Destiny 2: Xûr’s Inventory and News (07/19 – 07/23)

Happy Friday Guardians! This weekend you can find Xûr hanging out at Giant’s Scar, Io. Check out what Xûr has this week and recent news below. (click the image shown below to view full view and zoom in for larger text)


A peddler if strange curios, Xûr’s motives are not his own. He bows to his distant masters, the nine.

Departs: Tues, Jul 23 @ 10 AM Pacific

Location: Giant’s Scar, Io

All Exotic Items Available

Titan: Eternal Warrior – Helmet (23 LS)

  • Resolute: Gain an overshield when activating Fists of Havoc.
  • Armor Perk: Mobility Enhancement Mod – Restorative Mod
  • Perk 1: Auto Rifle Targeting – Power Weapon Targeting – Enhanced Bow Targeting
  • Perk 2: Fusion Rifle Reserves – Machine Gun Reserves

Hunter: Aeon Swift – Gauntlets (23 LS)

  • Aeon Energy: Dodging grants the following to nearby Aeon Cult allies:
    – Grenade energy to Warlocks
    – Melee energy to Titans
    – Dodge energy to Hunters
  • Armor Perk: Mobility Enhancement Mod – Plasteel Reinforcement Mod
  • Perk 1: Shotgun Loader – Impact Induction – Momentum Transfer
  • Perk 2: Grenade Launcher Scavenger – Rocket Launcher Scavenger

Warlock: Starfire Protocol – Chest Armor (23 LS)

  • Fusion Harness: Fusion Grenades have an additional charge and recharge from empowered weapon damage. Fusion Grenade kills grant Rift energy.
  • Armor Perk: Mobility Enhancement Mod – Restorative Mod
  • Perk 1: Unflinching Hand Cannon Aim – Unflinching Sidearm Aim – Unflinching Machine Gun
  • Perk 2: Pulse Rifle Reserves – Sidearm Reserves

Coldheart – Trace Rifle (Energy-Arc) (29 LS)

  • ColdFusion: This weapon shoots a steady cold fusion-powered laser.
  • Longest Winter: Coldheart’s laser does exponentially more damage the longer it remains on a target.

Five of Swords (Legendary Challenge Card for Nightfall) – Enables modifiers in Nightfall strikes on Prestige difficulty. More challenging modifiers apply larger score multipliers. This will replace a Rare Challenge Card in your inventory. (Free Item)

Isochronal/Fated Engram – Exotic Engram: An engram with a predestined outcome. It will contain a new Exotic if any remain to be collected. In other words this engram rewards you with an exotic that you have not already earned, year one and Forsaken items only. (97 LS)

Invitation of the Nine Quest (9 LS)

More Info/Links

Source for perks: Xûr Mega-thread via Reddit

Destiny 2. XUR EXOTIC LOOT! Xur Exotic Gear Random Rolls, Location & Bounty. Xur July 19, 2019 by Mesa Sean on YouTube  << Click link for more Destiny 2 videos!


  • Moments of Triumphs continues until Aug 27.
  • Iron Banner returns!
  • Earn increased Valor in Crucible playlists.
  • Nessus will be the Flashpoint.

And soon… Solstice of Heroes Seasonal Event arrives for all players on July 30. And Gambit will also become FREE for all!

A look ahead – shown on the Guardiancon Twitch stream:

The season for Shadowkeep will be called the Season of the Undying (Vex. Shadowkeep has Hive theme to it and I believe it starts off on the Moon). Shadowkeep (plus Cross-Save and New Light) launch on September 17, 2019.

Bungie Developer Insights – Return to the Moon via Bungie on YouTube


Ends: August 27, 2019

Moments of Triumph for Year 2 of Destiny 2 is live for all players. Complete and turn in triumphs that span content throughout the solar system, from the Dreaming City to the EDZ. Once you complete in-game triumphs, rewards unlock.


  • Complete one Moment of Triumph, earn the Moments of Triumph 2019 Emblem
  • Complete 5 Moments of Triumph, earn the Moments of Triumph 2019 Sparrow
  • Complete 10 Moments of Triumph, earn the Moments of Triumph 2019 Ship
  • Complete 15 Moments of Triumph, the Moments of Triumph T-Shirt offer becomes available
  • Complete ALL Moments of Triumph, unlock the Moments of Triumph 2019 Seal and Title

2019 Moments of Triumph T-shirt

This year, the 2019 Moments of Triumph T-shirt will be available through Bungie Rewards. Players will can earn their offer code by unlocking triumphs starting on Tuesday. Players who are signed up to receive Bungie emails will receive a notification to purchase on Fridays, or they can directly receive their codes via The last day to purchase the customized T-Shirt is September 30, 2019.

Triumphs Available Day One

Players who own Destiny 2 will have the ability to earn all in-game rewards. In order to earn the 2019 Moments of Triumph T-shirt offer, players will need to own Destiny 2: Forsaken. To complete all 2019 Triumphs and unlock their title, players will need to own the Destiny 2 Annual Pass.


  • Legendary Valor
  • Crucible Pinnacle Arms
  • Vanguard Pinnacle Arms
  • Nothing Left to Say
  • The Vault
  • Mythic
  • Gambit Pinnacle Arms
  • Inheritance
  • O Murderer Mine
  • Valiant Savior
  • Going the Distance
  • Prime Fashion
  • Bedazzled

Solstice of Heroes Triumphs

  • Strike Spelunker
  • Exotic Arsenal
  • Gun for Hire
  • Challenger
  • Fashion Hero
  • Above and Beyond
  • Master Smith

Solstice of heroes will also bring some new loot for players to earn this summer. Keep your eyes peeled, Bungie will have a blog article on July 24 to show off the upcoming event!

Info via

BAD JUJU EXOTIC QUEST (Annual Pass Required)

Quest Reward: Bad Juju – Exotic Pulse Rifle (Kinect)

“If you believe your weapon wants to end all existence, then so it will.” —Toland the Shattered

Magazine: 27

  • String of Curses (Intrinsic) – Kills refill the magazine, increase damage for a short duration, and grant Super energy based on the strength of String of Curses. Fires full-auto.
  • Hammer-Forged Rifling: Durable ranged barrel.
    • Increases range
  • Steady Rounds: This magazine is optimized for recoil control.
    • Greatly increases stability
    • Slightly decreases range
  • Hip-Fire Grip: Ergonomic grips that increase accuracy and stability when firing from the hip.
  • Short-Action Stock: This weapon is especially easy to grip.
    • Greatly increases handling speed

How to get Bad Juju Summary:

  • Visit the the barge where Werner is located. Once you get there you’ll see a new treasure chest by him. Open it and you’ll receive an Imperial Invitation. This starts you on the quest for Bad Juju.
  • After you got the Imperial Invitation, you’ll unlock access to the Tribute Hall. The icon for Tribute Hall is in the same menu that lets you enter the Menagerie. Select it and talk to the big statue called the Visage of Calus and you’ll gain access new Champion Bounties. Completing one kicks off the quest in earnest, which requires you to fill the Tribute Hall with statues that commemorate your accomplishments.

Complete all of the steps in this exotic quest and you’ll unlock Bad Juju. As Destiny 1 players may remember, this pulse rifle charges your Super and does increased damage when you get a kill. There’s also an Exotic Catalyst for Bad Juju which will increase it’s effectiveness. You’ll need to earn 40 tributes in the Tribute Hall in order to unlock it. (Click here to view video guides)

Eververse also has Bad Juju ornaments until the weekly reset on Tuesday.


It’s time to let the wolves howl again. Saladin will raise his banners next week when he returns to the Tower on July 23. He brings with him an invitation to a powerful fight and accelerated Valor gains.


Info from the Bungie blog: This competitive event will allow you to advance any Iron Banner quest steps you didn’t finish earlier in the season. If you missed the first Iron Banner of Opulence, this is your chance to kick off the quest and earn that singular gear. Full details on how Iron Banner is being run this season are documented here. We did get some feedback on this quest and have some changes lined up, but they didn’t make it in time for this Iron Banner. We’ll give you the details before the next one starts up.

This will be the last Iron Banner before we deploy an update to Lord of Wolves. As Luke mentioned last month, anyone who plays during these two Iron Banners will receive a special Triumph and emblem to commemorate that you were there when the wolves ran wild.


July 17: This Week at Bungie – Iron Lord’s Coming

Check out the new Shadowkeep Page! or view the official page at View all editions available to pre-order by clicking the links or image below.

Images via Bungie

Note: Now that I have a PC capable of gaming, I am making/setting up different accounts and figured I would share my Steam and Discord (Kyber3000#9307), for other accounts I usually will try to use the same name Kyber3000 or Kyber. And just to mention I am very new to Discord (even though I have had an account for some time) so it is gonna take me some time to learn how everything works there but I will be using it regularly very soon and hope to see you all there! 🙂

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