Destiny 2 Weekend Summary (Xûr, Trials, and Recent News) 12/08/2017

Xûr is located at Winding Cove, EDZ and Trials of the Nine is Survival on Radiant Cliffs, Mercury’s Past (Infinite Forest). See info below for more details.

Eater of Worlds // Raid Lair (Requires Curse of Osiris Expansion)

Begins: NOW LIVE!! Friday, December 8 @ 10AM PST

More Raid Lair info will posted here late Friday about how to complete Raid Lair, loot available to earn, and more.

Update 1.1.1 deploys on December 12th, visit more details on

Kyber’s Corner: Starting Tuesday, December 5th until around the middle/end of December posts, weekly reset summary images, and activity pages for Destiny 2 may be updated and made later than usual or not made until all information is updated with correct and updated details for Curse of Osiris and Season Two. All posts and activity pages should be back to normal and include any new information by the end of December 2017. Posts will also be made at/after 9AM Pacific since that will be the new daily and weekly reset time for Destiny 2. While this site is being updated here are some awesome websites you may visit for the most up to date Destiny 2 details, weekly reset info, and more.

Destiny Reddit | Planet Destiny | Destiny Tracker


Departs: Tuesday, 12/12/17 @ 9AM PST

Location: Winding Cove, EDZ

All Exotic Items Available 

Prometheus Lens – Trace Rifle (Energy) (29 LS) *Does not require Curse of Osiris, see tweet below.

Warlock Helmet – Nezarec’s Sin (23 LS)

Hunter Chest Armor – Dragon’s Shadow (23 LS)

Titan Leg Armor – MK. 44 Stand Asides (23 LS)

More Info/Links

Xûr Mega-thread on Reddit

Xûr Post on (updating)

View Location and Inventory at – Xûr Info


Ends: Tuesday, 12/12/17 @ 9AM PST

Game Mode: Survival

Map: Radiant Cliffs, Mercury’s Past (Infinite Forest)

More Info

Trials of the Nine – Reddit

View the Trials Info Page on Kyber’s Corner and/or view this activity on

Eater of Worlds – Raid Lair 

Launches Today, Dec 8 @ 10AM PST

View the full Raid Lair page for more details, loot, and guides.

DESTINY 2 | Ultimate Raid Lair ‘Eater of Worlds’ Guide – Final Boss & All Encounters by Arekkz Gaming

Written Guides:

Leviathan, Eater of Worlds – Destiny 2 Wiki Guide – IGN

Destiny 2 Leviathan Eater of Worlds Raid Lair Rewards by

Leviathan: Eater of Worlds Raid Lair Encounters Explained via Reddit


Starts: Tuesday, December 12 @ 9AM PST

Ends: Tuesday, December 19 @ 9AM PST

Find out the which Faction won on December 19th!!

Victory Weapon Costs:

1K Glimmer (with pledge to winning faction)

50k Glimmer (without pledge to winning faction)

Note: Weapon info/link will be added for the weapons below that the winning faction could win.

Prepare to Rally

The first Faction Rallies for Season Two begins on December 12, running through December 19. This time, the armor you’ve won from your leaders will have new ornaments you can apply to make them look even more awesome. You’ll earn them by completing specific challenges issued to you by your faction of choice.

Dead Orbit

Future War Cult

New Monarchy

If you’re new to this event, the faction that awards the most engrams will be declared the winner. For the duration of the Victory Week that follows, the vendor of the winning faction will have a Winner’s Offering available for purchase. The amount of Glimmer you’ll be expected to pay depends on your loyalty. Check out the guns that hang in the balance this time.

Hope you have a great weekend! 🙂


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