Destiny 2 Weekly Reset (03/20/18 – 03/27/18)

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset 

Starts: Tuesday, March 20 @ 10AM PDT

Ends: Tuesday, March 27 @ 10AM PDT

Watch Video – Destiny 2. FACTION RALLY WEEKLY RESET! Nightfall Challenge, Milestones, Vendor Stock & More! by Mesa Sean

Weekly Leviathan Raid Challenge Mode

Weekly Order: Pleasure Gardens > Royal Pools > Gauntlet > Calus

Challenge Mode: Gauntlet

Challenge Requirement: Each player must not step on the same plate more than one time. There are 3 cycles and then the final running cycles all players participate in.

Guaranteed Challenge Rewards

A Raid Specific Item, Challenge Mode Emblem, and Tokens.

Two Enter, One Leaves – Gauntlet Challenge Emblem

More Info

View the Normal Raid page

View the Prestige Raid page

View the Challenge Modes page

View the Eater of Worlds Raid Lair page

Challenge Video Guide

How to Do The Gauntlet Challenge Mode – Leviathan Raid by Datto

Nightfall: Savathûn’s Song

Delve deep into the Hive-infested Arcology in search of missing fireteams.


Unbroken – Complete the Nightfall with fewer than 3 deaths.

The Best Defense – Shoot down 15 of its projectiles before defeating Savathûn’s Song.


Luminous Vanguard Engram

Notes: There are no longer nightfall modifiers. Please see the latest Destiny 2 Update Notes to learn more about Nightfall, Strike Scoring, and Challenge Cards. 

Flashpoint: EDZ

Complete public events on EDZ.


Luminous Planetary Engram

Note: Remember to also pick up the weekly Treasure Chest Maps with Cayde-6 at the Tower, treasure maps are 5000 Glimmer each.

Call To Arms

Compete in the Crucible to get a powerful reward. (Quickplay or Competitive)


Luminous Crucible Engram

Weekly Meditations

Six – A crashed colony ship, an interspecies war… Cayde-6 got that adventure he wanted. Go save him from it.

Looped – No one’s heard from Cayde-6 since the Hunter took off for an uncharted world. Track him down.

The Gateway – Osiris’s damaged Ghost appeared on Mercury – along with a Vex army. That can’t be a coincidence. (Requires Curse of Osiris)


Vanguard Research Reputation Bundle (Tokens w/Ikora)

Eververse Weekly Inventory 

Ghost Shells and Emotes:

Star Map Shell – Exotic Ghost Shell (2850 BD)

Flowing Dance – Legendary Emote (700 BD)

Cool, Dude – Rare Emote (400 BD)

Ships and Sparrows:

Fantail Regent – Legendary Ship (500 BD)

Concentric Dawn – Exotic Sparrow (2500 BD)


Comstock Lode – The Prospector Exotic Ornament (800 BD)

Summer Storm – Riskrunner Exotic Ornament (1250 BD)

Omega Mechanos Gauntlets – 800 BD

Hunter | Warlock | Titan

Shaders and Mods

Noble Constant Red – Legendary Shader (40 BD)

Vanguard Magnus Gloss – Legendary Shader (40 BD)

Ghost Gold – Rare Transmat Effect – Adds a gold Ghost ring to your transmat effects. (450 BD)


Gleaming Boon of the Vanguard– When this is used during a strike, all players receive an Eververse Gift at the end of that strike. Only one gift consumable may be used per player in an activity. (250 BD)

Gleaming Boon of the Crucible– When this is used during a Crucible match, all players receive an Eververse Gift at the end of that match. Only one gift consumable may be used per player in an activity. (600 BD)

Fireteam Medallion – Increases XP gains and loot for you and your fireteam from strikes, public events, and the crucible for 4 hours. (50 BD)

Watch Video – Destiny 2: Eververse Inventory on 03/20/2018


Faction Rally (Last Faction Rally for Season Two!)

Starts: Tuesday, March 20 @ 10AM PST

Ends: Tuesday, March 27 @ 10AM PST

Pride isn’t the only thing on the line. New weaponry is now available. Here is what’s been added to the packages reward pool:

Those are not the only new weapons up for grabs. Whichever faction has the most redeemed packages at the end of the event will make their prized weapon available for purchase. Anyone who pledged to the winning faction will pick it up for 1,000 Glimmer. Those who were not loyal can still get it, but it’s going to run them a steep 50,000 Glimmer. Here are the offerings the factions have to entice you to join their cause:

Future War Cult Sniper Rifle

New Monarchy Grenade Launcher

Dead Orbit Sniper Rifle

Their fates are in your hands. Choose wisely.

Faction Vacation

This will be your last chance at earning the ornaments for Season 2, so if you are missing anything, you’ll want to make sure you grab it before victory week ends on April 3rd. If you are missing any emblems, you will need to pledge to the faction you are missing before March 27. After that, Faction Rallies will be taking some time off while we work to make the event even better. We spoke with the Seasons team about their goals for the upcoming Faction Rallies improvements, planned for Season 3.Seasons Team: We have been reviewing player feedback on Faction Rallies and are planning to make some fundamental changes to the event. Here are a few of the overall goals we are trying to achieve:

  • Pledging to a faction should be a meaningful choice.
  • Rewards should not be time-gated.
  • Faction Rallies should provide a unique gameplay experience and not simply be a reward layer on top of the existing game.
  • The event should grant additional insight into faction lore and goals.
  • It should build upon player interest in Lost Sectors and armor ornament objectives.

I know, you want the juicy details on how we are going to accomplish these goals. As we get further along in development, we will share more with you on how this event will evolve in the future. Info above from the Bungie TWAB post.

Xûr // Agent of the Nine

Arrives: Friday, Mar 23 @ 10AM PDT

Departs: Tuesday, Mar 27 @ 10AM PDT

Click link above to view Xûr’s Inventory and Location on Friday’s.

Trials of the Nine

Starts: Friday, Mar 23 @ 10AM PDT

Ends: Friday, Mar 27 @ 10AM PDT

DESTINY 2 NEWS & UPDATES (newest to oldest)

Destiny 2: Development Roadmap (updated)C

lick image to read directly on or link above to read here on this website.Update 1.1.4 Arrives on March 27. Starting March 27, the Weekly Crucible Playlist will become available to all. This playlist will contain Rumble, Mayhem, and 6v6 Iron Banner to start. Here’s a calendar for when you can expect these game modes to appear through the week of May 1:

Destiny 2: This Week at Bungie – Rally the troops (03/15/2018)

Read the post on Bungie’s website by clicking the image above or click the link above to continue reading on this site.

Destiny 2: This Week at Bungie – Taking a Trip to the Sandbox (03/08/2018)

Find out the details about the Destiny 2 Update 1.1.3 (arrives on 03.27.18) which includes many changes to crucible such as 6v6 returning and much more. Click the link above to read on this site or image above to read directly on

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