Destiny 2 Weekend Summary (Xûr, Trials, and Recent News) 02/23/2018

Xûr is located in the Tower (Hangar) and Trials of the Nine is Countdown on Emperor’s Respite. See info below for more details.


Departs: Tuesday, Feb 27 @ 9AM PST / 12PM EST

Location: Tower (Hangar by Dead Orbit up the stairs)

All Exotic Items Available 

Warlock Chest Armor – Vesper of Radius (23 LS)

Hunter Helmet – Graviton Forfeit (23 LS)

Titan Helmet – Helm of Saint-14 (23 LS)

Crimson – Hand Cannon (Kinetic) (29 LS)

Fated Engram – Contains a new Exotic if any remain to be collected. Only one per week, per account. (97 LS)

Three of Coins – Increased chance to receive Exotic engrams from sources in the world. Effect lasts 4 hours. (31 LS)


More Info/Links

Xûr Mega-thread on Reddit

View Location and Inventory at – Xûr Info

(video) Destiny 2. Xur EXOTIC LOOT! February 23rd. He Finally Brought It & Important Question for you. by Mesa Sean


Ends: Tuesday, Feb 27 @ 9AM PST / 12PM EST

Game Mode: Countdown

Map: Emperor’s Respite

See the source image

More Info

Trials of the Nine – Reddit

View the Trials Info Page on Kyber’s Corner and/or view this activity on

Faction Rally

Ends: Tuesday, Feb 27 @ 9AM PST

At the end of the event, the faction with the most packages redeemed will offer their prized weapon as a reward. Those who were loyal to the winner get a big discount and can pick it up for 1,000 Glimmer. Everyone else can still get it at 50,000 Glimmer.

Here is what the factions have to offer in the event they are victorious:

New Monarchy: Legal Action II Pulse Rifle

Dead Orbit: Eternal Slumber – Pulse Rifle

Future War Cult: The Dream – Scout Rifle

If this is your first Faction Rallies, here is what you need to know. First, visit the Tower and pledge your loyalty to one of the factions. Then, it’s time to set out into the wild to complete various activities. Once you’ve earned enough tokens to qualify for a reward, exchange them for packages full of loot.

There will be some new weapons added to the packages for this event. Here is what we are adding to the reward pool.

Info above is directly from TWAB post. Get more info about the Faction Rally event here.


Destiny 2 Development Roadmap 2018 (updated)

Click image to read directly on or link above to read here on this website.

This Week at Bungie – Calling Cards (02/22/2018)

Read more about Update 1.1.3 arriving on Tuesday, 02/27 by clicking here to read directly on Bungie’s blog or click here to read on this website.

Destiny Update 1.1.3 Maintenance and Downtime

Next week, Destiny 2 services will undergo maintenance in preparation for Destiny Update 1.1.3. Please see below for the timeline of maintenance windows.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Destiny services will be brought offline for maintenance. Destiny Update 1.1.3 will also become available upon maintenance completion. Please see below for the timeline of the maintenance window.

    • 8 AM PST – (1600 UTC)
      • Destiny server maintenance is schedules to begin
      • Players may no longer sign in to Destiny services
    • 9 AM PST – (1700 UTC)
      • Players still in Destiny 2 activities will be returned to the title screen
      • Destiny 2 Update 1.1.3 will be available to download and install
    • 10 AM PST – (1800 UTC)
      • Destiny server maintenance is scheduled to conclude

If you have any issues when downloading or installing Destiny Update 1.1.3, please post a report to the #Help forum detailing your experience.

Destiny 2 + Rockstar Energy Crucible Challenge

Compete in the Crucible to claim your spot on the leaderboard and earn Legendary prizes.

Starts: Thursday, 01/25/18 @ 00:00:01 Eastern Time (ET)

Ends: Sunday, 03/11/18 @ 23:59:59 Eastern Time (ET)

Get more info and sign up at:


Note: I am currently doing a giveaway for my Bungie/Destiny 2 Clan this month. Next month I am doing a giveaway for anyone following Kyber’s Corner, Twitter, Twitch, and etc. This giveaway will be sometime next month (March 2018) for my current followers. I will most likely use Gleam to choose the winner and keep track of entries. Details about how to enter and what the giveaway is, will be announced next month.

I hope you all have a great weekend. Thank you for following and all of your support!

<3 Kyber3000

ps. I may start posting some content on Reddit such as Destiny 2 Weekly Reset and Weekend News posts. I always appreciate the support so here is my profile page on Reddit if you would like to follow me there, content will still be posted on this website.

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