Destiny 2 Weekly Reset (11/07/17 – 11/14/17)

Starts: Tuesday, Nov 7 @ 1AM Pacific

Ends: Tuesday, Nov 14 @ 1AM Pacific

Leviathan Raid


Pleasure Gardens > Gauntlet > Royal Pools > Calus

Challenge Mode

Gauntlet (can be completed on normal or prestige)

Challenge Requirement

Players may not stand on the same plate more than once. There are a total of 3 cycles.

Challenge Rewards

Guaranteed Raid Specific Item and Challenge Emblem (rewarded from either normal or prestige)

Gauntlet Challenge Emblem Reward

Raid Rewards

Powerful Gear – You may get raid loot from the chests after successfully completing an encounter but it is not guaranteed (sometimes the chest do not drop any loot). Tokens are the main way you will obtain raid loot.

Tokens – You will receive reputation tokens (x3) from each encounter in the raid. Visit vendor Benedict 99-40 in the Tower after you have completed the raid to rank up and earn raid specific rewards. If you are in a clan and your clan completes a raid with at least 3 clan members, you will be able to pick up one raid engram per week and per account with Hawthorne at the Tower.

Raid Chest Keys – Drop at each encounter, except Calus. Remember to use keys before each reset as they will be removed from your inventory every reset. These chests can drop legendary and exotic engrams, tokens, and other items however they do not drop raid specific loot.

Legendary Engrams – Engrams can drop from enemies in the raid. 

Challenge Video Guides

More Info

View the Normal Raid page

View the Prestige Raid page

View the Challenge Modes page

Nightfall // The Inverted Spire

End the Red Legion expedition that has ripped open the planet’s surface.


Prism – Your attacks matching the focused element deal increased damage. All other elemental damage is reduced. Kinetic and incoming damage is unaffected. The focused element rotates periodically.

Timewarp (Rings) –

Vex time gates have appeared in the area. Pass through them to discharge temporal energy and extend the mission timer.


Speed Of Dark – Complete the Nightfall with at least 5 minutes remaining.

Unbroken – Complete the Nightfall with fewer than 3 deaths.

The Floor Is Lava – As a fireteam, do not get hit by Protheon’s fiery ground attack before defeating it.


Luminous Vanguard Engram

Flashpoint // Nessus

Complete public events on Nessus.


Luminous Planetary Engram

Note: Remember to also pick up the weekly Treasure Chest Maps with Cayde-6 at the Tower.

Call To Arms

Compete in the Crucible to get a powerful reward. (Quickplay or Competitive)


Luminous Crucible Engram

Weekly Meditations

You can pick up to 3 Meditations (Quests) once a week on all characters with Ikora at the Tower. Meditations do not update until after 10AM PDT, so you have until then to complete the prior resets Meditations.

Riptide – Without power, Zavala’s resistance has hit a wall. Travel deeper into the Arcology and help them past it.

Utopia – Venture deep into the heart of the Hive to retrieve a powerful Golden Age CPU – and make it out alive.

Hope – Commander Zavala is building a resistance at a moon of Saturn. Make contact and join the fight.


Reputation Bundle (Tokens w/Ikora)

Eververse Weekly Inventory

Good Idea – 400 dust

Flip Out – 3250 dust

Soul Velocity – 600 dust

Helios Strain – 500 dust

Spectral Gain – 500 dust

Comstock Lode (for The Prospector) – 800 dust

Beware The Red Legion (for Skyburner’s Oath) – 800 dust

[chestpiece] of Optimacy – 1200 dust

Blue Moon Shell – 250 dust

Aggressive Shell – 250 dust

Noble Constant Red – 40 dust

Arctic Pearl – 40 dust

Cerulean Divide – 40 dust

Fireteam Medallion – 50 dust


Faction Rally

Starts: Tuesday, Nov 7 @ 1AM PST

Ends: Tuesday, Nov 14 @ 1AM PST

Victory Weapons: 

Dead Orbit – Truthteller (Grenade Launcher)

New Monarchy – Honor’s Edge (Sword)

Future War Cult – Timeline’s Vertex (Fusion Rifle)

Victory Weapon Costs:

1k Glimmer with pledge to winning faction.

50k Glimmer without pledge.

Info below is from the recent TWAB article:

Choosing Sides

You’re about to be called again to declare your loyalty during another week of Faction Rallies. If you are a new player who missed the first event, this will be an opportunity for you to define your character, join a movement, and earn some awesome gear. From November 7 until November 13, follow the call to action from your chosen leader to earn reward packages full of armor, weapons, and more. Your efforts in game will determine which faction is crowned the winner and given the right to sell their weapon as an additional reward.

Last time, Dead Orbit won the day. Can a new faction unseat them and become champions? Or will they defend their title and create a dynasty that will last forever?

If you read the 1.0.6 Patch Notes this morning, you may have noticed a few changes we’ve made since the last event. Senior Designer Tim Williams can elaborate.

Tim Williams: During the first Faction Rallies, we had a chance to learn a lot about how the activities motivated gameplay. We looked at the time invested compared to the rewards and made the following adjustments:

Faction Rallies

  • Strikes now reward faction tokens at a range of 5 to 9 faction tokens per completion (up from 3 to 7)
    • Nightfall now rewards 10 to 18 faction tokens on first completion per character
  • Completing Heroic Public Events now rewards 5 faction tokens (down from 8)
  • Destroying enemy resources no longer rewards faction tokens
    • Opening Lost Sector Chests now rewards 3 faction tokens for each fireteam member

Strikes should feel more worthy of the time you invest in them. We noticed that players felt Lost Sectors were useful, but disliked the fact that they couldn’t enjoy them with a fireteam, so we moved the faction tokens from the destructible items to the chest at the end of the activity. The destructibles will still be featured as a daily milestone and are still available to help your fireteam clear out the Lost Sector.

We’re all excited to see which faction the players will help to win this faction rally. We’ll be watching and looking to improve the Faction Rallies over time, so please keep the feedback coming!

In addition to the changes Tim talked about, we also added some new weapons for you to obtain from your faction of choice. Here is a look at what we added to the packages, and what each side has to offer if they emerge victorious.

New Monarchy Weapons

Future War Cult Weapons

Dead Orbit Weapons

The winning faction – and ONLY the winning faction – will sell the weapon they’ve selected to lure you into their ranks. Aside from all the gear you stand to earn, this is what you’re fighting for.

New Monarchy – Honor’s Edge (Sword)

Future War Cult – Timeline’s Vertex (Fusion Rifle)

Dead Orbit – Truthteller (Grenade Launcher)

Depending on who emerges the victor, you’ll be able to claim one of these rewards during the week following the ritual. If you pledged loyalty to the winner, you can pick it up for 1,000 Glimmer. For everyone else, it’s 50,000 Glimmer. That’s the price for disloyalty in the Tower.

Good luck, and may the best faction win! (Read the full TWAB article by Bungie)

Xûr // Agent of the Nine

Arrives: Friday, Nov 10 @ 1AM Pacific

Departs: Tuesday, Nov 14 @ 1AM Pacfic

Click link above to view Xûr’s Inventory and Location on Friday’s.

Trials of the Nine 

Starts: Friday, Nov 10 @ 10AM Pacific

Ends: Friday, Nov 14 @ 1AM Pacific

More Weekly Reset Info/Links

Reminder: If you’re in a clan you also earn a Luminous Engrams (w/Hawthorne) for the first 4 activities completed with clan members. Those activities are nightfall, crucible, raid, and trials. Keep in mind to earn the clan engrams the fireteam must consist of at least 1/2 clan members, such as in a raid 3 of the fireteam members must be in the clan or in crucible there must be at least 2 clan members.

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Weekly Reset Mega-thread on Reddit

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Releases on December 5th, 2017

Official Expansion 1: Curse of Osiris Website

Watch Reveal Trailer.

Read more details on the Curse of Osiris Info Page via Kyber’s Corner.

Upcoming Livestreams:



Stream One – Curse of Osiris: New Stories to Tell

Wednesday, November 15 @ 11AM PST

Learn about the places you’ll go, the characters you’ll meet, and the enemies you’ll fight.

Stream Two – Curse of Osiris: New Ways to Play

Tuesday, November 21 @ 11AM PST

Watch us preview some of the new activities that will challenge you and your Fireteam.

Stream Three – Curse of Osiris: New Gear to Earn

Wednesday, November 29 @ 11AM PST

Inspect the new inventories and see it all in action on a brand new Crucible map.

Hope you all have a great week! 🙂


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