This Weekend in Destiny 2 – Xûr and Trials of Osiris (Week 9)

This week, Xûr is at Winding Cove in the European Dead Zone, and the Trials event is live on the Meltdown map with the Adept Glaive Unexpected Resurgence. See what Xur is selling, get the Trials of Osiris info, and catch up on Destiny 2 news here.

Next Week 𝒾𝓃 Destiny

Week 10: Oct 24 – Oct 31, 2023

  • Festival of the Lost continues!
  • Nightfall: Heist Battleground: Europa
  • Crucible Rotator: Clash + Team Scorched
  • Crucible Labs: Checkmate Rumble
  • Featured Rotators:
    • Exotic Mission: Presage
    • Raid: Deep Stone Crypt
    • Dungeon: Shattered Throne
  • and more!

Have a great weekend!

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Xûr, Agent of the Nine

A peddler of strange curios, Xûr’s motives are not his own. He bows to his distant masters, the nine.

Departs: Tuesday, October 24 @ 10 AM PDT

Where is Xûr?

  Watcher's Grave, Nessus 

Exotic Armor

23 Legendary Shards

Hunter ▾

Titan ▾

Warlock ▾



Exotic Leg Armor



Exotic Leg Armor


Exotic Chest Armor

Exotic Weapon

23 Legendary Shards




Linear Fusion Rifle (Kinetic)

Exotic Weapon (Random Roll)

125,000 Glimmer, 200 Legendary Shards, 1 Exotic Cipher, 1 Ascendant Shard

Legendary Weapons

50 Legendary Shards + 1,000 Glimmer

NameTypeColumn 1Column 2Column 3Column 4
Berenger’s MemoryHeavy Grenade LauncherHard Launch // Linear CompensatorHigh-Explosive Ordnance // High-Velocity RoundsThreat DetectorDemolitionist
True ProphecyKinetic Hand CannonTrueSight HCS // HitMark HCSAppended Mag // Steady RoundsGrave RobberDemolitionist
Corsair’s WrathHeavy Linear Fusion RifleChambered Compensator // Full BoreAccelerated Coils // Projection FuseFirmly PlantedQuickdraw
DisparityKinetic Pulse RifleChambered Compensator // SmallboreAppended Mag // Tactical MagPugilistSwashbuckler
No ReprieveKinetic ShotgunCorkscrew Rifling // Extended BarrelSteady Rounds // Light MagStats for AllWellspring
Far FutureEnergy Sniper RifleExtended Barrel // Fluted BarrelAccurized Rounds // Steady RoundsMoving TargetMultikill Clip
Sole SurvivorEnergy Sniper RifleChambered Compensator // Extended BarrelHigh-Caliber Rounds // Ricochet RoundsLead from GoldVoltshot

Legendary Armor

50 Legendary Shards + 1,000 Glimmer

Armor this week: BrayTech suits (from Mars)

🛡️ View Armor


Trials of Osiris

Compete in an event version of Elimination. Earn as many round and match wins on a ticket as you can.

Access: Lightfall

Ends: Tuesday, October 24 at 10 AM PDT

Access: Lightfall

Fireteam: 3-Players

Fireteam Matchmaking: Enabled

Activity Bonus: Double Trials Rank

When Does Trials Of Osiris Arrive?

Trials of Osiris currently starts every Friday at 10 AM (PDT) and ends on Tuesday at 10 AM (PDT). Trials is usually not available for the first month when a new season begins. 

Trials of Osiris will not be live during the following:

  • The first week of a new season.
  • The week a new raid releases.
  • Any week Iron Banner is active.

Required to Access Trials of Osiris:

✅ Power  1520+

✅ Yearly Expansion

  • As of Season 21, this is Lightfall.

✅ A Passage (see below)

  • Purchase from Saint-14 while Trials is active.

Please note, Expansion ownership does not transfer between platforms.


  • Purchase a Trials Passage to start competing in Trials of Osiris and track rounds and matches won.
  • Complete Trials rounds and matches to earn Trials Ranks based on the number of round wins on your ticket and in the current match.
  • Complete a Flawless Ticket to open the Lighthouse and get the weekly Adept Trials weapon, a piece of Trials armor, and a chance at unique cosmetic items.
  • Complete Ranks to earn Trials Engrams.
  • Trials armor always drops with high-stat packages, as well as glows if you have gone flawless.


  • Dominion (Current Mode, as of Season 21)
    • To win, your team must become the last Guardian(s) standing by defeating the entire opposing team or capturing the zone.
    • Dominion: A capture zone appears at the start of each round. Win the round by capturing the zone.
    • Elimination: Wins can also be achieved by defeating the opposing team.
    • Revives: Teammate revives are enabled.
  • Classic 3v3 Elimination
    • Achieve victory by eliminating all opponents in this round-based mode.
  • Trials Labs: Freelance
    • Solo fireteams only
  • Trials Labs: Capture Zone
    • Classic 3v3 elimination with a twist. 30 seconds into the first round, a flag spawns in the middle of the map. Capturing the zone guarantees that the team who captured it will win the round regardless if all players die on both sides.


Cost: 10000 Glimmer + 15 Legendary Shards


  • Each class will receive Pinnacle Gear on a weekly basis.
  • After opening the Chest and leaving The Lighthouse, players must complete a new Flawless Passage to return.

Passage Name


Passage of Mercy

Always available

Forgives one loss per run.

Passage of Ferocity

Always available

Your third match win grants a bonus win.

Passage of Wealth

Unlocks at 5 wins

Increased Trials Rank points from reaching 3, 5, and 7 match wins on a ticket.

Passage of Wisdrom

Unlocks at 7 wins

Grants bonus XP from wins

Passage of Confidence

Unlocks at Flawless

Grants bonus rewards from Flawless Chest.

Game Mode

  • Dominion (3v3): To win, your team must become the last Guardian(s) standing by defeating the entire opposing team or capturing the zone.
    • Dominion: A capture zone appears at the start of each round. Win the round by capturing the zone.
    • Elimination: Wins can also be achieved by defeating the opposing team.
    • Revives: Teammate revives are enabled.

Non-Adept Trials weapons have a high chance to drop when a match is won.


Flawless Reward

Flawless Reward


Unexpected Resurgence (Adept)

Energy Glaive (Arc)

View more details on our Trials of Osiris page.

Festival of the Lost

Speak with Eva Levante in the Tower to get started. 👻🎃

Availability: October 17 – November 7, 2023

Access: Free Event

Resources: Official Webpage | Guide

This features Legend Haunted Sectors. This more challenging difficulty also has matchmaking available or the option to matchmake with your own team. The Haunted Sector location rotates between EDZ, Moon, Nessus, and Europa every 150 minutes. Legend difficulty also has a higher chance of dropping an Exotic Engram upon completion.

Reminder from Bungie: Festival of the Lost concludes at the weekly reset on November 7. Players should make sure they claim any completed objectives and available rewards from their Festival of the Lost Event Card prior to the conclusion of the event. The Event Card and any unclaimed rewards will no longer be available once the event ends. 

Here’s a look at the new armor sets available at Eververse during Festival of the Lost (1500 Silver or 6000 Bright Dust):

Learn more on our Festival of the Lost page.

TWiD Highlights

Check out the full “This week in Destiny” on the Bungie website.

Costume Contest

There is currently three different way to have a chance of winning the AotW or MotW emblem, as well as the Hallowed Coronation emblem.

  1. “Keep it fun, keep it simple. Just work on something that will make you look scary, silly, and charming, then share it using the #ThreadsofFright hashtag on social media.”
  2. Send in your Pumpkin Carving creations.
  3. “Personalize yours (Hive Eris Mask cosplay) to make the most amazing version of Hive Eris, and then share it with us with the #HiveErisMask hashtag on social media.”

Bungie will announce their favorites and the winning in an upcoming TWID article. Check out the latest TWID for more details about this contest.

Hallowed Coronation emblem:

Update: Upcoming Sparrow Changes

Based on player input, Bungie aimed to make it easier for players to switch to different Sparrows without sacrificing performance in Season 23. This was achieved by enhancing regular Sparrows while preserving some of the unique features of AoT.

Changes coming in Season 23:

  • In most cases, players will start with the fastest speed, set at 190.
  • Health for Legendary and Exotic Sparrows now stands at 150, enhancing durability.
  • AoT retains unique benefits, including better fuel efficiency, reduced enemy aggression, and improved side-to-side boost.

Double Loot and Rank

In case you didn’t know, this week players earn double Nightfall rewards and reputation when playing Vanguard Playlist activities.

Checkmate Rumble

Available Now!

In Checkmate Rumble, players get a bit more health, but they don’t find special weapon ammo as often, and their abilities take longer to recharge. This makes the game more about strategy.

First, Checkmate Rumble will be available for a week, followed by three weeks of Control, and then Survival will finish the season. Here’s a look at changes coming in case you haven’t seen them yet.

Crota’s End Contest Mode Emblem

“On Tuesday, October 17, we fixed an issue where players who qualified for the Crota’s End Contest Mode emblem and earned the All For One Triumph did not receive the emblem after completion. Players who qualified should now see the emblem and associated Triumphs in-game. 

To qualify for the emblem and Triumph, players must have completed the Crota’s End raid and the Crota’s End Challenge mode within 48 hours of the raid’s release.” 

Source: Bungie

Loot Pool Changes

The following weapons are leaving the Nightfall and Trials loot pools. Normal versions of these weapons will still be available through engram focusing but they will no longer drop from activities and their Adept versions won’t be obtainable.

Final Week to EarnWeaponSource
10/17 – 10/24Buzzard SidearmNightfall
10/24 – 10/31The Swarm MachinegunNightfall
10-27 – 10/31The Immortal SMGTrials of Osiris
11/10 – 11/14Astral Horizon ShotgunTrials of Osiris

Weapons taking their place next Season will be announced soon!

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