Xûr is hanging out at Watcher’s Grave, Nessus. View activity details, recent news, and more below!

Reminder: Black Armory arrives on Tuesday, December 04, read below for more details! (Note: To have access to the Black Armory you must own the Annual Pass. Get more details at


Departs: Tuesday, December 04 @ 9 AM PST

Location: Watcher’s Grave, Nessus

All Exotic Items Available 

Armamentarium – Titan Chest Armor (23 LS)

Young Ahamkara’s Spine – Hunter Gauntlets (23 LS)

Karnstein Armlets – Warlock Gauntlets (23 LS)

Riskrunner – Submachine Gun (Energy) (29 LS)

Five of Swords (Legendary Challenge Card for Nightfall) – Enables modifiers in Nightfall strikes on Prestige difficulty. More challenging modifiers apply larger score multipliers. This will replace a Rare Challenge Card in your inventory. (Free Item)

More Info/Links

Xûr Mega-thread on Reddit

View Location at

Destiny 2. Xur Location/Loot November 30, 2018. MACHINE GUN PERKS! Where is Xur 11-30-2018? by Mesa Sean

SEASON OF THE FORGE & BEYOND (Post from Bungie blog)

Welcome to the Season of the Forge. Today, there are new ranks to earn, new pinnacle weapons to acquire in Vanguard missions, Gambit, and the Crucible. We’ve also added more Triumphs and lore for you to collect. That’s just the beginning. On December 4, there’s even more on the way for every Destiny 2 player, whether you own the Annual Pass or you’ve just joined us as a brand new Guardian.

Because we’re taking a new seasonal approach to our post-launch content this year, our team has prepped a new Bungie ViDoc to paint a detailed picture of the road ahead.

Included in our in-depth look into what awaits you in the seasons to come is a gameplay calendar of events, activities, rewards, and updates that await. You don’t need to freeze frame to see it in full detail. We’ve included it below in all its high-resolution glory.

Throughout each of our three seasons and the Forsaken Annual Pass that rolls out alongside them, we intend to keep your Director filled with things to do each week. Some of those experiences will come and go (like the Dawning and Crimson Days), but others (like the Black Armory forges and raids) remain active after their initial introduction, building on the foundation of activities you can experience each week.

In the coming weeks, Annual Pass holders are in for a series of firsts. Beginning December 4, you’ll be invited to visit the Black Armory. You’ll be sent on a series of quests to rediscover, reactivate, and reclaim four lost forges—and the weapons they offer as reward. A new raid will open on December 7, and the bravest fireteams among us will make their initial runs in hopes of powerful rewards and community glory.

For all players, the Dawning will light up on December 11, and of course we’ll continue to host a conversation right here on, providing specific dates and times for all of our major beats throughout the year.

If you’re looking to save the dates for our initial wave, below you’ll find a calendar charting the course for the first few weeks and casting an eye toward February.

Both of these calendar graphics show our current plans, but are subject to change as development continues. As always, we’ll be right here on, following along on socials, and in the game ourselves to make sure we’re providing you with the most up-to-date information about all the goings on in Destiny 2.

See you out in the wild!

Source: blog (view original article)


Tuesday, December 4, the Destiny 2 Update will become available to players. This update marks the opening of the Black Armory for players who own the Destiny 2: Forsaken Annual Pass.

All Destiny 2 players will need to download and install this update when it is available. Please see below for the Update deployment timeline for Tuesday, December 4.

  • 8:30 AM PST (1630 UTC): Destiny 2 maintenance is scheduled to begin. Some and API features will be taken offline.
  • 8:45 AM PST (1645 UTC): Destiny 2 will be taken offline, and all players will be returned to the title screen.
  • 9:00 AM PST (1700 UTC): Destiny 2 maintenance is expected to conclude, and Update will begin rolling out across all platforms and regions.
  • 9:15 AM PST (1715 UTC): All and API features are expected to resume.

For live updates on Update when they are available, follow @BungieHelp on Twitter or monitor the support feed on

SCOURGE OF THE PAST RAID (Requires Annual Pass)

Releases: Tuesday, December 07 @ 9 AM PST / 12 PM EST

Recommended Power: 640, but has no minimum Power requirement



As promised by Bungie in October, anyone that played Destiny 2: Forsaken before October 16 will receive Veterans of the Hunt rewards. This includes a unique emblem, shader, and two emotes. Bungie is planning to distribute these packages in the Destiny 2 Update 2.1.3, which is planned to release on December 18. Stay tuned to @Bungie for future announcements.

Coin Flip Emote

Knife Trick Emote

RECENT NEWS & UPDATES (view recent news and updates at

Nov 29: This Week at Bungie – Forging Ahead

Nov 27: The Road Ahead – New Seasons. New Challenges. New Rewards.

Nov 27: Update 2.1.0 – The one about Season of the Forge

To find out more about the Annual Pass and content coming soon to Destiny 2 visit:

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