Destiny 2: Weekend Summary – Xûr and Trials 10/13/2017

Xûr is located on Nessus, Watcher’s Grave and Trials is Countdown on the Midtown map. Get more details below.


‪Arrives: Friday, 10/13/17 @ 2AM PDT

Departs: Tuesday, 10/17/17 @ 2AM PDT

Location: Nessus, Watcher’s Grave (

view location and details at

Exotic Armor and Weapon Available

Fighting Lion – Exotic Grenade Launcher (29 LS)

Knucklehead Radar – Hunter Helmet (23 LS)

Peacekeepers – Titan Boots (23 LS)

Wings of Sacred Dawn – Warlock Chest Armor (23 LS)

Source/By: @nicregis /u/thatdudereeg (click image or zoom in to view larger text)

More Info/Guides

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Xûr 10-13-17 Mega-thread on Reddit 

Get more details on items Xûr has this week at: Destiny Tracker and/or view location/item info at


Starts: Friday, 10/13/17 @ 10AM PDT

Ends: Tuesday, 10/17/17 @ 2AM PDT

Game Type: Countdown

Map: Midtown

Source: Bungie
Source: Crucible Playbook

More Info/Guides

Trials of the Nine 10-13-17 Mega-Thread on Reddit

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Iron Banner (Control) will be ending on Tuesday, Oct 17 @ 2AM PDT and Prestige Mode for the Leviathan Raid starts on Wednesday, Oct 18 @ 10AM PDT.

I am still updating some of the summary images and post, but I am getting there. Thank you for your patience while I try to update everything. Hope you have a great weekend! 🙂

<3 Kyber3000

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