This Weekend in Destiny 2 – Xûr is Hanging Out on Nessus (Apr 7 – Apr 11)

This week you can find Xûr hanging out on Nessus and Trials is on a short break while Iron Banner is Live! View more details for Xur and the latest Destiny 2 news below.

Next Week 𝒾𝓃 Destiny

Week 7: April 11 – April 18, 2023

  • Seasonal Story continues.
  • Grandmaster Nightfalls
  • Activity Bonus: Nightfall rewards
  • Nightfall: Proving Grounds
    • Weapon: Hung Jury SR4
  • Crucible: Team Scorched
  • Featured Rotators:
    • Last Wish raid
    • Grasp of Avarice dungeon
  • Trials returns!
  • and more!

Have a great weekend!

Xûr, Agent of the Nine

A peddler of strange curios, Xûr’s motives are not his own. He bows to his distant masters, the nine.

Departs: Tuesday, April 11 at 10 AM PDT

Where is Xûr?

This week Xur is hanging out on the big tree located at Watcher’s Grave, Nessus

  Watcher's Grave, Nessus 

Exotic Armor

Cost: 23 Legendary Shards

Hunter ▾

Titan ▾

Warlock ▾


Exotic Helmet


Exotic Arms

Crown of


Exotic Helmet

Exotic Weapon

Cost: 29 Legendary Shards

Click on image for details!




Hand Cannon (Solar)

Exotic Weapons (with Random Roll)

Cost: 125,000 + 200 Legendary Shards + 1 Exotic Cipher + 1 Ascendant Shard



Random Roll 


Hand Cannon

Moving Target

Legendary Armor

This week Xur is selling Tusked Allegiance from Season of the Risen.

Cost: 50 Legendary Shards + 1000 Glimmer

Hunter Helmet

Tusked Allegiance


Warlock Helmet

Tusked Allegiance


Titan Helmet

Tusked Allegiance


Hunter Arms

Tusked Allegiance

Warlock Arms

Tusked Allegiance

Titan Arms

Tusked Allegiance

Hunter Chest

Tusked Allegiance

Warlock Chest

Tusked Allegiance

Titan Chest

Tusked Allegiance

Hunter Legs

Tusked Allegiance

Warlock Legs

Tusked Allegiance

Titan Legs

Tusked Allegiance

Hunter Class Item

Tusked Allegiance

Warlock Class Item

Tusked Allegiance

Titan Class Item

Tusked Allegiance

Legendary Weapons

Cost: 50 Legendary Shards + 1000 Glimmer


Random Perks

Iota Draconis

Energy Fusion Rifle



Interference VI

Heavy Grenade Launcher

Grave Robber



Heavy Rocket Launcher



Tears of Contrition

Kinetic Scout Rifle

Triple Tap

Explosive Payload

Seventh Seraph SI-2

Energy Sidearm

Hip-Fire Grip

Elemental Capacitor

Extraordinary Rendition

Kinetic Submachine Gun

Firmly Planted

One for All


Hollow Denial

Energy Trace Rifle

Lead from Gold

Repulsor Brace



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TWAB Highlights

Check out the full “This week at Bungie” on the Bungie website.

Reflecting on Lightfall Recap

  • Guardian Ranks reflect accomplishments and update to highest rank earned last season
  • Fast-track option for renewing completed ranks; returning players start at Rank 5
  • Commendations less tied to Guardian Rank progression; reduced requirements for Ranks 7 to 9
  • Leadership commendations for Ranks 10 to 11 will be retroactive; ‘Best Dressed’ commendation added
  • Adjustments to difficulty/rewards for activities; enemies less tanky in Legend/Master activities
  • Scoring objectives adjusted for bounties and Guardian Rank progression; improved Terminal Overload matchmaking
  • Better ways to obtain Exotic armor, including from Vex Strike Force on a knockout list
  • Exotic armor focusing and updates to over 15 pieces coming in Season 21
  • Buildcrafting updates with two new armor mods and Shoot to Loot collecting Orbs of Power
  • One Strand Aspect added for each class; Artifact Perks refunded and applied individually
  • No Power level increase in Season 21; schedule changes for Trials of Osiris, Weekly Grandmaster Nightfalls, and Conqueror gilding node

Click here for more details about what’s coming, or check out the original article by Bungie.

Grandmaster Nightfalls Available Next Week

To recap on Grandmaster Nightfalls, here are the main points to remember:

  • Your Power level is capped 25 levels below the activity level. For Season 20, that means you will be at most 1815 while combatants are at 1840.
  • Combatants are tougher, deal more damage, and are more aggressive.
  • Champions are abundant, so you need to have appropriate weapons to handle them.
  • There is one Burn that will make you take 25% more damage from a particular element.
  • There are two Elemental Surges and Overcharged weapons that grant a 25% damage increase.
  • Revives are limited and Darkness will encroach after a certain amount of time, making it impossible to revive or be revived.

For a more detailed explanation of how these variables will affect you and your team, check out this article on challenging content in Destiny 2.

Heist Battlegrounds Mid-Season Changes

In an effort to make Heist Battlegrounds more manageable there will be some changes made to them with the mid-Season update. Here’s a look at those changes.

Heist Battlegrounds Mars

  • Reduced spawn frequency on higher difficulties.
  • Increased map score multiplier
  • Added extra ammo crate

Other Battleground changes

  • Reduced combatant waves in boss fights
  • Decreased Deathtongue Choristers’ health
  • Same health for Hive runes on all difficulties
  • Thinned out Fallen tripmines in Heist Battleground: Moon

Root of Nightmare Raid Jacket

Players who finished the Root of Nightmares raid before the weekly reset on March 21st will be able to pre-order the Root of Nightmares Raid Jacket through Bungie Rewards until April 30th.

To learn about the qualifying criteria and purchase deadlines for other Bungie rewards, players can visit the Bungie Rewards Store Page.

Destiny 2 Armory Collection

The Destiny 2 Armory Collection comprises the Forsaken Pack and the 30th Anniversary Pack, but it doesn’t provide immediate access to any items or Exotics beyond those specified in each pack.

If players already have the Forsaken Pack, they won’t receive additional Forsaken Ciphers by acquiring the Armory Collection.

Destiny 2 Cutscenes Archive

Cutscenes are now available to watch on the official DestinyTheGame YouTube channel. Here are some FAQs from Bungie regarding cutscenes.

What about the other expansions and future Seasons?

“Almost every cutscene from Destiny 2 should eventually be uploaded. We are hoping to add one or two Seasons every few months.”

But that’s not my Guardian.

“True. Because these are all recorded videos, the footage couldn’t be customized for each viewer. However, our team did try and capture these cutscenes with a variety of Guardians across all classes and races to really showcase who our Guardians are.”

Can I share my recordings on YouTube too?

“We ask that you leave the cutscenes up to us. We totally understand (and allow) clips to be used during your video creation for MOTW or other content creations needs, but full cutscenes will need to remain on our channel.”

If you have any questions, head over to the @Destiny2Team account.

Upcoming Activities and Events


  • April 11 (Week 7): Grandmaster Nightfall Strikes

Iron Banner

  • April 25 (Week 9): Fortress

Guardian Games

  • May 2 – May 23, 2023 (Free to all players)

Loot Pool Changes

Weapons Leaving at the end of Season 20


  • Mindbender’s Ambition
    • Final week in rotation: 4/18
  • The Militia’s Birthright
    • Final week to earn: 5/2

Trials of Osiris

  • The Inquisitor
    • Final week to earn: 5/9.
  • Whistler’s Whim
    • Already out of rotation.

Iron Banner

  • The Wizened Rebuke
  • The Hero’s Burden
    • Final week to earn both: 4/25


  • Rose – Lightweight Kinetic Hand Cannon
    • Final week to earn: 5/16

Weapons Arriving in Season 21


  • Braytech Osprey
    • Returning Weapon
  • Loaded Question
    • Returning Weapon


  • Positive Outlook – Void Precision Auto Rifle
    • Returning Weapon


  • Strand Linear Fusion Rifle
    • NEW Weapon


  • Randy’s Throwing Knife – Kinetic Rapid-Fire Scout Rifle
    • Returning Weapon

Trials of Osiris

  • Arc Glaive
    • NEW Weapon
  • The Messenger – Kinetic High-Impact Pulse Rifle
    • Returning Weapon

Iron Banner

  • Strand Fusion Rifle
    • NEW Weapon
  • Swarm of the Raven – Void Rapid-Fire Heavy Grenade Launcher
    • Returning Weapon


  • Arc Sniper Rifle
    • NEW Weapon

Recent News & Updates

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