Destiny 2 Weekly Reset (05/01/18 – 05/08/18)

Note: With the Warmind expansion and Season 3 releasing May 8, Destiny 2 posts and summary images may be posted later than usual or not made until I get everything updated. I appreciate your patience during this time!

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset 

Starts: Tuesday, May 1 @ 10AM PDT

Ends: Tuesday, May 8 @ 10AM PDT


The last Iron Banner for Season 2 is live, game type is Control.

Warmind Expansion 2 and Season 3 Release Next Week, May 8!!

Weekly Leviathan Raid Challenge Mode

Weekly Order: The Throne, Calus

Challenge Mode: Pleasure Gardens > Royal Pools > Gauntlet > Calus

Challenge Requirement: On each damage phase you must activate all 4 plates before doing any damage to Calus.Guaranteed Challenge Rewards

Guaranteed Challenge Rewards: A Raid Specific Item, Challenge Mode Emblem, and Tokens.

Challenge Video Guide

Destiny 2: How to Do The Calus Challenge Mode – Leviathan Raid by Datto

Nightfall: Savathûn’s Song

Delve deep into the Hive-infested Arcology in search of missing fireteams.


Unbroken – Complete the Nightfall with fewer than 3 deaths.

The Best Defense – Shoot down 15 of its projectiles before defeating Savathûn’s Song.


Luminous Vanguard Engram

Possible Unique Reward

Flashpoint: Mercury

The Flashpoint this week requires the Curse of Osiris expansion.

Complete public events and defeat Cabal Conquerors and Vex Defenders on Mercury.


Luminous Planetary Engram

Note: Remember to also pick up the weekly Treasure Chest Maps with Cayde-6 at the Tower, treasure maps are 5000 Glimmer each.

Call To Arms

Compete in the Crucible to get a powerful reward. (Quickplay or Competitive)


Luminous Crucible Engram

Weekly Crucible Playlist

Iron Banner Control

Weekly Meditations

Looped: No one’s heard from Cayde-6 since the Hunter took off for an uncharted world. Track him down.

Utopia: Venture deep into the heart of the Hive to retrieve a powerful Golden Age CPU—and make it out alive.

A Garden World: Enter the Infinite Forest and steal the algorithm that will let you track Panoptes in the present. (Requires Curse of Osiris)


Vanguard Research Reputation Bundle (Tokens w/Ikora)

Iron Banner ‘Season 2 Finale’

With Update 1.1.4, Iron Banner now features 6v6 action. All Season 2 Iron Banner weapons will be available from Lord Saladin through either Reward Packages, or direct purchase using Iron Banner Tokens.

Starts: Tuesday, May 1 @ 10AM PDT

Ends: Tuesday, May 8 @ 10AM PDT

Game Type: Control 6v6

View Daily Iron Banner Challenges

Notes from TWAB post:

As some of you may have noticed, we’re diving back into the Iron Banner playlist pretty quickly compared to previous months. Senior Designer Jeremiah Pieschl gave us a quick rundown of initial feedback we’re looking to address since 6v6 went live:

Jerpie: While we continue to evaluate the feedback and data from the last Iron Banner Control with 6v6, we’ve heard two messages very clearly. Having more opportunities to play 6v6 is highly desired and Control remains the most popular mode for 6v6. As such, you can expect Iron Banner to feature 6v6 Control exclusively moving into Season 3.

As a warning, this will be your last chance to earn Season 2 ornaments, so make sure to jump in and complete those objectives.

Eververse Weekly Inventory 

Ghost Shells and Emotes:

Captaincy Shell – Legendary Ghost Shell (400 BD)

Bureaucratic Walk – Legendary Emote (700 BD)

Ships and Sparrows:

Armcoat – Legendary Ship (500 BD)

Striped Abandon – Legendary Sparrow (600 BD)


Black Plague – Rat King Exotic Ornament (800 BD)

Reef in Ruins – Telesto Exotic Ornament (1250 BD)

Omega Mechanos Class Item – 800 BD




Shaders and Mods

Monochromatic – Legendary Shader (40 BD)

Golden Trace – Legendary Shader (40 BD)

Void Effects – Rare Transmat Effect – Adds Void elements to your transmat effects. (450 BD)


Gleaming Boon of the Vanguard– When this is used during a strike, all players receive an Eververse Gift at the end of that strike. Only one gift consumable may be used per player in an activity. (250 BD)

Gleaming Boon of the Crucible– When this is used during a Crucible match, all players receive an Eververse Gift at the end of that match. Only one gift consumable may be used per player in an activity. (600 BD)

Fireteam Medallion – Increases XP gains and loot for you and your fireteam from strikes, public events, and the crucible for 4 hours. (50 BD)

Xûr // Agent of the Nine

Arrives: Friday, May 4 @ 10AM PDT

Departs: Tuesday, May 8 @ 10AM PDT

Click link above to view Xûr’s Inventory and Location on Friday’s.

Trials of the Nine

Starts: Friday, May 4 @ 10AM PDT

Ends: Friday, May 8 @ 10AM PDT


Destiny 2: This Week at Bungie – Stepping into Hellas Basin (04/26/2018)

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Destiny 2: This Week at Bungie  (04/28/2018)

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Destiny 2: Development Roadmap (Updated and includes info about the next expansion!)

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Bungie Developer Insights – Exotics & Crucible by Bungie


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