DESTINY 2 WEEKLY RESET (09.17 – 09.24)

DESTINY 2 WEEKLY RESET (Sept 17 – Sept 24)

Here is a summary of what’s going on this week:

  • Final Iron Banner for this season!
  • Full Dreaming City Curse (The Shattered Throne is available)
  • Update, get details at

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Bungie ViDoc – The Moon and Beyond (Spoiler Warning!!)

Watch by clicking video below or click here to watch on Bungie’s YouTube page.



Crown of Sorrow: 

  • Limited Blessings (Hive Ritual): There must not be more than two players with the Witch’s Blessing buff at the same time.

Scourge of the Past: 

  • Hold the Line (Botza Downtown): Don’t let the map generator timer drop below half.

Last Wish Raid:

  • Keep Out (Vault): Your team must keep the Might of Riven Knights out of the center room.


Weekly Order: Gauntlet > Pools > Gardens > Calus

Challenge: The Throne (Calus)

  • Activate all four plates at the same time and before damaging Calus, on all damage phases.

PRESTIGE RAID LAIRS (Eater of Worlds + Spire of Stars)

Active Modifier: Gladiator

Melee kills buff weapon damage, and weapon kills buff melee damage.

Armsmaster Required Loadout

  • Kinetic: Shotgun
  • Energy: Auto Rifle
  • Power: Rocket Launcher

Guides and more info:

Leviathan Challenges | Prestige Raid Lairs Challenge

Crown of Sorrow | Last Wish | Scourge of the Past


  • Weekly Nightfall Challenge: Complete this week’s Nightfall.
  • Weekly Score Challenge: Complete a Nightfall with a team high-score above 100,000.

The Corrupted

Unique Item: Horror’s Least – Legendary Pulse Rifle (Energy)

The Insight Terminus

Unique Item: The Long Goodbye – Legendary Sniper Rifle (Energy)

Exodus Crash

Unique Item: Impact Velocity – Exotic Sparrow

Click here to view all of the Nightfall unique rewards available.


Titan: Complete various activities including public events, Lost Sectors, and Heroic adventures.

View guides on how to complete heroic public events here.


Heroic Boss: Hasapiko, Beloved by Calus (Vex Minotaur)

Void Singe: Void damage increases slightly from all sources.


  • Extinguish: If your fireteam falls in a Restricted Zone, everyone is returned to orbit.
  • Blackout: Enemy melee attacks are significantly more powerful, and radar is disabled.
  • Iron: Enemies have more health and are not staggered by damage.

Possible Rewards:

Death’s Razor – Legendary Sword (Guaranteed to drop on first completion and has a 25% drop chance after that)

The Emperor’s Chosen – Legendary Ship

Item Screenshot

Item Screenshot

View the Menagerie page for guides and more details.


Challenge: Successfully complete tiers. (Higher tiers grant the most efficient progress)

This Week: The Swords

Solar Singe: Solar damage increases slightly from all sources.

Potential Drops:

Next Week: Likeness of Oryx

Check r/DestinyTheGame/ to find out what the daily modifiers are. Click here for guides.


Weekly Location: Rheasilvia

Dreaming City Cycle: Full Curse (Shattered Throne is available)

Rewards Powerful Gear:

  • Vendor Challenge: Complete 2 Weekly Bounties on the Dreaming City.
  • War for the Dreaming City: Complete 8 daily bounties on the Dreaming City.
  • Quest: Dark Monastery – Provide recon for Petra’s forces by investigating strange enemy activity in Rheasilvia.
  • Ascendant Challenge: Ouroborea, Aphelion’s Rest


  • Gateway Between Worlds: Complete Blind Well on The Dreaming City to receive an offering for the Oracle.
  • Blind Well: Taken, Plague: Inomina


Boss: Kathok, Roar of Xol (Hive Knight)Kathok has an immunity shield that can only be brought down by Swords, which are obtainable by killing Severing Knights.

Potential Drops:

Read more about Escalation Protocol here and view a Escalation Protocol schedule here.

Note: Shown below is the new Escalation Protocol infographic, it is pretty much complete but will have a few touch ups and changes. I will have an updated infographic of the version below shortly (just correcting some typos and a few small things).


The final Iron Banner event for Season 7 is available now. Plus, earn increased Valor in Crucible playlists.

Start: Tuesday, Sept 17 @ 10 AM PDT

Ends: Tuesday, Sept 24 @ 10 AM PDT


Weekly Singe: Void damage increases slightly from all sources (Elemental singe on Strikes, Heroic Adventures, and Heroic Story Missions).

Crucible Playlist: Iron Banner (6v6)

Spider’s Wanted Bounty: Silent Fang (Pick up bounty from Spider)

Weekly Challenges:

  • Guardian of All Challenge with Ikora: Complete 20 bounties of any type.
  • Clan Rewards: Earn 5,000 XP for your clan.
  • Strike Challenge: Complete 3 strikes using the same sub-class element as the weekly singe.
  • Heroic Story: Complete 3 Daily Story missions.
  • Heroic Adventure: Check in-game to see what the adventure is (will be on the same planet as the weekly Flashpoint).
  • Crucible: Complete 5 matches in the Crucible.
  • Gambit: Complete 3 matches.
  • Gambit Prime: Complete 4 matches.
  • Recipe for Success (Ada-1): Successfully forge multiple weapon frames in the lost forges of the Black Armory.
  • Drifter Bounty: Visit the Drifter each week to pick up the weekly bounty.

Clan Engrams: Gambit, Crucible, Nightfall, and Raid. (When your clan completes each weekly clan challenges above, every member in the clan will get one powerful engram per activity completed)

Notes: To view daily modifiers for adventures and etc click here.  Visit the Destiny Reddit page to view what materials Spider has available for exchange.


Arrives: Friday, Sept 20 @ 10 AM PT

Departs: Tuesday, Sept 24 @ 10 AM PT

Check back on Friday’s for Xûr’s Inventory and Location.


Sept 17: Update – The One About Reckoning Modifiers

  • Annual Pass content is now available to all Forsaken players of Destiny 2
  • All negative modifiers have been removed from the Reckoning

Sept 16: Shadowkeep Narrative – Chapter One

Sept 12: This Week at Bungie – Marking Your Calendars (Includes info about weapon buffs, Reckoning, and Shadowkeep)

Sept 05: This Week at Bungie – Counting Down the Days (Includes important details about Crucible, the sandbox, and more!)

Other Important Posts by Bungie:

Seasons in Destiny 2’s Third Year

Director’s Cut Articles: Part I | Part II | Part III

Check out the Shadowkeep page on this site or view the official Shadowkeep website!

This calendar shows what’s coming free to all players of Destiny 2, what’s in store for Shadowkeep, and what’s included with Season of the Undying.


All negative modifiers have been removed from Reckoning with Update This activity will continue to feature a weekly single, with a daily rotation of Brawler, Grenadier, and Heavyweight. Bungie’s goal in this change is to improve the replay-ability of Reckoning, so players will feel more inclined to hop in to matchmaking for some sweet loot. This should also help to address some feedback items from players that specific modifiers could feel too punishing.

Source: Bungie Website

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